Chapter 1053 - Yan Yan, Do You Feel Unwell?

“Babe, is your mother still at the garage?” Ye Hao asked when he realized that Yan Yan was not with her.

“She went to park the car,” XI Xi said as she wrapped her arms around her father’s neck.

Ye Hao put his daughter down and walked toward the garage. He saw his ex-wife when he reached the doorway of the garage.

He Xiyan took one glance at him and turned away. She found him annoying and didn’t want to see him at all.

Ye Hao suddenly reached out and grabbed her hand.

“Yan Yan…” Ye Hao said as he blocked her way and saw her injured hand.

He was so anxious that he ignored her protests and stared at her hand that had been injured.

He could see the long scar on her hand.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He Xiyan said angrily and shook off his hand.

Ye Hao ignored her protests and grabbed her shoulders as he asked, “Yan Yan, have you felt unwell recently? For example, did you catch a cold, or show any symptoms of fever, rashes, or diarrhea?”

He Xiyan was speechless.

She glared at him angrily and said, “What’s wrong with you? It doesn’t concern you even if I had caught a cold.”

Ye Hao’s heart clenched, especially when she said that it didn’t concern him even if she had caught a cold. He was so anxious that his heart was in his mouth.

“Does that mean that you’ve felt unwell recently?” he asked again as he stared anxiously at her. He wanted to check if her complexion was normal.

He suddenly stretched out his hand and placed it on her forehead.

However, before he could complete that action, a loud slap landed on his cheek.


He Xiyan was livid and her face immediately flushed in her rage.

“Get lost!” she growled.

She wondered why this man was constantly hovering around her like a vengeful ghost.

How many times did she have to tell him that they no longer had anything to do with each other and should not get involved in each other’s lives?

Ye Hao froze and his cheek stung from the slap she had given him but he wasn’t angered by her actions because all he could think about was the information he had gleaned from the police station. The police had informed him that the man who hurt Yan Yan wasn’t out to rob her but instead, he had tried to transmit an infectious disease via her bloodstream.

He Xiyan ignored him. She walked around him and went into the living room. Then, she entered her room without having dinner and locked her door.

Since he was here to visit Xi Xi, she would let him see Xi Xi.

Xi Xi hugged her father and said sweetly, “Dad…”

Ye Hao’s worry was clearly reflected in his eyes. In fact, he looked even more worried than he did before.

He picked up his daughter and asked, “Xi Xi, do you know if your mother has felt unwell recently?”

Eighteen days had passed since He Xiyan had been attacked with a knife. He had even gone to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to find out more about the transmission of infectious diseases. The doctor told him that 70% of infected patients would start showing symptoms of fever, diarrhea, swollen lymph nodes, and others within the first 14 days. He had touched her forehead earlier to check if she was running a fever.

Xi Xi didn’t understand why her father was asking her such a strange question. She touched her head and said, “I don’t think so because I haven’t seen her taking any medication.” She answered in her sweet, childish voice.

Ye Hao was not reassured by her answer because the doctor had also informed him that there were some patients who didn’t show any symptoms at all and would feel completely well during the window period. This was why there were many people who didn’t even know that they had contracted the disease. They would only know after they did a blood test at the hospital.

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