Chapter 1226 - : Exposed(4)

Following Old Lady Ruan’s orders, Big One walked forward and restrained Huang Ying and Xu Cheng. No matter how much the two people struggled, they were unable to break away from Big One’s grasp.

Small One respectively walked into Huang Ying and Xu Cheng’s rooms and brutally threw their things out.

Xu Cheng’s heart hurt immensely when she saw Small One uncaringly throw out all of the luxury goods that Lina had given her.

Big One grabbed the mother and daughter and pushed them out of the house. At this time, the slippers that Xu Cheng were wearing on her feet fell off.

Small One was still throwing out Xu Cheng’s luxury goods. Every time he threw one, Xu Cheng would shriek and immediately rush barefooted to go pick up it up.

Ling Tianya felt that Xu Cheng’s luxury goods, especially those couple of bags, looked familiar. They looked like the ones that she had accompanied Lina to buy last time.

Those bags were not cheap. Based on Xu Cheng’s economic power, she should not have the ability to buy these things.

Xu Cheng was not able to pick up the things faster than Small One threw them. In the end, Xu Cheng directly exploded.

How much pain she had to go through to get these things from Lina. In the past, she had never known what luxury goods looked like because she had never owned any before.

Now, she had finally managed to get some. Every day, she treated these things like treasures, and yet, the Ruan family was treating them like this!

“That’s enough!” Xu Cheng shouted at Old Lady Ruan. “Hurry up and tell them to stop! Stop throwing my things around!”

Old Lady Ruan coldly snorted. “Ignore her and continue throwing them out! I don’t wish to see their things appear in my house!”

Old Lady Ruan ignored Xu Cheng and ordered for Big One and Small One to continue throwing their things out.

Xu Cheng witnessed her designer shirt being thrown into the courtyard and being dirtied by the water on the ground. She had never worn that shirt and had originally intended to wear it to the welcoming party on Friday.

Eric had just parked the car in front of the door when he saw Xu Cheng, who was picking up her things barefooted and the equally exasperated Huang Ying in the courtyard. Just as he was going to go in and see what was going on, he saw Ling Tianya in the courtyard, and his eyes immediately darkened.

That idiot! Eric did not want to participate in the dispute between Xu Cheng and Ling Tianya. Even now, he could clearly remember how Ling Tianya had publicly humiliated him last time when they were eating at Mingxuan.

Therefore, Eric hid himself and observed the situation that was going on inside.

After almost all of Huang Ying and Xu Cheng’s things were thrown out, Old Lady Ruan told Big One to lock the house up and then left with Ling Tianya, without sparing another glance at the discomfited mother and daughter.

Eric finally walked into the courtyard after he personally witnessed Ling Tianya leave.

At this moment, the courtyard was a mess. Xu Cheng kept rushing to pick up all of those designer clothes and designer bags, still barefooted.

Huang Ying’s expression was just as dark and gloomy. She looked at the mess in the courtyard, her eyes filled with hate.

When she saw Eric, Xu Cheng immediately rushed over to him. “Why did you just arrive? We were bullied!”

“What happened?” Eric asked, pretending to be confused. In fact, he had only seen Xu Cheng and Huang Ying awkwardly getting kicked out but didn’t know what had occurred before that.

Xu Cheng picked up the dirtied shirt in distress and tightly grasped it in her hand as she dramatically told Eric everything that had happened. Then, she fiercely said, “I won’t let the Ruan family go! I won’t let any of them go! I will make them pay for humiliating me today!”

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