Chapter 438 - A Robbery

Chapter 438 A Robbery
These four disciples were truly useless.

He was an ordinary person, but he was so shameless to accept useless natives as servants and took them to the Divine Tomb to get the high-quality Taoist instruments they found in the city…

It was true that small figures didn’t deserve a huge stage.

The experts all disdained him.

They had already seen that Li Mu and Guo Yuqing were natives on this planet, which could be seen from their martial arts aura. Moreover, Li Mu was just a third-step Celestial Being. He was too weak.

The battle became more and more frantic.

These experts had unleashed their True Fire.

The four disciples were the weakest. Gradually, they were at a disadvantage and were losing ground.


There was a loud noise.

The hook-nosed man and the unibrowed man vomited blood and flew backward.

On the other side, the hot elder sister used palm techniques, then layers of palm prints rolled over like boundless jade butterflies. Each palm contained destructive power. The tall, thin disciple and his companions couldn’t bear it and were beaten to pieces and flew out like rag dolls…

“Hehe, a second-rate sect even dares to compete for the Fallen-soul Bell… Die.” The white-haired old woman’s killing intent surged and she waved her black cane in an attempt to kill the two.

They had to fight to the death for treasures. Since they had the upper hand, they had to kill them, lest there be other worries. After all, in addition to the Fallen-soul Bell, they had to fight for other treasures. Who knew if they would fight again next time?

Therefore, it would be best to solve the problem once and for all.

The sexy elder sister, with a smile, did not show any mercy, who also beat forcefully toward the other two disciples with a murderous look.


There was a loud explosion, and blood light burst forth.

It was the white-haired old man who blew up the sturdy man from the Devil Tribe with one punch, as if she had smashed a big watermelon with one punch, with blood splashing everywhere…

A beam of white light flew out of his broken body and landed on the little boy’s jade plate.

“Dammit, the warriors of the Sorcerer tribe in this world are too weak; they can’t withstand the power of the Jade Plate of Fate…” The little boy’s eyes were filled with anger and malice that didn’t match his age.

While speaking, the white jade disc in his hand flew out again and fell in the bodies of the two female warriors of the Sorcerer Tribe. Then, their eyes suddenly were frozen, and then they no longer seemed alive. Their bodies also swelled up, and their clothes were torn. Their whole bodies were full of muscles, without feminine beauty.

“Kill this big monkey for me,” the child roared fiercely.

The two female warriors immediately rushed at the white-haired old man with golden hoops without hesitation.

However, the old man shouted. After a punch, the two female warriors were blasted into a bloody mist.

“What?” The child was shocked, and his eyes were full of hatred.

He screamed, revealing his thin and sharp fangs like a beast. He roared, “Old monkey, you have been put on a gold hoop. Like your ancestor, you have removed your cultivation and become a pet. You still dare to offend me like this. Today I will kill you.”

This scream was almost piercing through people’s eardrums.

“Shut up. It’s too noisy.” A voice rang out.

Then, a short bell sounded.

The people in the Fairy Palace instantly felt dizzy and almost couldn’t stand steadily. They were shocked and retreated at once. Then, they all concentrated their attention and looked at the center of the hall.

They saw a figure in messy armor standing on the jade stone altar, holding the Fallen-soul Bell with one hand and wearing an irrepressible smile on his face. He almost burst into laughter.

It was Li Mu.

Everyone was stunned at that time.

“What’s going on?”

“When did a servant of the Hunyuan Sect go over there?”

No one had noticed it before.

Gosh. The Fallen-soul Bell had fallen into the hands of this slave.

“How dare you trick me?” The kid from the Sorcerer Tribe was exasperated.

The hot sister was also shocked. She pulled her younger sister to her side, who was waving a long knife to rush over to attack Li Mu. She looked Li Mu up and down. Only then did she realize that she had been tricked just now.

“Wow, elder brother, you are really insidious.” The girl sat back on the shoulder of the old man and looked at Li Mu with a smile. It was unknown whether she was praising him or ridiculing him.

The old woman glared. “Little bastard, how dare you play dirty tricks on me?”

“How can she curse me?”

At that time, Li Mu was unhappy and said, “I am playing tricks on me.”

“You’re courting death.” The woman was stunned and furious. Her figure rushed up like a flash of lightning, and the black staff shadows attacked Li Mu’s head.

Li Mu raised his hand and punched.

The fist penetrated through the shadows of the staff and hit right in the middle.


She only felt a huge force coming, and she could not control herself, like duckweed in a hurricane. She spat out blood and was sent flying.

The staff shadows dissipated.

The black staff was knocked out of her hand like a black lightning bolt and flew backward. It stuck into a stone pillar outside the main hall, with its tail shaking fiercely.

The other people, who were ready to take the opportunity to attack, gasped when they saw this scene.

“What’s going on?”

She could not be labeled the strongest one present, but she was definitely not weak. However, she was actually hit so hard by a punch that she flew out… He, with this kind of strength, would have the upper hand. He was quite terrible.

He disguised himself as a weak one for the purpose of defeating the powerful people.

Such a reversal, ugh, everyone felt that the evaluation of that girl was correct. This boy was really insidious.

The four disciples immediately stood behind Li Mu.

“Hahaha…” For some unknown reason, the four could not help smiling proudly.

They successfully attracted their attention and helped Li Mu get the Fallen-soul Bell.

At this point, even a fool could understand that the relationship between master and servant was totally reversed. The four were the real servants, and their masters were the two natives with tattered armor.

He had no choice.

“It’s better to get into the main position first.”

No one would have thought that the high-ranking disciples would be so well-behaved toward the two indigenous people.

“You…” the old woman was both shocked and angry, “who the hell are you?”

Li Mu laughed.

That was the second time this question was asked.

This time, without Li Mu’s explanation, the hook-nosed man had learned to answer directly, “He is an expert.”

The old woman: “…”

She felt that it was a mistake that she didn’t kill this hook-nosed man.

“You native, this bell is not something you can touch. You’d better hand it over.” The girl of the Sorcerer Tribe looked uncertain. She gritted her teeth and said, “Even if you get out alive, you won’t be able to protect this treasure. An innocent man will be guilty of harboring a treasure. You’ll be hunted until you die, and your family and friends will also be affected by it.”

“Big Brother, why don’t you give me this bell? I’ll trade you my red silk cloth for it.” The little girl smiled innocently and shook the red silk cloth in her hand.

“Little brother… I guess you are young, so may I call you little brother? I can exchange other treasures for the Fallen-soul Bell, which has a very important effect on me…” The hot sister, with a gentle smile on her face, tried to trade with Li Mu.

However, her younger sister, waving the long knife in her hand, was unusually tough. She shouted, “Sister, don’t talk nonsense with him. Let me go. I’ll go and chop him to death. I’ll take back the Fallen-soul Bell. Let me chop him to death…”

“Little sister, you are too polite.” Li Mu looked at the hot beauty and said with a smile, “We don’t need to share anything with each other. The treasure you have is mine. How could you exchange it with me?”

The sister: “…”

The younger sister: “Hey, elder sister, why are your things his? Do you know each other? Is he your boyfriend?”


The elder sister slapped her sister on the head, and then looked at Li Mu with some unfriendly eyes. “What do you mean?”

The old woman with the black cane sneered and said, “You brat, you will die, but you even dare to flirt with the famous fairy Bu Feiyan…”

However, Li Mu did not care about her, but just smiled at the sister and said, “Little sister, I’m sorry… Well, I’ll commit a robbery.”

Then, before the others could react, the situation changed and he yelled, “Don’t talk nonsense. Take out all your treasures, money, and weapons. I’m Wu Youren from the Heavenly Devil Sect. In principle, I’ll only take your wealth, rather than your life. But if you’re stubborn, you’ll lose both.”



The people in the Fairy Palace still thought that they had heard it wrong.

“He would steal?”

“Brother, you are really a bad guy.” The little girl laughed wildly and said, “You are a cute bad guy.”

The old man with golden hoops looked Li Mu up and down with a solemn look.

“I’ll chop you to death, bastard…” The younger sister, whose collar was pulled by her elder sister, couldn’t rush out, but only waved the long knife with a vicious look.

“Hahaha, I’m afraid you want to die.” The baby from the Sorcerer Tribe laughed sinisterly. “Steal from me? Are you crazy…”


Li Mu slapped the Fallen-soul Bell with his palm.

The bell rang and strange sound waves spread. Everyone felt dizzy. All of them were out of their wits and could not stand straight…

The sound of the Fallen-soul Bell rang, and the people in the world were all lost in it.

Just now, when Li Mu grabbed the Fallen-soul Bell and knocked on it for the first time, he perceived the power of the bell. The sound was so loud that he almost became dizzy. It was a completely powerful attack and a sharp weapon.

“Hahaha, let’s see how long you can hold on…” Li Mu laughed and slapped the Fallen-soul Bell hard.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

A strange bell rang in the main hall of the Fairy Hall.

The crowd swayed as if they were drunk. They felt limp and weak, and all fell to the ground, unable to stand up.