Chapter 1790 - We've Finally Met III

It had accidentally landed on Qing’er and hurt Xia Xia. Qing’er would never let it go…

Feng Ruqing turned and saw Suyi standing in front of her, shocked. “Suyi?”

So the thing that landed on them just now was…

Feng Ruqing turned her head slowly, and her eyes fell upon the white phoenix lying on the ground. Her face darkened.

“White Phoenix!”

This phoenix had almost crushed her beloved daughter. If this white phoenix had not fallen unconscious, she would have picked it up and beat it.


Her expression changed slightly when she noticed that the white phoenix still wasn’t moving. “Suyi, what’s wrong with this white phoenix?”

Suyi shook her head. “I’m not sure. Just now, it was flying fine. Then, it had suddenly become unconscious.”

Feng Ruqing frowned. She walked up to the white phoenix and touched the white phoenix’s head.

Her fingertips tingle and she quickly withdrew her hand…

“There is another spiritual energy inside the white phoenix’s head. Suyi, if it continues, I’m afraid the white phoenix will either become a fool or be controlled by someone. I will treat him first.”


Suyi nodded and looked at the white phoenix worriedly.

As Suyi’s eyes were still fixed upon the white phoenix, someone suddenly tugged at her dress.

Suyi lowered her eyes and saw a lovely little girl looking at her. Her expression softened a bit, and she slowly squatted down.

“Your name is Xia Xia, right?”

The little girl blinked and nodded. “Yes, Xia Xia is a nickname. My name is Nan Chiyou.”

Suyi’s heart softened.

She liked little girls, and this little one was so adorable that no one could resist her cuteness.

“Xia Xia, it’s the first we met. I’ll find you a gift later.”


Xia Xia smiled sweetly. Suddenly, she paused, biting her lip. “Will Grandmother forget me as Father did just now?”

“You’re not a boy. I won’t ever forget you!” Suyi raised her hand and caressed Xia Xia’s small head.

Her eyes were filled with this cute little girl, and she even forgot that the white phoenix was still unconscious.

Xia Xia exhaled heavily. “That’s good. Otherwise, Xia Xia would not dare to go out with Grandmother in the future. If Xia Xia is goes missing, Xia Xia will never see Mother again…

“Oh!” Xia Xia suddenly remembered something and looked at Suyi blankly, “If I were a boy, will Grandmother forget me?”

Suyi’s face stiffened and coughed awkwardly. “No… It doesn’t matter if Xia Xia is a boy or a girl, I will never forget you.”

Xia Xia smiled brightly, her eyes shining like stars.

“Wait…” Suyi stiffened, her face turned pale. “Where is my father?”

Nan Xin looked at Suyi indifferently.

He had forgotten his daughter, and Suyi had lost her father…

So, in the end, they were no different…

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