Chapter 2064 - Honey, I don’t think we look like a married couple (3)

Name:The 99th Divorce Author:Wan Lili
“We’re friends, after all. Come on, let’s attend the wedding.” Ye Qianqian glanced at him. “You’re a grown man. Don’t be such a petty spoilsport.”

“I said, I’m not going,” Shen Zhilie insisted adamantly, leaving no room for negotiation. “By the way, who is she marrying?”

“Oh, her colleague from the company she works in. He seems like a decent guy.”

“You’ve met him in person?”

“I’ve seen his photo.” Ye Qianqian folded her clothes neatly and laid them in the suitcase. “I still think he’s a nice person.”

Shen Zhilie scoffed. “You women always take advantage of decent men. What did these decent men do to deserve such indignity?”

Ye Qianqian was speechless. “Tongtong is also a prim and proper lady. She has never had a boyfriend before dating her husband.”

Shen Zhilie fell silent and helped her fold the clothes.

“What time is it? Why haven’t you left for work yet?” Ye Qianqian glanced at the time. “It’s already half past eight.”

Shen Zhilie stacked the folded clothes on the bed and leaned in closer to her. “Give me a kiss.”

Ye Qianqian resisted. “No.”

“Just a kiss, please.”

“No.” Ye Qianqian turned her head away scornfully and stuffed the clothes into the suitcase.

Shen Zhilie moved in closer. “I’ll kiss you then.”

He grabbed her by the chin and tilted her head to face him.

He aimed directly at Ye Qianqian’s face and planted a kiss on her lips.

Ye Qianqian groaned.

She felt her face losing its shape in his firm grip. She turned away again, but Shen Zhilie scooped her up and plopped her onto the bed.

Shen Zhilie pressed his body against hers. He grasped her hands tightly and kissed her all over intensely.

“Go away…” Ye Qianqian’s voice was muffled as she struggled beneath him.

However, she was locked in his vice-like grip, unable to move. Her attempts to break free were futile, so she eventually surrendered to him.

Just as Shen Zhilie was losing himself in his passionate kiss, she suddenly opened her mouth and clamped down on his lips.

Shen Zhilie winced in pain, still holding on for a moment before finally letting go. “Did you just bite me?” he gasped.

Ye Qianqian scoffed with an indifferent look on her face. “Hurry up. It’s time to go to work.”

“How dare you bite me?” Shen Zhilie gnashed his teeth and rubbed his hands together, a sinister, roguish expression on his face. He grasped her waist and shouted, “I’m not going to work today!”

Ye Qianqian shrieked gleefully, a smile playing on her lips. “Get lost, you pervert!”

“As if I care.” Shen Zhilie ripped her clothes off. “Here I come!”

Ye Qianqian held his head and teased, “In ancient times, you would have been imprisoned in a cage and drowned for indecency!”

Shen Zhilie grunted and started sucking greedily on her tender, fair skin.

However, as he was about to start canoodling her, he heard a clear knock on the door.

Both Shen Zhilie and Ye Qianqian froze and abruptly turned their gaze to the door.

The white door was left ajar. The knocking sound continued.

After a moment’s silence, Shen Luo’an’s voice was heard from behind the door. “Do you mind closing the door? The child is around.”

Ye Qianqian felt her face burn.

She kicked Shen Zhilie away and exclaimed, “You bastard! Why did you leave the door open?”

Shen Zhilie couldn’t remember whether he closed the door or not at all. He was jolted out of his raging desire by her kick.

He immediately got dressed and climbed out of bed.

Shen Luo’an was standing near the door. Shen Manting was blushing.

Shen Zhilie cleared his throat, embarrassed. He said awkwardly, “We were only fooling around. I’m going to work now.”

Shen Luo’an glared at him and retorted, “You should have left for work some time ago. You’re setting a bad example for the child.”

Nanny He was having breakfast nearby. She couldn’t help smirking wryly at him.

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