Chapter 1124 - How Inhumane

The elders did not look like they really wanted to continue the conversation.

But they were helpless. She was telling the truth.

Rui Qiu took a deep breath and thought of what had happened years ago. Her bones were still hurting.

“Can you call the shots?” Rui Qiu was almost clenching her teeth.

Shen Qianshu held Ye Ling’s hand tightly and asked smilingly, “Master, can I call the shots?”

“Mmh.” Ye Ling replied calmly. “She calls the shots at home too.”

The elders were speechless.

They felt attacked by this PDA behavior!

Rui Qiu was ill-tempered. He almost exploded.

Ruan Miaomiao said, “Okay, fine. We will chat with you. So, you guys are our leaders?”

“Yeah!” Shen Qianshu pointed at Ye Ling. “Sometimes, his mind isn’t very clear, isn’t it? So, you guys need a spare tire, right?”

Ye Ling looked at her coldly.

Did you say that my mind is unclear?

The elders were cursing inwardly. Damn, this leader is really good. She isn’t even afraid of saying anything in front of Ye Ling. If she isn’t brave, she must really be of the same level as Ye Ling. How could Ye Ling just throw her a look when she was being so obnoxious?

“Sure. What are your conditions?”

“It should be the elders first. Do bring up any conditions that you guys have.”

“No, you guys should go first!”

Shen Qianshu smiled humbly. “Nope! The elders first.”

In other words, you’re old! You shall go first. I respect the elders!

The elders were speechless.

Speaking to Shen Qianshu made them feel like they were on the verge of exploding.

Yet, she was like a soft and gentle knife.

If Ye Ling was the one they were discussing with, they would probably have been even more unhappy. They had to concede.

They were the ones who chose these successors. They had to acknowledge them against all odds!

Ruan Miaomiao said, “First, our technology is not to be exposed or provided to any country regardless if they will be compensated for. Second, align the Black Rose and bring all of us on the right path. We do not need to do things in a high-key manner. Make the Black Rose disappear from the entire globe. We just need to live peacefully and quietly. Third, bring in talents for the Black Rose so that we can ensure that the Black Rose can continue to develop further. Fourth, do not speak about the Rose Castle to anyone!”

Shen Qianshu thought about it. These conditions were not even difficult to fulfill.

Ye Ling was expressionless. These conditions were expected.

Rui Qiu said, “Theoretically speaking, we should not interfere with your actions. But when it comes to the technology advancements, we have to talk about it. Our elders will not interfere with your rights, and we are also able to provide you with any amount of power in the global range. Just as you have seen, Black Rose is able to adjust the natural resources around the globe.”

Ye Ling nodded. He had seen it before.

Technology was the natural resource that they were referring to. Technology was an important resource that could be traded.

Beck said, “You guys might not understand the Black Rose too much at this stage. These conditions seem hard, and wanting to maintain it will be even harder. You guys don’t have to worry about resources and labor. We will have our ways to recruit talents. The two of you have to think of how to get rid of everything that Yang Ping has done. We don’t need to be so high-profile.”

It was not a good thing to be so high-profile.

They needed to be separated from the world.

Shen Qianshu asked, “Oh, there’s something that I don’t know if I should ask.”

“Then don’t!” Rui Qiu said.

Shen Qianshu said, “I think I will just say it. You guys have developed such advanced technology. You guys should be way ahead of the entire world, but you keep it to yourselves. It is rather… inhumane to not serve the other people.”

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