360 Border Defence Part Two

Command tent Alicia, King Augustus, Tang Guanting, and Grandpa Mu. "So it's Adrian?"

"Yes, he has gained a very strong power that is even greater than mine. It stems from a kind of ancient soul I am guessing, that is named Bergath. They seemed to have fused together making two beings in one but at the same time two separate beings. Whether it has used its full strength or not is another story though. But what is even more shocking is the army they have. Over one million strong and they are all extremely powerful." Alicia explained.

"How strong?" Grandpa Mu asked.

"Umm… About as strong as you and Uncle Guanting. I could easily wipe them out but Bergath is placing a barrier around them that protects them if I attack." Alicia brow furrowed when she thought of all the ways she had tried to kill the invaders only to be blocked by that barrier each time. 

"This is very troubling then..." Tang Guanting sighed.

"Yes, he won't let me interfere but our army and you all can attack at will. If we can hold out, Tereax said he will have a few battleships ready for us soon that will have the power to turn the tides of war. But in the meantime, we need to hold them off for as long as possible." Alicia had already spoken to Tereax about the situation outside. This entire time she was on her journey the people of Farlan were not slacking at all. They had used her magic power as a means to create some terrifying shields and weapons that they implemented into three battleships. These ships were untested but actual field testing was better than the simple tests that they could do.

"How long?" King Augustus asked.

"Two weeks… We need to hold out for two weeks. Until then we should evacuate all citizens of Alastine to the capital. The shelter there is already built and can hold every citizen of Alastine and more." Alicia answered.

"Then we do as you say. Alicia, I am handing command of the front lines over to you. I will go to each village, town, and city and evacuate everyone." King Augustus said as he stood up. He knew he had no time to waste and making sure of the safety of the citizens was of the utmost importance right now.


Three days later the front lines…

"Little Lady you are not playing fair!" Bergath's voice filled the air.

"Not playing fair? You send an army of millions to invade my homeland. Just one of them is stronger than ten of mine. I am only evening the odds by shielding them from your attacks. Do you think just because you are slightly more powerful than me that I will let you walk all over my kingdom, kill my people, and use its women to fulfill your men's desires? On my name, Alicia Gabriel Alastine, Crown Princess, and Elite Knight of Alastine, I will not allow such a thing to happen." Alicia's voice was firm and unwavering. She would never allow her people to be slaughtered.

"Bergath you are just going to let the little bitch do as she pleases?" Adrian gnashed his teeth. He did not like how things were going right now. This should have been a one sided fight but Bergath was playing games.

"Humph! Little boy, listen here. That sister of yours is not even using her full power. She may say that she is slightly more powerful but if she were to get serious I would be forced to use a power that will make me noticed by those old ones. I can not risk that. We will play by her rules since she is following mine. You just sit tight. Since this is a war of attrition we will see who can last longer." Bergath words sent chills down Adrian's spine. He knew the only reason he did not have his body taken over was on Bergath's whim. If things really came down to it he would easily take over his body leaving nothing of his own conscious left.

On the front lines attacks of all kinds were seen lighting up the skies. Thanks to Alicia's barrier not a single one of her soldiers had been lost or injured. Even though the Phantasiams were very strong, not only magic wise but physically as well, the magic technology the people of Farlan were creating was evening the difference in strength by a large amount. There was a large line that came to be known as the no man's land that had formed between the two sides.

"Alicia, how are things going?" King Augustus appeared at Alicia's side.

"We haven't lost anyone yet and we are basically at a standstill. Thanks to the people of Farlan we have weapons that are making up for our lack of brute strength. How did the evacuation go?" 

"I evacuated everyone from the defensive line all the way to the capital just in case. Even those who had started traveling were found and brought to the capital. There is no citizen of Alastine from here to the capital." King Augustus reported. 

"Then that is good. Have our strongest mages form multilayer barriers around the capital on top of mine and yours. We will sure up all defenses. Luckily Adrian is only after Alastine at this time as for the former Blackstone Empire and Mytheth Lenora, they will be out of his range of sight for now. Tell the governor of those lands to send an army to the border between them and Alastine just in case. We can not leave anyone under the Alastine flag unguarded." Alicia did not know if Adrian would try to attack the other lands or not. She did not know exactly how big his army was. She could only act cautiously during these times. 

"Your Highness, Crown Princess Alicia you have a message from the land of Fey!" A soldier came running over to Alicia. 


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