361 Aide From The Alliance Part One

Sitting in the command tent Alicia was staring at a bronze mirror. Reflected within was Queen MIttens and Queen Angelina. "Crown Princess Alicia… You know, if Solicia and Meowskins did not inform us we would not have known that you were in the middle of defending your homeland!" 

"The issue is this is brought upon us by my older brother. When he disappeared a few years ago after the last invasion we never expected him to come back with such a powerful force. Plus these enemies are stronger than you think. Not to mention the person behind it all." Alicia explained.

"That still does not explain why you did not contact us! If the enemy is strong then you need to rely on your allies! We have already issued orders to our military units to head to Alastine to assist." Queen Mittens scolded. She had thought they had formed a good friendship. If her friend was in trouble there was no way she would not come to assist. 

At that time screams could be heard coming from outside the common tent. "Dragons!" 

Alicia's ears perked up from the yell. She picked up the mirror and walked outside the command tent. What she saw amazed her. Thousands of dragons blotted out the sky. A familiar old man descended to the ground and stood in front of her. "Crown Princess, this old dragon got word from Darktorn that you were under attack. In accordance with the alliance, we of the dragon clan have come to offer our assistance." 

"Dragon God Veltorus, as the Crown Princess of Alastine I welcome you." Alicia gave a small bow. At this time she had to act according to doctrine. Dragon God Veltorus was the ruler of his dragon clan so she had to show him the proper respect in public.

"It is not just us who have shown up either." Dragon God Veltorus pointed behind Alicia. She turned to see a large number of demons standing there led by Tia.

"Alicia, I have to apologize. The old elders of the demon clan couldn't make it but they did send out a thousand demons to assist. Thanks to the dragon clan they also arrived just now." Tia said with a smile on her face.

"Don't forget about us fairies! Your highness, I know that we got off on the wrong foot. But on this day I wish to show my loyalty to you." The older looking female fairy said. Alicia had come to find out that her name was Niketia.

Seeing the little fairy with at least a hundred fairies flapping their wings behind her in miniature sets of armor made Alicia smile. Since they had relocated to the Alastine the fairies had done much in trying to change their ways. They no longer talked in the haughty tone they had before. They even swore allegiance to Alicia. Not to Alastine but to Alicia herself. "Niketia, it's called friendship." 

"Hoho, seems the Crown Princess is very well loved!" Another familiar voice was heard. Alicia turned to see Sola Margix standing there with a massive army behind her. "His beastliness was not able to make it due to the officials not allowing him to run out to assist. So he sent me, his daughter out to bring aid." 

 One after the other, allies of all races showed upbringing aid. The military force that once started off with just enough to keep the line expanded by one fold. King Augustus stood to the side in awe at how many ties his daughter had made over the course of the past few years. She has brought together all of these countries and races who are willing to send aid in order to help her fend off a powerful enemy. And this was just those who were close enough to get here quickly.

Alicia gave a deep bow to the leaders of each member of the Alliance. But this joyous time where morale was skyrocketing was quickly broken when the clouds overhead suddenly darkened. "Oh, now this is quite interesting… To think so many powerful individuals all gathered in one location. Why not let this devil have some fun!"

A figure that was imprinted into Alicia's mind ever since that time in Brown village. "Dolnar!"

"Hehe, so you remember my name! But no need to be on the offensive. This time I did not come to fight with you. On his majesty's orders, we of the devil race have come to assist. Think of it as us having a mutual enemy. They always say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, do they not?" Dolnar stood in the sky a wide smile on his face.

Alicia frowned, not sure if she should believe his words. "How can we trust you?" 

"Haha! No worries his majesty has sent over a magical contract that will last until this invasion is over and we leave your territory." Dolnar pulled out a semi transparent scroll and tossed it to Alicia.

Alicia caught it and read it over before passing it over to King Augustus. King Augustus brow furrowed as he read it but still nodded his head. "This contract is real. If any devil tries to harm anyone Alicia sees as an alley they will instantly die and their souls will be burned in hellfire." 

"What does that mean?" Alicia asked confused as to what that meant.

"Magical contracts can only be made with the lifeblood of the creator. Anything written inside will become true and I can tell that this is not a fake counteract. So if any devil or any of the devil's allies harm any of our allies during this time of the contract they will die. Having their souls burned in hellfire is very painful and will extinguish their existence, making it so they can not reincarnate. The biggest issue is that the blood in this scroll is that of the fallen god… To think he was still alive..." King Augustus let out a sigh. Although he did not want to align with the devils this time around he did need their power.

 "Then should we accept?" Alicia asked.

"Yes, we will accept but keep your guard up."


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