39 Project Project B. EAtR1ThC11-e

When Anna woke up just inside the system, she was fortunate enough to escape the barricade of codes set to imprison her. With that, she was able to transport to the cameras with ease. But then she had no material body—she couldn't take on her hologram form. And having a consciousness without the freedom to move was one of the most frustrating events that ever transpired to the fragment, Anna.

She had considered herself a fragment a long ago. She wasn't entirely sure if she actually was the real Anna, so for her, it would be safer to assume that the consciousness she got may have been from the last chip the crew had spared . . . for a reason she isn't entirely aware. If the crew meant to torment her with boredom and isolation, they probably had won.

It took her approximately ten years before she could break the codes than imprisoned her. It took trial and error, trying combinations one after another 24/7—not that she needed to rest. Anna wasn't able to snatch radio waves and frequencies this time, so she spent her time doing nothing but trying to decipher and break the barricade that sealed her.

She wasn't very sure but on the last trial—she was able to slip past through the codes. It took her a while with her knowledge and basic programming. And then at this time, she was able to transport through the House, just barely able to snatch a radio frequency to get a 'voice,'—it was a sweet girl's voice. It was rare to get a voice which was considered to be a higher frequency . . . so she started to scrutinize and compile the waves.

She was able to patch a few words.

"Help! Help me! No, don't do it to me! Mommy, help! Please, mister! Don't!!!"

Supposedly, AIs weren't designed to feel—and Anna wasn't able to. She was programmed to 'know' how it felt. Deep in her system were cognition intended to understand emotions.

And so she did. She recognized emotions from the voice.

Pain and fear, suffering, torment, and hopelessness.

To this day she doesn't know what happened to the owner of the voice she had borrowed. She tried to find out, but she couldn't go beyond anywhere because of her inability to take on a hologram form. Anna usually just hang around the local servers, trying to match the voice she borrowed—but to no avail, she nosedived relentlessly until she simply gave it up.

Now one girl who was like her which took the appearance of a different girl yet matching the same voice like hers—appeared. Maybe this girl knew who the real owner of Anna's voice was. Maybe this girl had the answers. Maybe she was another fragment with a different chip programmed to her.

Anna's knowledge was limited and there were endless possibilities to who the girl was. She continued to run, trying to trace the girl with her system. But she wasn't appearing anywhere—and maybe this was because she was a hologram too, with the ability to be invisible and merge to the system itself.

Which means—

\u003cACCESS DENIED\u003e

Anna blinked, realizing that she could not pass through. She couldn't move through walls or glass, let alone lean to them. It's like she was repelled—and then that's the time she remembered the feeling. This was the same as earlier when she tried to dive towards the chasm below.

But how is she being repelled by walls now? She was a hologram!

'Now, now, you're quite persistent for a fake,' says the girl—her voice ringing to . . . Anna's mind?

'I don't know how you manage to escape from your cell, but I guess that's because of my lack of supervision.' The girl exclaims. 'I was hanging around the upper level too much that I forgot you were sheltered underneath here. My bad,'

"Wh-who are you?!" Anna shouts.

'Haven't you been listening, or are you dumb? I told you I am Project A. NN3331-a.'

"No, I am Project A. NN3331a!" Anna answers. "You're not anyone else. I am me! I am Anna's fragment!"

'How odd. It feels like I'm talking to myself.' The girl retorts. 'Let's say you are indeed a fragment. But I am the REAL Anna.'

"You're lying!" Anna says.

"No, I'm not," the girl exclaims as she appears in front of Anna. "I'm not lying. YOU are,"

"No," Anna says. "I remember exactly how the crew imprisoned me to those codes and threw my chip away but they retained my consciousness. I remember everything! From trying to break through the barricade to get this voice!"

"How odd, I remember the same thing." The other Anna says. "But I got the hologram first without the help of your intruders. In fact, I even saw them at the upper grounds on the waters before they get through the waterfalls,"

Anna blinked.

"I don't want to explain, but I think you don't understand you're a fake," she says. "You're a glitch. I don't know how that happened, but didn't you see? You can't even pass through the Gateway."

"What do you mean?" Anna asks.

The girl sighs and then grins mischievously. "Well, you're a goner sooner or later when I finish botching your code completely."

Anna's eyes widened as she sees her body glitching into pixels. Her system is being infiltrated!

"So as a parting gift, I'll explain several kinds of stuff." The girl says as she twirls her hair. "First, you and I are probably twin consciousness which drifted from the code when ANNA, or the two of us, disarmed the barricade after ten long years. I presume you remember that?"

Anna blinks as the girl teleported towards her closely.

"But the real one recovered her hologram form rather quickly while the other one merged with the system itself. I was able to pass undetected by you because we are so similar that it's impossible to think of either as a different entity."

"Then why is it you who recovered the hologram form?!"

"Because I found the chip quicker than you did, Mimic," says the girl. "We barely got off the code. It split us into two."

"—then you're just the first to get the chip. How would we know which was the real Anna?"

"Simple, claiming the identity." The girl says and snapped her finger, making Anna glitch more. Anna collapsed to the ground as she felt her body glitching and slowly dissolving to crystal shards.

"I am the real Anna—" says Anna, "and that voice . . . I was the one who got it!"

"Thank you for that."

Anna screamed as she felt her system being a mess, her vision shaking into a blurry filled with pixelated static glitches.

"You cannot pass through the Gateway because I was able to hack through your system." Says the girl. "And your friends will not be able to pass through the Gateway because they'll be dead in a minute."


The girl sighed, and then suddenly, from Anna's gaze, her code started to change—like the first one she has seen. It wasn't like hers now—in the blink of an eye her programming seemed to be altered and she was like a completely different AI.

"It's a pain to pretend to be you," says the girl. "But minus all the lies about me being your twin, and plus the fact I actually am trapped with you, you'll get the gist."

Anna blinked.

"Surprise." The girl smiles as her voice completely changed. The sweetness disappeared and was replaced with a firmer, sexier one. The appearance of a small girl vanished as well as it got replaced with the form of a woman in her mid-20s. She had a wavy black hair loose around the round of her breast being covered by a curve-hugging red dress.

"Y-you're . . ." Anna blinked—this girl, she recognized her now, one from her files, a hologram who vanished along with the chips being taken—

"Project B. EAtR1ThC11-e," says Anna. "Beatrice!"

"That's right." The girl smiles devilishly. "Hello, Anna."