“This… ” Di Qu was baffled. Just as he was thinking about which rascal was playing a rude prank on him, he saw Yan Junteng furrow his brows. “Young Master? ”

Yan Jun reached out to receive the injection of the drug. His sharp eyes narrowed.

“inform me immediately when she’s back. ”

After saying that, he took the drug, turned around and strode out of the door.

Di Qu,”…”

What happened to young master?

Who sent the drug?


Yan Jun directly drove to the suburbs where Wen Qing and Ben were.

When Ben took the medicine, he was so excited that his hands trembled. “How did you get it? ”

“Don’t worry about this for now. Is The medicine real? ” Yan Jun narrowed his eyes and asked.

“Wait. ” Ben Did Not Answer directly. Instead, he took the medicine to the experimental table next to him.

In order to help Ben take better care of Wen Qing and research the antidote, Yan Jun ordered someone to build a laboratory for him here.

Although the place was not big, the equipment was still quite complete.

After waiting for about thirty minutes, Ben Excitedly gave an answer, “it should be true! I’ll go inject AH QING NOW! ”

As he said that, he went to the room next door.

Yan Jun followed him.

In the spacious room, Wen Qing’s hair was disheveled and her face was Pale. She sat beside the bed in a daze. Her body swayed slightly, and her mouth was constantly muttering something.

Her eyes stared blankly at a certain place, empty like a doll.

Yan Jun knitted his brows tightly. Before he could ask what was wrong, Ben let out a long Sigh and explained, “the thunder was too loud last night. She screamed almost the whole night. Her blood flow increased, and her brain nerves were eroded even more severely by the poison. ”

Ben had made a guess earlier. If they could not get the antidote, Wen Qing would become a fool even if she managed to survive.

However, he did not expect Wen Qing’s emotional state to be so severe that her condition would worsen.

Fortunately, the antidote had been delivered. As long as Wen Qing was injected into the vein, she would slowly recover.

Ben took the needle and slowly approached Wen Qing. “Ah Qing, come, it’s time for the injection. ”

Wen Qing turned around and saw the huge needle in Ben’s hand. She panicked and resisted strongly. “No, I don’t want the injection, I don’t want the injection… ”

“Ah Qing, this is the antidote. You’ll get better after the injection. Be Good. ” Ben Coaxed her, his voice very gentle.

He had been seeing Wen Qing like this for the past few days, and his heart was bleeding almost every day.

If it was possible, he would really be willing to bear such pain for her.

“No! No! Go Away! Go Away! ” Wen Qing almost lost her mind. She punched and kicked Ben, who was approaching her, and every cell in her body seemed to be resisting.

“AH QING! ” Ben Wanted to hold her back, so he used more strength in his hands.

To Wen Qing, this strength was like a form of persecution and malice.

The defense mechanism in the bottom of her heart was activated in an instant. Her entire face tensed up, and her entire body was surrounded by a ball of black gas!

“I said no! ” She roared. Her eyes were red. She quickly raised her leg and kicked at Ben!

She used a lot of strength. Ben was kicked to the ground by her, but he did not care about himself at all. Instead, he desperately protected the injection in his hands.

This was the antidote that he had obtained with great difficulty. This was something that could save Wen Qing’s life. Ben Valued it more than his own life!

Seeing everything in front of him, Yan Jun’s deep eyes darkened. He took two quick steps and grabbed Wen Qing’s wrist with one hand, pushing her onto the bed. He then turned back to look at Ben. “QUICK! ”