Chapter 254 - The aftermath of a drunken night


Faustina felt as if her head was being split open by an axe. Her legs were limp and wobbly like wonton, and she was disheveled. In fact, oddly disheveled. What happened last night?

"Right… I drank…" Faustina's eyes widened as she realized something. She drank. She then turned to the window—it was already morning! Faustina then stood up and hurried to the bathroom. That meant she skipped dinner, and the king had waited for her—

And as Faustina stumbled upon the mirror on the wall, memories then begun to flash in her mind.

Memories of the night she was drunk.


"Hehe. Noah," I buried my face in his hard abdomen. "You're so warm."

First there was silence, and then soon I found myself being lifted by Noah. He carried me towards the bed, and then he looked down at me.

"Are you mad at me, Noah?" I asked.

He leaned down to kiss me, but I stopped him with both of my index fingers. "Answer my question first."

"…you're different when you're drunk," he simply answered and then held both of my wrists with one hand, placing my arms above my head. He claimed my lips, and I responded gently.

"What are you doing?" His voice was now hoarse, as if he was parched. 

"Kissing you," I innocently answered.


NO!!!! Faustina then fell to her knees with her hands on top of the sink. She was looking down with eyes wide open and cheeks flushed red. No. That can't be. She didn't say that. That's right! There's no way that Faustina said that—no, no—no! Just no. That must be a dream… a dream, right?


He clenched his jaw, and then stared at my eyes with his hooded sapphire orbs. "Can you answer me now?"


"If you love me too."

I hiccupped. "You're so straightforward, Noah."

"Because I have no time to waste," He kissed me again, but this time he was gentler. 

"I don't… need to sustain your life anymore," I said in a small voice. "You're already fine, even without me."

"I don't get why you love me." I don't even know why I'm blabbering, but I couldn't stop myself. "I'm the daughter of someone who murdered your family. Shouldn't you be hating me? Why did you love me instead? I… hic… I…"

Tears began to flow down to my face. I wiped the tears with the back of my palms as Noah watched me cry underneath him.

Noah didn't give me any reply. Instead he cupped my cheeks and then gave me a peck. His soft, butterfly kisses then went down, into the shape of my jaw, down to the base of my neck. His thumb caressed my collarbone. I don't know how he did it, but the dress came loose, until I saw that I was n.a.k.e.d before him, with only my undergarments on.

"Noah…mmph…" He kissed me a little rougher now, until I was m.o.a.ning and trying to push his chest away. "Aahn… no…"

He parted away, but instead of stopping, leaned down to my b.r.e.a.s.t and pulled the garments that covered my mounds. His lips now touched my peaks, and as he parted his lips, his tongue glided to the sensitive part around the middle. I let out a gasp as he sucked it all in, with his tongue gliding back and forth.

"N..Noah…" I m.o.a.ned. "Wh…what are you doing—"

"Agh!" My eyes widened as I feel him biting gently. His other hand then fondled my other b.r.e.a.s.t. 


What was that memory? Did… did the king just…

Faustina reached to her bosoms.

And the gently he lifted it up.


There was a new pair of undergarments on.

Her entire face reddened, akin to a metal being burnt. How did that happen? That… that must be nothing but a dream. Maybe she's just thinking about it, and none of it will be real. After all, Faustina wasn't the type of person who will invite the king to do things to her. She wasn't the girl in her mind who kissed the king and cried so pathetically while saying embarrassing things.

That wasn't her.

It's someone else!

And as Faustina continued to deny and refuse to believe, another wave of memories began to surge in…


He parted away and then held both the back of my legs. I saw him spreading me slowly, so instantly I closed it down. But he forced it open, as tentatively as he could.

"Don't worry," he said. "This is how far I'll go."

"How far you'll… ah!" My eyes widened as I drew a sharp breath. Noah's finger was now rubbing my delicate part, which was covered in a lace white garment. He rubbed gently, which roused noises out of me.

"No… Noah… ah! No..!" I m.o.a.ned, pleading for him to stop. He then leaned to kiss me, and suddenly I felt him shifting the garment to the side, and then—"Agh!"

He thrusted a finger in.

"N-noah… Aah…Aagh…" His finger moved back and forth, slipping in and out into my wet entrance. His eyes were looking down at me, watching my every expressions. And each time I m.o.a.ned louder, he would thrust deeper.

"No… s-something's coming out… N-noah!" 

His thrusts went faster and faster until I felt my insides tightening around his finger, the moment I found my release.

I closed my eyes, feeling exhausted.

I felt his lips in my forehead.

"Rest, Faustina." He said. "I'll make you love me, too."


THAT!!! That can't be real!

Faustina completely sat down to the floor with her entire face red and hot. The hangover and the fact that her memories are just continuously coming back to her made her temporarily dysfunctional.

And so when she returned, she squealed silently while covering her face.

No matter how many times Faustina convinced herself it was a dream, the more it turned too vivid. The aching in her head didn't matter now, because of the waves of memories coursing through her mind like pictures being projected using a light spell.


In the end, Faustina took a bath and fought through her hangover. She took a deep breath as she ambled her way towards the dining hall. And as she opened the door, she realized that there were maids now, and the king wasn't there yet. Faustina sighed in relief as she sat in her seat. The maids then began to serve her her food. Usually the maids (only a few) would stay in the kitchen, but now they're here now. 

'I just have to finish my meal fast so that I wouldn't have to meet the king.'

And so Faustina didn't mind etiquette and ate her meal as quick as she could. And as she finished, she rushed back to her room and then shut the door. 

Now, she could finally breathe.

"I'm going to get indigestion at this rate," Faustina murmured. She sighed, and then afterwards she simply sat into the bed. 

She figured that outside the castle is chaotic. Outside her comfort is chaos, and she's been having anxiety since then.

Because strangely enough, Eula's words continued to resonate into her mind.

"Do not adhere to the prophecy."


Orwell opened his eyes slowly and then the first thing he first thought about is that, 'ah, I'm alive.'

He sat down, and began to analyze his surroundings.

This place was entirely unfamiliar.

Where is he?

"Oh, you're awake."

Coming inside the room was Sheilalev; but this time she wasn't wearing her priest robes but a regular dress and heeled, white shoes. Her hair was also tied into a ponytail and she didn't carry her staff. Instead, she was bringing a tray which contained a bowl of porridge and water, along with medicine.

"She then sat in the chair beside Orwell's bed, and scooped a handful of porridge with the wooden spoon.

Orwell blinked. 

"What… are you doing?" Orwell asked as Sheila neared the spoonful of porridge in him.

"Feeding you," she said.


"Your arms. Can you move them."

And that's when Orwell noticed the cast in his arm and a bandage on another. He then remembered the battle with Greed…

That's right.

He was defeated.

"If you'll excuse me, then." Orwell said as he opened his mouth, accepting Sheila feeding him.

An awkward silence persisted until Orwell spoke.

"How long… was I asleep?"

"It wasn't that long. Just two days," Sheila answered. "I've been feeding your body magical supplements, but now that you're awake, you need proper nourishment."

"So that's why I don't feel very weak…" Orwell murmured. "Priestess,"


"What happened to the country?"

"They momentarily stopped," Sheila exclaimed, "but I think the next wave will come soon, so it isn't safe for anyone to set foot into the capital or the royal city."

Orwell then stared intently at Sheila who then fed him again. He remembered that she was the one who saved him too.



"Where are we?"

"You're in the infirmary of this province. The magicians have cast a protection spell in this entire province and glamour to make it look like nothing but a rice field, so don't worry much."




"Thank you."

Sheila blinked at the unexpected word that came out of Orwell's mouth. "For what? For feeding you?"

"For saving me." Orwell smiled. "And that, as well."

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