Chapter 1787 - The Old Master is Dying X

The white phoenix froze. It felt warmed as it looked at Suyi’s gentle face.

It turned out that… It was also important to Suyi.

Then, its efforts all along had not been in vain…


The white phoenix smiled. “We will leave together. If we have to die here, I will definitely die first in front of Suyi.”

However, as long as it was still alive, it would not allow Suyi to be injured.

Nan Fang’s face darkened. ‘Suyi is so gentle even to a phoenix, but why does she never smile at me?’

“Master, we can’t let her leave with Old Master Nan. Who knows where she is going to dump the old master’s body.”

“Master should not be kind with this disobedient and unfilial woman. Look, now she has caused trouble again.”

“And Young Lady Nan is such an ungrateful child! How dare she help Nan Suyi and this phoenix. She has forgotten who gave her a luxurious life.”

Nan Luo’s face changed slightly, and she lowered her head; no one could see her expression clearly at this moment.

Of course, no one had time to pay attention to her…

“Father…” Suyi looked at the old man lying on her back gently. “Don’t fall asleep yet. Don’t sleep at all. We will be able to leave soon. If you fall asleep… You might not be able to see them…”

Perhaps Suyi’s words had an effect, the old man on her back moved, but he still did not have much strength to open his eyes, and his coughing sounded somewhat exhausting.

After feeling some old man’s movements, Suyi carried the old man on her back and walked out again.

“I came back to take my father away. Whether you try to stop me or not, I will still leave this place with him!”


The white phoenix’s head felt better now and was not as painful as earlier since Suyi appeared.

It came down from the sky and landed on Suyi’s back. It gritted its teeth and said, “Suyi, come up.”

Suyi was silent for a moment. “Can you do it?”

“Suyi, I am a male. Of course, I can do it!”

‘For Suyi, even if I can’t, I have to do it.’

Suyi leaped onto the white phoenix’s back.

Nan Luo panicked. She rushed to Suyi’s side pitifully. “Aunt Suyi…”

Suyi pondered for a moment. “Bring her out of here and find a place to put her down. She has helped me, after all.”


Even though the white phoenix disliked Nan Luo, he would not go against Suyi.

However, it would not allow Nan Luo to sit on its back.

It stretched its claws and grabbed Nan Luo by her collar.

Nan Fang knew what they were going to do. His face changed dramatically, and he shouted sternly, “Surround all of them. No one is allowed to escape today!”

“Yes, Master!”

The elders swiftly rushed toward the white phoenix.

The white phoenix flew into the sky. It flapped its wings, forming a fierce wind around it…

Nan Luo was so scared that her face turned pale. She had never been in such a high place. Moreover, the white phoenix was only grabbing her collar. If she were not careful, she would fall to the ground and die. She closed her eyes and did not dare to look down…

All the elders swiftly rushed to the sky and surrounded the white phoenix.

However, the white phoenix ignored the people blocking it and continued to fly higher into the sky.

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