Chapter 201 - Just Like A Couple (2)

Chapter 201: Just Like A Couple (2)

The elevator went up and stopped on the ninth floor. Su Yaya and Xu Chengkun walked out successively while their assistants followed from behind. When the two arrived at their doors, they said goodbye to each other.

Su Yaya entered the room with Duan Xiaoyu and then she sat down on a chair. She took out her phone and prepared to call Chen Xiuqi when his video call invitation came already.

“Xiuqi.” Su Yaya answered the call and seeing Chen Xiuqi’s handsome face appear on the screen, she called out first.

Chen Xiuqi seemed to be busy. The background was of his office and he raised his head to smile at Su Yaya. “Was filming successful today?”

Su Yaya nodded and said, “It’s pretty successful.”

Today, she taught Chen Yan a lesson and made her suffer, venting her anger from yesterday. She felt extremely happy and felt that today was the happiest of the days that she was filming.

Chen Xiuqi smiled and said, “It’s good that it’s successful.”

Su Yaya saw him looking at his computer from time to time. He seemed to be handling work, so she asked, “You didn’t finish your work?”

Chen Xiuqi answered, “I’m waiting for the subsidiary company abroad to send their financial affairs report over.”

Su Yaya replied, “They still haven’t sent the report over when it’s already this late?”

Chen Xiuqi glanced at the computer screen and replied, “They’re probably working on it right now. I have to wait for a while.”

“Is there an issue?” Su Yaya was a bit worried. Could Chen Xiuqi’s company have some financial issues?

Chen Xiuqi always acted casual. He smiled faintly and replied, “There are no issues. It’s just the usual seasonal financial affairs report. I’ll take a look at it when I receive it later.”

“Then that’s good.” Su Yaya sighed. She was pretty worried for Chen Xiuqi. He had to look after such a huge company. If something happened, it wouldn’t be good for him, but thankfully, in the original book, it didn’t say anything about Chen Xiuqi’s company encountering financial issues. His business has been becoming more prosperous every day and developing well too. Therefore, probably nothing happened and she was just overthinking.

At this time, Su Yaya heard a ding from the video call. As expected, they sent an email.

Without a doubt, Chen Xiuqi’s gaze was shifted to the computer and he clicked on the email with his mouse. When he saw the content of the email, he faintly knitted his eyebrows before quickly relaxing it. His handsome face became calm again as though nothing really happened.

“Is the financial affairs report ok?” Su Yaya subconsciously asked.

Chen Xiuqi turned around to look at Su Yaya and said, “It’s ok. There are just some small issues but the subsidiary company already handled it. I’ll take a closer look later on.”

Towards this kind of question. Su Yaya couldn’t help out much either. So, she could only say, “Don’t overwork yourself. Once you’re done with work, go home and rest early. Health is the most important.”

When Chen Xiuqi heard this, he lightly chuckled. “Are you worried for me?”

“Of course!” Su Yaya turned around to look at him as though he was stupid. “You’re my husband! Who should I be concerned for if not you?”

Chen Xiuqi looked at her from the video and said, “Yaya is great.”

Su Yaya pursed her lips and smiled. “You’re great too.”

When the two finished, they both laughed.

The two chatted like this for about half an hour before Chen Xiuqi hung up, having to handle work.

It was getting late. Su Yaya got up and took her clothes into the bathroom so she could shower and wash her hair. Duan Xiaoyu got the things she needed ready.

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