Chapter 1653 - See You In the Arena (5)

She looked around. The Martial Arts Championship had not yet begun, but many of the highly talented younger generation from the ancient clans had arrived. Be it Qiu Chen or Baili Xi, they were all exceptionally rare talents.

But what bothered Ye Qingtang the most about this Martial Arts Championship was the absence of the Ancient You Clan.

The Ancient You Clan should also be participating in the Martial Arts Championship, but this time, they seemed to have no intention of coming.

Once the Ancient You Clan began controlling little You Yun, they had become more and more ambitious.

Ye Qingtang’s current goal was to enter the mystic realm to look for clues about her mother. At the same time, she wanted to gain even more power from the mystic realm.

But after encountering the experts of the younger generation from the various ancient clans, Ye Qingtang did not dare to slack off in her cultivation.

Ye Qingtang finally calmed herself down after returning to her room. She sat cross-legged and began to cultivate.

She was at the peak of the Third Heaven of the Heavenly Venerate realm. She had remained there for some time, but still showed no sign of breaking through to the next level. She could clearly sense that she was just a step away from the Fourth Heaven, but could not understand why it was much more difficult to pass this stage than it had been to level up previously.

For a few days, Ye Qingtang remained in her room and concentrated on cultivating. Even if Jiang Yisheng and the others asked her to go out, she tactfully refused.

If she was unable to enter the top ten of the Martial Arts Championship, her six months of hard work would be wasted.

Over the past few days, there was much friction among the younger members of the ancient clans. They were all hot-blooded youths. They already could not stand each other, and now that they kept encountering each other on the island, they would fly into a rage and end up in a fight.

However, Jiang Yanyun and Jiang Shaobai seemed to have come to a consensus on this matter. Both of them warned the other youths not to fight before the Martial Arts Championship officially began.

This kept the Jiang Family youths out of trouble

The days passed swiftly. Soon, it was time for the official opening of the Martial Arts Championship.

The various ancient clans gathered together, bringing with them their most outstanding youths to compete in the arena.

The noise was deafening as the youths rubbed their hands and cracked their knuckles, preparing for a fight.

The Martial Arts Championship was arranged by drawing lots. One needed both skill and luck.

If someone met the most powerful opponent in the first round, they would have no hope of reaching the top ten, even if they were the second most powerful participant.

Jiang Yisheng grabbed hold of Ye Qingtang while the lots were being drawn, hoping that some of her luck would rub off on him. Ye Qingtang did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

The huge martial arts arena was crowded with people. The youths who were drawing lots waited quietly on one side for their opponent to appear.

At that moment, the elders of the various ancient clans were all waiting solemnly.

Elder Qian and the other Jiang Family elders were focused on Jiang Shaobai and Jiang Yanyun. They were the Jiang Family’s best hope of winning this championship. Their performance would determine whether the Jiang Family could hold its head up high during this Martial Arts Championship.

Elder Qian and the others felt that Ye Qingtang had entered the Martial Arts Championship by luck, so they paid no attention to her. The other Jiang Family youths also showed no interest in her. Only Jiang Yisheng, Jiang Shaobai, and a few others who were close to Ye Qingtang showed some concern for her.


Jiang Yisheng and the others felt that no matter which lot Ye Qingtang drew, the outcome would not be positive. After all, she had only returned to the Jiang Family as a teenager and had only been in Taiyuan Valley for half a year. How could she possibly achieve several victories in this championship when so many were vying for the top?

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