“silly girl. ”

An SHAOSI’s voice became hoarse. He held the girl’s face with both hands and looked into her bright black eyes as he smiled gently. “Why are you so silly? If you miss your mother, I’ll accompany you back to watch. They won’t dare to make things difficult for you. ”

“really? ”

“Of course it’s true. In the future, if you want to rely on me, I’m someone you can rely on without restraint for the rest of your life. ”

His voice was very gentle, directly speaking into her heart.

“Young Master… ”

She practically threw herself into his arms, feeling both wronged and sweet.

She knew very well in her heart that if she did not have a little bit of blessings from her parents, she might really be sad.

A few days ago, she had just agreed to young master an’s proposal. Although it was only a verbal proposal that was not considered formal, she knew that he would not want anything less from her.

At that time, she had thought that her entire life had been ruined. Everyone hated her and abandoned her. Yang Ziyu even wished that she could not live in peace.

She had once thought that she was living in Hell. She had never thought that she would find such a man. She had never thought that she would rely on someone so much.

Now, she felt sweet, warm, and happy.

Since she had chosen him, she had never regretted it.

“when are you coming with me? ”

She rubbed against him like a puppy. In fact, she cared about her mother the most.

“How about this afternoon? ”

Yang Xi’s heart trembled. In fact, she was not mentally prepared to meet her mother.

However, this matter could not be delayed.

In particular, young master an did not want to continue dragging it out. He only wanted to complete the process as soon as possible and then formally marry her.

“Don’t be afraid. Just follow behind me when the time comes. ”

Thinking that the Yang family still had a “love rival” , it seemed like they had not faced each other for a long time.

He narrowed his eyes and hugged the woman in his arms even tighter.

Yang Xi leaned into his embrace and felt the corners of her mouth rising. For the first time, she felt safe and happy. She had never thought that she would be so happy again.

Although he was not a good person, he spread his wings of Sin and protected her completely in his embrace.

When Yang Xi was ready, he put on a very light make-up for himself.

An Shaosi had unknowingly stood behind her and looked at the woman in front of the mirror who was very close to him. He pinched her face and asked, “are you ready, Mrs. An? ”

“Don’t call me that. ”

She was obviously very happy, but she still had to put on a displeased expression. After she stabbed him in the elbow, she completely put on an act of duplicity.

An SHAOSI’s lips didn’t curve down. “I’ve already asked someone to prepare the present. Don’t worry, I’m here. ”

“Okay. ”

She curled the corners of her lips and suddenly tiptoed to kiss him on the cheek.

This was the first time she had taken the initiative to kiss him. An SHAOSI chuckled softly. Just as he bent down to continue the kiss, the girl smiled and pushed him away.

The two of them lingered in the bathroom for a while. Yang Xi smiled as she tried to hide. She turned on her phone and tried to call her mother.

She opened Gu Ruochu’s wechat and realized that she had not replied to her. She clicked her tongue wickedly.

This has been a long time.

She smiled wickedly and clicked on the news again. She realized that the news that had been on the headlines a moment ago had been removed. Even the keywords had been blocked.

“Who did this? They’ve completely blocked the news? ”

“Who else could it be? Of course it’s Huo Nanchen. ”

An Shaosi stood behind her and wrapped his arm around her waist. “It’s already been revealed that he’s having an affair in his marriage. Huo Nanchen would never allow his wife to be covered in dirt. ”