Gu Ruochu had almost used all her strength to get rid of him. She cried a few times but could not bring herself to cry. However, his face came closer and completely trapped her in a corner, pressing her against the wall.

Perhaps it was because the light was too dim, but she could see that the face in front of her was half-bright and half-dark, looking exceptionally handsome. Gu Ruochu’s heart skipped a beat, as if it was palpitating in an instant.

He pressed her against the wall and the breath that came out of his lips was very clear. His originally handsome face had an inexplicable sense of intoxication and there was even a smile on his face.

“Do you have to do this to be happy? If you continue to do this, I might really hate you and hate you. ”

Seeing that she was so angry that she was trembling, Huo Nanchen smiled faintly. He felt that he had never wanted her so much in his body before.

Every nerve in his body was telling him that he wanted her.

No matter if she loved him or hated him now, she could no longer stop him.

In the next moment, he finally got what he wanted.

“HMM… ”

“Then hate it. You hate a lot now anyway. ”

The consciousness in her mind was gone in an instant. Her hand could only hold onto his shirt, unable to say a word.

“I’m not willing to force you to be unhappy, but don’t provoke me too much. Since you’re still unhappy no matter what, why should I endure it? ” He kissed her lips There was no clear expression in his eyes “We had sex before. Why were you so unwilling just now? How badly did you cry? I’ve never seen you cry so sadly. Do you think that after the divorce, you’ll have to keep your marriage for your second love? Dream on! ”

“Hurry up. ”

She was forced to open her eyes. The moment she met his gaze, she was unable to regain her senses.

It was only when she felt something on her body that she slowly regained her senses. She wanted to move her gaze away, but she realized that he was forcing her to stabilize her chin.

His hand went through her hair, and he lowered his head to look at her face, which was gradually seeping with sweat. especially when his eyebrows were knitted together, the corners of his lips curled up.

“Baby, this is just the beginning. ”

“Don’t… ”

She didn’t say anything at first, and he didn’t force her either. Instead, he kept moving closer to her and kissing her affectionately. At first, she could not avoid him but now, she had given up.

Outside the cubicle, a woman’s voice suddenly rang out, “didn’t you say that Miss Gu was in the bathroom? Why haven’t I seen a single woman? ”

Gu Ruochu tensed up when she heard that someone had come. She heard the person on top of her Moan and let out a low and sexy voice.

She immediately covered his lips in fear of being discovered by the people outside, “Huo Nanchen, put me down, someone’s coming… ”

Gu Ruochu trembled as she tugged at her clothes. However, she realized that he had no intention of letting go of her.

Yue Yue waited outside for a long time before entering. Her eyes scanned the surroundings before she slowly walked in with a few women behind her.

“That’s right. Look, it’s all your fault for dirtying her dress just by cutting a piece of cake. I reckon that Miss Gu must be very upset that she did not show it in public just now. ”

“It’s not like I did it on purpose. I don’t think Miss Gu would mind. ”

The woman who had been reprimanded pursed her lips but subconsciously looked for her. “Let’s go in and take a look. Perhaps Miss Gu has had an accident. ”

Yue Yue saw that the woman’s expression was not quite right, so she knew that there might be an accident in this washroom. When she remembered that the man who had appeared earlier was no longer at the banquet, her heart skipped a beat.

“Okay. ”

A few people walked over.