Chapter 107: Daddy Issues

The time was already 3 o'clock and students were now finally allowed to exit the school's premises.

"Did she get plastic surgery or something? Was she always that hot? And was her chest always that big?"

Natalia heard the many, constant, annoying whispers and rumours around her from the moment she got back to earth due to her enhanced hearing as she walked out of the school gates only to find 3 bodyguards waiting for her arrival.

"Young miss! Your father is very angry with you! He wants to see you right away!" A bodyguard said escorting her to a luxurious car that was not quite a limousine but really close.

"Fine, let's just get this over with Natalia said with a sigh," Following the bodyguard and entering her car before driving away from the school.

Natalia knew that such a moment would come and she had been preparing herself mentally for it.

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