“Has it been remodeled… ” Bi Yue was stunned. She suddenly didn’t know where to find her parents.

“Yeah, one of my uncles used to live there. He demolished three houses next to the city park. ” The driver was very enthusiastic and asked, “Miss, are you here to seek refuge with your relatives? Why don’t you try your luck in the neighborhood next to the park? ”

Bi Yue didn’t have anywhere to go. Hearing the driver’s words, she more or less had a direction, so she nodded. “Okay, sorry to trouble you. ”

“Hey, it’s no trouble. We sports cars often meet people who come from other places to look for their relatives… ” the driver said a lot of things on his own.

Bi Yue occasionally responded, but most of the time she was alone staring at the tall buildings outside the window, the lights shining brightly.

She couldn’t help but frown. In the past… … Were there so many tall buildings here ? ?

She couldn’t remember it clearly.

She couldn’t remember many things in the past.

After a twenty-minute drive, Bi Yue was sent to the front door of a small community.

When she got off the car, the driver was very enthusiastic and told her to ask the doorman. She might be able to find someone.

After thanking him, she got off the car and stood in front of the new high-rise building, lost in thought again.

In her memory, her parents’house was divided into units. It was a small building with a few floors. The neighbors got along well with each other and it was lively, but the things in front of her… …

While Bi Yue was lost in thought, a few young girls who walked past her looked at her a few times before whispering something. In the end, they walked directly to her side and asked in a low voice, “hello, are… are you Xia Jinqi? ”

Bi Yue subconsciously looked over. Before she could say anything, another girl was so excited that she almost shouted out, “it’s really you! Why are you here? SOB, SOB, I like you and Speaker Yan so much! ”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s so good to see you safe! ”

“WE’RE ALL YOUR FANS! You have to work hard! ”

“…”Bi Yue was completely stunned.

Facing so many fanatical fans, she felt extremely unfamiliar and terrified.

Because they were talking about Xia Jinqi and Yan Jun, and she… … was just bi Yue …

“I… ” She opened her mouth, but she realized that she couldn’t say a word.

The discussions that were getting more and more intense by the side came at her from all directions.

“during the previous riot, my mother was also at the scene. Although she was only slightly injured, she said that at that time, it was fortunate that Speaker Yan personally came to the scene and arranged for a lot of medical personnel to come over and save a lot of people! ”

“I also saw the news. I heard that the medical personnel, medicine, and temporary accommodation for the victims were all paid out of Speaker Yan’s own pocket! ”

“Speaker Yan, that’s great! ” “I thought that with such a big incident, our city would definitely be in chaos! ” “But I didn’t expect that on the second day, except for the heavily-hit areas, all the places had resumed normal traffic. The water and electricity were also repaired at the first opportunity! ”

It could be heard that these people said these words from the bottom of their hearts.

It was also because of Yan Jun’s good deeds that more people knew about the Yan family and Xia Jinqi.

Bi Yue was in a daze when someone next to her snorted. “exactly! With such a big incident, who knows where the President Lu Yiming who was supposed to be chosen went! I didn’t even see him show his face! ”

As soon as she finished speaking, someone immediately said, “SHH! Stop talking! I heard that they found out that he was the culprit in the valley’s skeleton case. He was caught at that time, and then there was a riot on the way, so he got away! ”

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