Chapter 1100 - The Secret You Want To Know

A second ago, they were worried over Ye Zhifan’s smooth career. Now, they felt happy.

“The owner of the jade knew how to balance power. He used the relationship between Sun Yaozu and Ye Zhifan to tie them together. He’s not afraid that Ye Zhifan won’t listen to him.” Principal Chen took out the little stainless steel hip glass that was soaking in hot water. He poured a small cup for himself and then poured one for Uncle Gen. “I didn’t expect this person to be so smart! Disaster. This item is a disaster!”

Uncle Gen smiled after he understood everything. Then, he sighed. There was sorrow in his old voice. “If the jade was a good thing, I will help Jian to take it back. But, it’s not. It caused Jian’s mother to sacrifice. How can I let Jian have it?”

“It’s good to let Ye Zhifan take it. I want to know if Jian’s mother sacrificed on her mission because of the jade or because of the mission. If I want to find out the truth, I need someone to lure the owner of the jade out.”

“I have only persuaded one person to join the military in my entire life. That was Ye Jian’s mother. When you said that not allowing Jian to enter the military was a waste of her talent, I considered it for a long time. I only relented when she said that she was willing to go.”

“Old Chen, I didn’t let Jian return to the village all these years and asked her to train with you because I want her to become stronger. No matter wind or rain outside, I hope that she won’t be scared. I hope that she won’t be bullied because she doesn’t have parents. I also hope that the owner of the jade won’t be able to harm her!”

“After the university entrance examination, you can continue training with Jian. Don’t come back to the village. Grandma Ye has already returned to the village. There’s no need to let Jian see that unkind old woman.”

The two elders chatted in the living room until past 11 pm before they went to rest. They didn’t let Ye Jian know about their conversation. There were some things they had to tell Ye Jian but everything can wait until she enters military school.

The cold wind outside blew furiously. Without a heater, your body would feel cold if you walked away from the furnace. It was getting late so all the houses had turned dark. Some people slept early just like Ye Jian.

Ye Zhifan, who just returned from socializing, wasn’t asleep. He sat in his study angrily and smoked continuously, one cigarette after another. Sun Yaozu came back blatantly and even called him to tell him that his crimes had been cleared!

He was a criminal that had been wanted for so many years. How could the police clear his status? How was that possible?

He stayed in the coastal region for so long but he didn’t manage to clear his warrant. Now, suddenly, less than three months after he entered the provincial office, Sun Yaozu’s name was cleared. He even said that there was someone powerful helping him!

Someone powerful? Who was the backer behind a piece of trash like Sun Yaozu?

Why did that backer choose this time to help him? Why did that backer help Sun Yaozu just when he entered the provincial office?

This was strange! It was too strange!

It was so strange that he felt uneasy. He had insomnia for the past few nights because he felt that things weren’t so simple! It seemed as though… everything was heading for him!

“Dad, why are you still awake?” Ye Ying pushed the door of the study room open. She was wearing thick cotton sleepwear and was holding a pen in her hand. When she came in, she choked on the strong smell of alcohol and cigarettes in the room. “Don’t smoke too much. The room smells like it’s on fire.”

She walked over and pushed the window open to let the cold air outside lighten the odor in the room. Then, she coaxed her father, “If you’re stressed from work, you don’t have to smoke or drink. You can go out for a walk.”

After one year, Ye Ying had grown into an elegant lady. Her skin was a little dark but her features were beautiful.

She had an oval-shaped face and almond-shaped eyes paired with arched eyebrows. Her mouth was small and exquisite. 18 years old was a blossoming age. She seemed so soft that it felt as if water would seep out of her skin. She was bright and attractive.

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