Chapter 269 - Blood type

After her car drove away, the man dressed in black adjusted his earpiece before informing the person from the other side about the situation. "Target just left the building, she isn't alone. Two cars are following them from behind, both belong to the guards."

"Great, initiate the mission, we have to get rid of her today. It's today or never," the man from the other side commanded.


Inside the car.

Ning smiled when she saw Suyan gently caressing her belly. "So, how does it feel being pregnant?"

"Well, I did not know that I was when I woke up today but it does feel weird even though I cannot feel anything. There is a baby growing inside me, isn't that amazing?" Suyan chuckled.

"It sure— woah." Ning stepped on the brakes when a van zoomed right beside her car at a very high speed, almost hitting it. Looking at Suyan, she inquired, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah I am, people really need to follow the rules and the speed limit," she frowned.

Starting the engine again, Ning helplessly shook her head, "Seriously, some people are always in a hurry."

Looking back, Suyan inquired, "These two cars have been following us for quite some time now, do you know them?"

Adjusting the front mirror of the car, Ning answered, "I think they are the guards, they are the only ones who follow me when I am out but they are not noticeable all the time so I don't know what is wrong today."

Meanwhile, the guards who were following them behind were in a state of panic. The two black cars which belonged to the guards were overtaken by two similar looking cars which didn't seem like a coincidence. The imposter cars were closely following Ning's car while the speeding can which had almost hit her car was now driving right in front of it.

The guards quickly called and informed their boss's about it while the drivers tried very hard to overtake those cars but no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't. The area was pretty crowded so they couldn't do much.


Inside Ning's car.

Looking at the black van which was right in front of them, Ning frowned, "Wasn't he in a hurry to go somewhere a few seconds ago? Why is he driving so slowly now?"

Just then, her phone started ringing but as she was about to pick it up, Suyan shouted, "Ning watch out."

Widening her eyes in shock, Ning quickly stepped on the brakes and stopped the car before it could collide against the van which had suddenly stopped in the middle of the three way road.

Scrunching her brows, Ning fumed, "What the hell is wrong with this driver?" Before pressing the horn as an indication for him to move.

Taking off her seat belt, she added, "I'll go and see what—" she stopped midway when she saw a fuel tanker truck coming towards them in full speed.

Without wasting any time, followed her first reflex and threw herself on top of Suyan.

The tanker truck collided against the car in full speed and the car skidded for a few metres before being hit by another car and crashing against the wall of the nearest shop.

The guards who had already jumped out of the car the moment the black van stopped, were taken aback and shocked. Everything happened within seconds before they could do anything.

The entire area turned into chaos, the ambulance was quickly called while several people started surrounding the car which had just met with an awful accident.

The guards quickly pulled Ning and Suyan out of the car in a half conscious state. Both of them were injured with Ning's injury being more severe and grave.

Just then, the ambulance arrived and both of them were rushed to the hospital.


In the hospital.

Ning and Suyan were quickly rushed to the emergency as soon as they were brought into the hospital. Yichan, Bojing and Guiren were the first to arrive followed by grandpa Yang, Mo and Chen.

Everyone was in a state of panic and anxiety, especially Yichan and Bojing. Grandpa Yang on the other hand was quietly sitting on the bench along with grandpa Mo who was equally worried for his granddaughter-in-laws.

Just then, the doctor stepped out of the emergency room.

Bojing and Yichan quickly approached him and inquired about their wife's condition. "How are they? Is everything alright?"

Before the doctor could say anything, Muchan stepped out of the emergency room. The doctor gave Muchan a meaningful look before rushing out along with the nurse to prepare for the surgery.

Looking at Bojing, Muchan informed, "Sister Suyan's condition is stable but we still need to run a few tests on her incase if there is some bleeding. She will be shifted to the room soon—" Turning towards Yichan, he explained, "Ning has lost too much blood, the doctor managed to stop the blood but she will need a blood transfusion. She has suffered from a severe head injury which will need immediate surgery. I'll accompany the doctor in charge and update you accordingly."

Patting Yichan's shoulder, he sighed, "Don't worry, everything is going to be okay."

Gulping in nervousness, Yichan leaned against the nearby wall and closed his eyes. He couldn't help but blame himself for whatever that had happened. He had failed to keep her safe when he had promised he would.

After sometime, others arrived at the hospital along with Roger. Meili quickly approached Guiren and asked him about the situation.

Pulling her into his embrace, Guiren tried to calm her down, "Don't worry, Ning is going to be okay."

Just then Muchan rushed towards them again. "There is a problem, we are out of O+ blood."

Scrunching his brows, Yichan fumed, "What do you mean by you are out of blood? This is such a big hospital and you are trying to tell me that you don't have blood?"

"We had to use our stock on another O+ patient this morning. If we order blood from the bank, it is going to take at least an hour, maybe someone from the family can donate," Muchan explained.

"Take mine, take all the blood you need," Yichan snapped.

"You are AB+ Yichan, we need O+ blood," Muchan answered.

"I am O+." Getting up, Grandpa Yang added, "Take my blood and save my granddaughter."

Helplessly shaking his head, he sighed, "Grandpa Yang you are old and also have a heart disease, you can't donate."

Rushing towards Chen, Yichan snapped, "You can donate Chen, you are Ning's brother—"

"My blood group is different, I am A+," Chen answered.

Balling his hand into a fist, Grandpa Yang gritted his teeth, "Call Weilong."


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