Chapter 199: Scolding (3)

“You’re really outstanding. You just need to be confident. I believe that you can do it.” Xu Chengkun acted out a few scenes with Su Yaya and he knew clearly that she was very talented and a natural at this. As long as she seriously acted this out, she won’t be any worse than Chen Yan. He could feel the pressure coming from acting out the scene with her. In terms of the pressure coming from acting, it could help improve his own acting skills at the same time and make him better.

“Then I’ll believe you.” Su Yaya giggled.

Xu Chengkun also smiled, glancing at her admiring gaze.

Duan Xiaoyu brought water over and Xu Chengkun left with an excuse. Su Yaya and Duan Xiaoyu got together and started talking.

“Chen Yan was just scolded by the Director Zhou. It made me so happy just by looking at her. She deserved it!” Duan Xiaoyu said, “Sister Yaya, you acted very well. You were much better than Chen Yan. Continue to keep this up.”

Chen Yan bullied Su Yaya, so in Duan Xiaoyu’s eyes, she was a bad person. Su Yaya retaliated against Chen Yan using her ability and so, this was the best revenge towards those harboring malicious intentions. Duan Xiaoyu was happy for Su Yaya.

Su Yaya drank the water and smiled, saying, “I think I’m great too.” Chen Yan was scolded because of her and she felt really happy. She was even happier than if she obtained a large sum of money. Hehe…

Five minutes of rest time quickly passed. Everyone got in positions and started acting again.

This time, Su Yaya still acted regularly, but she stopped purposely stealing Chen Yan’s camera shot. She seriously acted out the lines in her script and fully expressed herself according to her understanding. She won Director Zhou Tongguang’s praise.

Meanwhile, as for Chen Yan, it might be because she was influenced in the beginning that she was unable to express her feelings to the full extent. Her performance was considered normal and reluctantly achieved the effect that Director Zhou Tongguang was aiming for.

Seeing that Chen Yan wasn’t in her right state, Director Zhou Tongguang sighed and shook his head. He waved his hands and let her pass.

Chen Yan was holding this grudge in her heart. She wanted to act to the best of her ability and surpass Su Yaya, but the more she thought about this, the more she wasn’t able to exhibit her normal skills. Even when Su Yaya wasn’t acting with her, she wasn’t able to act to the best of her ability. She had to shoot some scenes over, making Director Zhou Tongguang’s face darkened.

But every time Su Yaya was acting, she was able to pass successfully. Her expressions and lines were perfect, winning Director Zhou Tongguang’s praise. Even the staff surrounding them all thought that Su Yaya had great acting skills, surpassing the Film Empress, Chen Yan’s.

This doubled Chen Yan’s pressure and she made several mistakes in the next scene with Su Yaya. If she didn’t walk to the wrong position, she said the wrong lines. Once, she wasn’t even able to express her emotions and she couldn’t act, going blank when she tried to open her mouth. They shot this scene multiple times, but none passed. She was scolded by Director Zhou Tongguang again.

This time, Director Zhong Tongguang didn’t give Chen Yan face at all. He insulted her with offensive words. He said for her to leave the entertainment circle if she didn’t know how to act and she couldn’t even compare to a newbie. If she didn’t know how to act, then she shouldn’t. She shouldn’t come and ruin his work. He even said things like for her to get married and stay at home to look after her kids.

Chen Yan was speechless and her expression was numb. In the past, she would apologize to Director Zhou Tongguan when he scolded her and rest for a bit before shooting the scenes again. This time, she couldn’t even say a word. She didn’t know what was wrong with her. Su Yaya didn’t even cause trouble for her this time nor did she steal her camera shots, but she was unable to eat when she saw Su Yaya’s face and how she successfully finished her lines and displayed amazing act skills. It seemed like she didn’t know how to act and she always made mistakes.

Su Yaya could tell that this issue was caused because Chen Yan put too much pressure on herself. However, Chen Yan caused this herself and this had nothing to do with her. She didn’t want to pity her nor was she that kindhearted to pity someone who bullied her.

Seeing that this wasn’t going to work out and it was getting very late, Director Zhou Tongguang announced, “We’ll stop here and continue shooting tomorrow.”

When the director said this, everyone sighed. Chen Yan didn’t do a good job and this made Director Zhou Tongguang angry. Everyone was tense and scared that they’ll offend Director Zhou Tongguang by accident. Now that it was over, they could finally leave.

Chen Yan walked to the dressing room with a stoic face. When she arrived, she sat down and then glanced at herself through the mirror. She saw her tired expression and bloodshot eyes. She was tired and felt wronged. Even more, she couldn’t vent her feelings. She felt the same way that Su Yaya felt when she was beaten down yesterday. In fact, she was even more upset than Su Yaya.

Meanwhile, Su Yaya was laughing nonstop and enjoying herself!

The author has something to say:

Su Yaya: Beating down a bitch doesn’t require much effort!

Chen Xiuqi: My wifey is amazing~

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