Chapter 876 - She Moved to the Guest Room

He Xiyan took the initiative to move into the guest room at night after asking Aunty Qin for directions.

The guest room was very clean; the bed sheets and blankets had just been changed and the room was spick and span as though someone had cleaned it. It didn’t look like a room that hadn’t been lived in.

Chen Jiahang and his father Gu Chengli drove more than 10 kilometers to pay a visit to his grandfather.

Chen Jiahang’s grandfather was already 91 years old and he was extremely emotional when he learned that his grandson was still alive. His grandfather wanted to rush over to see him immediately but he had a bad leg and had arthritis so he couldn’t afford to catch a chill. Thus, Chen Jiahang decided to pay him a visit along with his father after they had dinner.

He Xiyan did not agree to visit Chen Jiahang’s grandfather with him. She was willing to go with him but she knew that it wouldn’t be appropriate for her to go because of her awkward identity. She knew that Jiahang’s grandfather used to hold a high political position and was afraid that he wouldn’t like her.

She decided that there was no point going with Jiahang if she was only going to be standing awkwardly in the corner.

He Xiyan laid out the blankets as the night grew deeper. Then, she leaned against the bed and sat quietly as she held her phone in her hands. Her phone would beep occasionally with messages from the store, from Yuan Yuan, and also from Jiahang.

Chen Jiahang had just texted her and informed her that he was on his way back.

She merely sent back a short reply to acknowledge his message.

Then, she heard someone knocking against the door and got out of bed and wore her bedroom slippers as she looked at the door.

She guessed that it was either Aunty Qin or Jiahang’s mother since there weren’t that many people in the house.

She opened the door and saw that it was Jiahang’s mother.

Yang Yun smiled and the corners of her eyes crinkled, revealing her many wrinkles.

“Miss Chen…” Yang Yun still called her ‘Miss Chen’ although she knew that her name was Yan Yan.

He Xiyan pursed her lips together and smiled politely at her.

“Aunty…” she said.

Yang Yun approached her carrying a new set of pajamas that was dark brown in color. It didn’t look anything like the color that young people would wear.

“I noticed that you didn’t bring any clothes with you and I’ve only just purchased this set of pajamas not too long ago. I have yet to wear it and although the style is a little dated, it is very comfortable. Would you like to wear this?” Yang Yun asked as she placed the pajamas on the bed.

He Xiyan thanked her politely.

“You’re welcome,” Yang Yun said with a smile. Then, she pulled He Xiyan to the bedside.

“Miss Chen, Shaoqian has already told us about your relationship. I know that you’re a good girl…” she said as she patted her shoulder and continued, “Shaoqian is a sentimental person and I know that he must be deeply in love with you. He has even clearly told me that he wants to be with you.”

He Xiyan looked at Jiahang’s mother and pursed her lips into an awkward smile. She looked confused and a little embarrassed because she didn’t understand why Jiahang’s mother was suddenly bringing this up.

“Aunty, I have indeed been living with Jiahang, no, your son, for the past three years,” she said.

“I know,” Yang Yun said with a nod and a smile. She suddenly took He Xiyan’s hand in hers and patted her hand.

“Miss Chen…” Yang Yun said and barely perceptible look crossed her face as she said, “I don’t know how to begin telling you this but…”

“Go ahead, Aunty. It’s alright,” He Xiyan said with a smile. She could tell that Jiahang’s mother wanted to tell her something but didn’t know where to begin.