Chapter 1030 - When Did I Allow You to Interrupt Me?

After hearing what Chen Fan said, all the people in the main hall were astonished. Then, an Ancestral Patriarch surrounded by Sword Qi and twenty-four moons came up and objected, “Heavenly Lord, please don’t be reckless.”


Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and stared at that man.

The man surrounded by moons was the Ancestral Patriarch of the Moon Sword Sect, one of the three powerful Sword Sects on Planet Tianhuang. He was wearing a white robe with star patterns embroidered on it. The Moon Sword Sect was located on the northernmost part of Planet Tianhuang, opposite to the Fiend Sects. The Sword Immortals of the sect had killed many Fiend Art Cultivators in the Savage Wastes and were the most vicious swordsmen among the three Sword Sects.

The Ancestral Patriarch of the Moon Sword Sect, Yang Xiu, bowed to Chen Fan and said, “Heavenly Lord, please listen to me. Sects like the Medicine God Sect and Fey King Hall have already suffered a great loss after their Ancestral Patriarchs died during the battle on Mount Emperor. Now that they have shut their gates and claimed that they’d never come out as long as you’re alive, why do you still have to be so ruthless?”

The Ancestral Patriarch of the Black Buddha Sect, enveloped in black mist, stepped forward and said, “Yes, Heavenly Lord Chen. You’re now the dominator of Planet Tianhuang and the most powerful Overlord in the world. You need to show people you’re not someone who kills without a reason, so they will obey you.”

“That’s right, Heavenly Lord Chen. Planet Tianhuang has lost dozens of Nascent Soul Cultivators. We can’t bear more losses. Just let them go.”

“Those five imperishable sects only have a group of old cultivators left. They won’t pose any threat to you and the North Qiong Sect. Besides, they’re protected by their Divine Arrays. It’s extremely difficult to attack them.”

“Right, if you let them go, you’ll earn the respect from all the sects on the entire Planet Tianhuang.”

The other Ancestral Patriarchs in the hall also tried to convince him.

Some said Chen Fan had to forgive people whenever needed, so everyone else would respect him and the North Qiong Sect. If he killed them, he would only make more enemies.

Some said the Divine Arrays of the five imperishable sects were extremely tough, so Chen Fan might not be able to break them and might damage his reputation.

Some even threatened that if Chen Fan exterminated the five imperishable sects, nobody on Planet Tianhuang would obey him.

The debate was even spread beyond the main hall.

Many elders, Sect Masters and disciples from around Planet Tianhuang heard about it.

“Yes, you should let the Medicine God Sect go. Why should we talk about killing on this happy day?” said an elder of the Wangqin Heavenly Region.

“I heard that the Divine Array of Fey King Hall was formed by a Soul Formation Grand Cultivator and has been operating for a few hundred thousand years. I don’t think Heavenly Lord Chen can destroy it,” someone said.

“Haha, if Chen Beixuan wants to bully others, the Ancestral Patriarchs would certainly do something.” Some disciples of his enemy sects talked with their Immortal Will.

Lin Wuhua, Mu Hongti and Xiao Mang suddenly realized—

The Ancestral Patriarchs seemed to be there to congratulate the North Qiong Sect, but they were in fact trying to convince or even threaten Chen Fan.

However, Chen Fan couldn’t just kill them yet.

After all, they were only coaxing him verbally and they acted like they were doing so for his sake. If Chen Fan killed them, the Realm of Cultivation on Planet Tianhuang would be afraid of him and no one would be willing to work for him.


Xiao Mang wanted to stand and speak several times, but Zhao Juexian stopped her.

There were so many Nascent Soul Cultivators in the main hall right then. Although Xiao Mang was a Goddess, she was only a Connate Cultivator and it wasn’t her place to speak.

“So, you mean I should let them go and even let them continue to run wild on Planet Tianhuang?” Chen Fan touched his chin.

The Ancestral Patriarch of the Black Buddha Sect yelled, “That’s the best way to do it. Turning swords into ploughshares, isn’t it wonderful?”

“You better acknowledge the status of the imperishable sects right now. Divine Lord Tatian didn’t exterminate them back then and even turned them into allies. The five imperishable sects and Mount Emperor ruled Planet Tianhuang together. This is the best way to maintain peace on the planet,” said an elder of the Wangqin Heavenly Region.

The Ancestral Patriarchs nodded.

Shenxi even saw Heavenly Lord Jinhai smile.

She knew the Heavenly Lords were working together to fight against the North Qiong Sect. Yang Xiu and the others might not like the Medicine God Sect, but it was better for them if the five imperishable sects existed. Although the North Qiong Sect was powerful, the five imperishable sects and the other Heavenly Sects wouldn’t be scared if they worked together.

Then, it would become impossible for the North Qiong Sect to dominate Planet Tianhuang.

“Heavenly Lord Chen, what will you do?” Shenxi looked at Chen Fan.

This was just like a real battle.

The battle on Mount Emperor showed Chen Fan’s hard power, and then, he would need his soft power to deal with the sects. No one could rule the entire Planet Tianhuang with sheer power.

“I can’t attack the Medicine God Sect?”

Chen Fan leaned forward and the smile on his face gradually disappeared.

“The North Qiong Sect has just been established and it’s certainly unwise to attack the other sects just like that,” Yang Xiu said.

“Those are the imperishable sects. Even Divine Lord Tatian left them alone back then. Please think thoroughly, Heavenly Lord.” The Ancestral Patriarch of the Black Buddha Sect chuckled as he touched his bald head.

“Heavenly Lord, please think twice.”

In the end.

Even the Sect Master of the Changshen Heavenly Region spoke.

The Changshen Heavenly Region was the top Heavenly Region in the world and five of their Nascent Soul Cultivators were present. All of them were powerful. Their Sect Master was a middle-aged man in an azure robe. He seemed to be superior, like a Deity. He was a mid-stage Nascent Soul Cultivator and was comparable to Lord Dragon.

He barely spoke, given his status as the Sect Master of the top Heavenly Region, but his words were always impactful.

The City Lord of Saint Fire City, the Ancestral Patriarch of the Ghost Underworld Sect, Zhao Juexian and Qingshi… All of them had serious looks.

“Heavenly Lord…”

Even the Grand Elder wanted to convince Chen Fan. After all, the Chinese and the North Qiong Sect couldn’t go against the entire Planet Tianhuang. And yet, Chen Fan waved his hand gently and said as he slowly got up, “What if I insist on attacking the five imperishable sects?”

An Ancestral Patriarch said coldly, “Then, Heavenly Lord will be against the will of all the sects on Planet Tianhuang. You may have prestige for a while, but the Realm of Cultivation will gradually resist you. The North Qiong Sect is indeed powerful, but can you be more powerful than the whole planet?”

Even though the Nascent Soul Cultivators in the main hall were sitting on opposite sides, they seemed to be on the ground and they all looked at Chen Fan seriously. They didn’t seem to agree with Chen Fan’s plan at all.

At that moment.

The entire Mount Emperor was in silence.

Countless cultivators looked up. They knew the crucial moment that would determine the fate of Planet Tianhuang was right then. Whether the planet would be dominated by the North Qiong Sect alone or by the sects together depended on this debate.

“Heavenly Lord Chen is too unwise. Attacking and ruling the world are two different things. He may be able to defeat Mount Emperor with power, but he can’t suppress Planet Tianhuang with that. If he spends a few centuries to slowly rope the sects and Ancestral Patriarchs in and gives them benefits, the situation wouldn’t be like this,” Elder Yuelon mumbled.

Hua Nonyin also nodded.

They both led Violet Moon Peak and had control over a thousand disciples, so they knew it was impossible to rule only with strength. The disciples on the ground looked respectful on the outside, but were in fact disloyal. This was like the modern society on Earth and in the mortal world.

Although Planet Tianhuang was a cultivation planet, Immortal Cultivators were humans after all.

Interests would be involved in any society that had humans. No Sword Arts could break the relation between them!

The Grand Elder also heaved a sigh.

He felt like there were things he should have told Chen Fan beforehand.

Chen Fan was young after all. He was less than five hundred years old and he still didn’t know how to deal with interpersonal relationships.

The situation in the main hall was being live-broadcasted across the entire Planet Tianhuang. Some Heavenly Lords of Mount Emperor had set up screens in the sky in the Heavenly Regions and cities to show the dealings unfold.

Countless cultivators and ordinary people were watching on the streets.

While the elders and Ancestral Patriarchs were watching in the Qinhe Tower or the Brahma Palace, enjoying the food and chatting with the maids there at the same time—

“Chen Beixuan is indeed insane. Does he really think people would obey him after he defeated Mount Emperor? How would it be so easy? When Mount Emperor ruled the world, the Changshen Heavenly Region and the five Ancestral Patriarchs of the Thunder Sky Sect also disobeyed them.

“Strength is strength, tactic is tactic. He still has a long way to go if he wants to rule Planet Tianhuang,” many Perfected Cultivators said.

A lot of people were in fact jealous of Chen Fan, especially when he came from a small race like the Chinese. In the eyes of the members of the noble families, he was only an upstart.

“Hm, does he really think he’s Divine Lord Tatian, someone who can suppress the entire Planet Tianhuang?”

A descendant of a Heavenly Lord Family, wearing an ivory robe and carrying a sword, snickered.

Meanwhile, in the main hall.


Chen Fan seemed to have heard the funniest thing in the world and he burst into laughter. He almost fell down from the platform. His laughter resounded in the main hall and even spread for a hundred miles, shaking the entire Mount Emperor.

“Disobey you? Who do you think you are?”

Many Ancestral Patriarchs felt a chill down their spines. Their Divine Souls seemed to be suppressed by a sharp weapon.

They looked more discontent as he laughed.

In the end, the Ancestral Patriarch of the Black Buddha Sect stepped forward and asked, “Heavenly Lord Chen, what do you mean…?”

“Shut up!”

Chen Fan opened his eyes.


Some golden glitters flashed and a ray of golden light shot through the main hall, as if there was a bolt of lightning. The Ancestral Patriarch of the Black Buddha Sect couldn’t respond in time. The light ray penetrated his head and his blood splashed dozens of feet high. His dead body even flew out of the door.

Everyone was shocked and the Ancestral Patriarchs froze.

After a while, Chen Fan said, “When did I allow you to interrupt me?”

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