Chapter 1063 - The Last Big Gift (4)

Ruan Qishan held his forehead, an expression of helplessness on his face. “It’s that woman again…”

“What do you mean that woman! Ruan Qishan, you’re not allowed to insult my mother!”

“You don’t even know the truth of the matter. You were deceived by your mother’s suicide note!” Ruan Qishan took a deep breath and continued, “In the past, your father and I were good friends. When we met, neither of us were married. We met your mother together. At that time, your mother treated me extremely well, and I knew what she was thinking. However, I was about to marry Yazhi. Therefore, I rejected her. Afterward, she married your father.”

After Ruan Qishan finished speaking, he was afraid that Wang Yazhi would think too much about it and turned around to look at her. In the end, Wang Yazhi wasn’t even paying attention to them. Her eyes were red as she carried Tiny Rice Ball, cooing at him due to her fear that the adult things would bother the child.

Ruan Qishan’s eyes became warm, and he felt very fortunate that he had chosen the right woman back then.

Turning back around, Ruan Qishan continued talking to Wang Manpeng. “Afterwards, I definitely wanted to be business partners with your father, so we went ahead. Originally, everything was fine, until I realized that your father was importing smuggled goods. I was very angry. I believe that you can be sly and slick in a company, but you must not deceive people. This is related to a business person’s reputation. Afterward, your father begged me to give him one final chance and said that he would never do it again. I told him to return the smuggled goods and left the matter drop.

However, we soon began to receive complaints from customers. I found out that although your father had returned the smuggled goods, the new goods that were imported were counterfeit objects that had been sold with our company’s tag. I was unable to endure it and therefore, in my anger, set fire to the factory and all of the goods. Afterward, I dipped into my own pocket and compensated the clients tenfold. I parted ways with your father, and we went our separate ways,

One day, your father came to find me and asked to borrow some money. However, I rejected him. I didn’t want him to take the money and continue swindling others!

I soon found out that your father had committed suicide. I was astonished. Your mother came to the Ruan residence and made a scene. I gave her some money and told her to take good care of you and Mandy. Soon afterward, your mother also died. After the incident, I realized that your mother liked to gamble and secretly owed money. In order to help your mother settle her debt, your father had used the money the company set aside for importing goods. When the money wasn’t enough, he used counterfeit goods and substituted them for the shoddy goods.”

Wang Manpeng’s face twitched. “Ruan Qishan, I don’t believe a word you say!”

“fIt’s not up to you whether or not to believe it because I’m telling the truth!” Ruan Qishan calmly met Wang Manpeng’s gaze. “After the company collapsed, your family didn’t have any money and creditors would visit every day. Finally, your father was no longer able to handle the pressure and chose to jump. Originally, I thought that the money I gave your mother would be enough for her to live a plentiful life with you two. Who would have thought that your mother would first go off and pay off her debts and then continue gambling? In the end, she lost everything and was in a load of debt.

Although I don’t understand why your mother would leave a suicide note to mislead you, I think she must have hated me for parting ways with your father and for not lending your father money when he begged me.”