187 Sweet Sweet Revenge

Don slowly turned and saw Chase had nocked three arrows and aimed them at him, Knight and Arrora.

"What do you want?"

Arrora asked with a grim voice.

"For starters, hand over the scrolls you just stole"

"What scrolls?"

Knight asked Chase

"Don't act like you dont know, beast, I saw the three of you climb the walls"

"Yes we did that and now those scrolls belong to us, we didnt take what's yours"

Knight calmly said.

"While we were fighting, you managed to go to the upper floors, I don't have a problem with that, but you messed it up, and because of your mess up, many lives were lost, you have to answer for that"


Arrora snickered

"You couldn't even defeat the first golem and you fought the golem with so many people"

Hearing Arrora's voice with a tint of ridicule, Chase gritted her teeth

"But we faced grandmaster golems and lived to tell the tale,"

"I would have respected that as a warrior and wouldn't have even cared if you took all the scroll on those floors, because you would have deserved it. But because of your arrogance, you brought down a grandmaster golem and cost me my chance of getting the scrolls on the first floor"

" Oh we stole those too, while you were running for your life"

Knight chuckled as Chase grip on her bow tightened

"If we give you the scrolls we took from the first floor, will you let us go? Or do you want the scrolls of the upper floors too?"

"Now that your actions had cost the lives of many others, I'll take those as compensation for their lives"

The moment Chase said that, Knight burst into laughter

"You have ten seconds to hand over the scrolls"

Chase had already decided to kill Knight because his attitude had provoked her.

"Dont try to steal from the thief, you stupid bitch"

The laughter disappeared and Knight's face turned serious.

"Guess I have to take it from your dead bodies"

Chase had enough of this and released the arrows.

However, she was completely shocked when she saw the arrows floating in the air without moving forward like they were supposed to.

"Stupid bitch like you shouldn't be called as a genius, did you think you can fight us? You?"

Knight slowly walked towards her as he said

Looking at Knight coming towards her, Chase quickly took another arrow from her quiver and fired at him but like her previous arrows, it also just floated in the air.

"If you had a half a size brain of your breasts, you would have understood it, we faced grandmaster golems and survived, but you, a puny mid-level master followed us here looking for a fight"

Chase burnt with anger as no one ever talked to her in the way the beast had just talked.

"Its… it's you...killed brian"

Chase struggled to speak as she couldn't move her muscles.

"I killed him"

Don stepped forward and removed his mask. Just like Knight, Chase couldn't see any magical fluctuations coming from him when his face magically transformed. 

"King Don"

Chase couldn't believe her eyes as he raised his hands and the arrows slowly turned at her direction

"You shouldn't have challenged us in Enarin and you shouldn't have followed us here, alone"

Knight had already scanned the area and found that she was alone

"What are you?"

Don didn't answer her and nodded at Arrora.

"I was waiting for this moment so long"

Arrora grinned and took control of the arrows.

"You act so just and noble, but you are no different than Brian and scum like him. when I was caged and begged for help yet you didn't even look at me"

Chase was unable to recognize Arrora's current face


Arrora didn't wait for Chase's response as she already sent one arrow through her chest.

"Go to hell and wait for others bitch"

Just as she said, one arrow pierced through Chase's throat and another one went right through the middle of her brows.

Knight didn't forget to take her space ring as Don conjured the purple-colored hell flame and threw it at Chase. In a few seconds, the whole tree turned into nothingness as there weren't even any ashes left.

It was a good thing for them that the protective charm she had, didn't work in this realm. At the same time in Lansor, the patriarch and the elders were shocked to see Chase's soul light fade away indicating that she's dead.

After killing Chase, the three of them didn't waste any time as they quickly left the scene.

"Bury in here"

Arrora heard Knight as she looked at Don sending Chase's space ring into the ground.

"Leaving no evidence"

Arrora nodded.

"So Nightmare, did you understand why we use the codenames?"

Until she realized that Chase was following them, she didn't see the point of using codenames. But if they had used their real names, Chase would have known their real identities and they would have gotten into huge trouble if she had escaped by any chance.

"Yes, Wolf I do"

Arrora laughed and they continued to run around the realm looking for loot. And at one point they circled back to the building and saw people running away from the building as fast as they could.

"I think there's nothing else in this realm, we should wait for the next light beam"

Knight said as Don looked at the sky to see the daylight slowly fading away.

"We should camp out here"

Since there's no light beam and the night is approaching, Don decided to call it a day and rest.

"Yeah, all kinds of nasty creatures would come out in the night and who knows what kind we will meet here"

Arrora agreed with Don and after looking for a place to camp, they chose a place under a huge tree.

"You go and gather some firewoods, Viper will make a tent" 

Knight said to Arrora and Don

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to make the tastiest meat roast in this whole realm"

Arrora giggled and went to look for woods as it wasn't so hard because they were in the forest. As for the tents, it only took Don a couple of minutes to build three tents.

When Arrora returned with a stack of dried woods, the daylight had completely disappeared and the only light source they had was the light from the stars.

Knight was marinating a huge chunk of meat while Don stood beside him with a torch as Arrora made the campfire

She sat on the ground after making the fire and watched Knight marinating the meat with a smile on her face.

"How many spices are you adding? I can smell every spice there is"

Her smile grew wider when she saw Don standing there with a torch in one hand and a plate full of spices on the other.

"Just wait till you taste this bad boy"

Knight was licking his lips and pouring the spices onto the meat.

"So do you miss this? Roaming around, doing jobs for wealth, having no responsibilities?"

"I do miss it but having responsibilities isn't that bad, to be honest, it's thrilling"

As he said, he carefully placed the meat on a grill above the fire.

"Now we wait"

Three of them sat around the campfire while the meat slowly roasted by the fire.

Considering they should discuss their future plans, Don created a barrier around them to prevent someone or something from eavesdropping their conversation.

"Good, I hate anyone to interrupt my dinner time"

Knight sensed the barrier and said.

"We had a hell of a day, I wish we were strong enough to go the last floor, I bet the last floor has some powerful spells "

Knight was a little disappointed thinking they couldn't steal the scroll on the last floor.

"I would have tried if that building had potions, I can't let Nikalas down, he would be counting each day until we return with the elixir"

Don said.

"Even if we find the elixir and bring back Vivianna from her current state, it will not be easy for her to come to terms with her new reality, she's in this state for almost two decades"

"I know it will be hard for her but she must come to terms with the reality, for Nikalas's sake"

Don nodded at Knight

"The thing I'm more concerned about is how are we going to prove that Nikalas is her son? He was born after she lost her consciousness "

"I asked this to Riya and she said that her mother, the former maid of Vivianna gave her some family heirloom"

When she could, she would spend her time with the girls in the steel chick and have a nice chat while drinking the dwarven ale, except her because she started to follow Don's drinking habits.

She came across this information when she, Amaryll, Riya, and the other girls were having a girls time in the Steel chick tavern.

Surprisingly Riya would transform from a silent shy girl into a chatty Cathy whenever she drank the dwarven ale. Just because of this, the girls had found out that Riya has a crush on Nikalas but she was too afraid to tell him how she feels about him. However, whenever they ask her about this when she's sober, she would tell them it's not true and turn red.