401 A Show Of Strength

"Is that so?" As Alicia said these three words a frost filled the air. 

A massive suppressive aura spread out from Alicia's body. Even Blake who was standing next to Alicia felt the heavy pressure and was restraining himself from kneeling in the air. Loeri and Frey were both hit with this aura as well and almost fell out of the sky. If not for Tang An reacting quickly the two would have been crushed under the pressure. "Ming!"

"I know!" Tang Ming appeared behind Alicia and chopped the back of her neck. Alicia suddenly felt the world spin and everything went black. "This is why women can be a pain. No control over their emotions!"

"Did you say something?" Tang An asked. 

"Nope, nothing. You take them back into Akari's space. I will handle things here." Tang Ming handed Alicia over to Blake. Tang An nodded her head, grabbed a hold of Blake, and disappeared with everyone. 

"Do you think you can run!?" After shaking off how stunned he was from the pressure just now he roared out in anger. He never felt so embarrassed before. A little brat had made him feel fear!

"I do not think you will be able to chase after her. Although I have not actually fought in many thousands of years, I guess now is a good time to stretch my muscles." Tang Ming said standing in the sky, his back as straight as bamboo. 

"Humph! Do you really think someone like you can stop us!?" The old man shouted. One after the other more and more people continued to mock him. He was the leader of the Holy Land, no one looked down on him but as soon as he came to this backwater continent he was faced with not just one but many who mocked him!

"Heh." A small laugh escaped Tang Ming's lips which enraged the old man even more.

"You find this funny!?" The old man couldn't take it anymore. He waved his hand and sent out multiple fireballs that sped through the air at the speed of light.

Tang Ming snorted and each of the fireballs disappeared in an instant. "Do you think someone who is not even on par with the creators is able to do anything to me? To me, you and the people of this world are nothing more than ants!"

A massive aura suddenly shot out from Tang Ming's body slamming into the old man and the army behind him. Instantly like flies, the massive army behind him began falling from the skies. The old man who was still barely holding on looked at Tang Ming, fear filling his eyes. He had just witnessed the power from the little girl but this time the power coming from the man in front of him was ten times as strong! This was not a power he could resist easily!

In different parts of the world, the hidden powerful figures of the world all turned their head towards the north and each one of them scrunched their brow muttering: "She's has woken…."

Tang Ming who was now holding the old man by his throat had no idea his show of strength was about to cause major changes to the world. He glared at the old man in his grasp and coldly said: "You threatened my daughter, tried to hunt her down, and even started a world war in order to kill her. On top of all that you actually had the balls to threaten my grandchild!? Your life is now void." 


A twist of his wrist Tang Ming snapped the old man's neck. He then waved his hand forming millions of sword lights in the sky. "Go!" The sword lights rained down on top of the army that had fallen from the sky. In an instant Tang Ming decisively killed millions of soldiers from the Holy Land. 

"Such a powerful man. This Queen likes powerful men, how about you become this Ice Queen's lover?" A beautiful woman surrounded in a mist of ice wearing a white gown appeared in the sky above Tang Ming. 

Tang Ming frowned and looked up at the beautiful woman, parted his lips, and replied. "Sorry, but I have a wife."

The woman smiled before her body flicked appearing in front of Tang Ming and whispered into his ear: "Then I just have to kill her and make you mine, no?"

Tang Ming pushed her aside and let out a laugh. "Lady, do not speak of such things so easily. My wife is more powerful than me." 

"Haha! I like this! Good, let this wife of yours come forth and fight with this Queen! It has been millions of years since I have had a chance to engage someone who is on equal footing as me." The beautiful woman said letting out a laugh that was very charming.

At that moment many more people appeared in the air. An old man in a black robe stepped forward. "Ice Queen, You should return to your slumber!"

"Humph! You old timers really think I would listen to you!?"


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