“Ruo Chu, he won’t trust you anymore. Even if you go back, he may not want you anymore. You might as well go abroad with daddy and enjoy yourself. ”

The fire in Gu Ruochu’s heart was burning again, but seeing his face, she no longer had the desire to hit him.

“I don’t care what you want to do, but you have no right to interfere in my life. ”

“Is that so? Since I can’t convince you, then don’t blame me for using force. ” Nan Yue’s lips curled into a sinister smile as a few men in black emerged from the darkness.

Gu Ruochu saw the men in black swarming over from all directions and sighed heavily in her heart.

Nan Yue may not know this, but she was no longer the Gu Ruochu of the past.

Back then, they had been separated from each other for more than three years because of him. Even now, the child still does not know who their father is.

It was all because of Nan Yue.

A bright light appeared in her eyes as she suddenly restrained the man in front of her and broke his arm in a rather violent manner.

The sound of bones cracking in the air made one’s heart tremble in fear.

She picked up a stone from the ground and smashed it viciously on the person’s head.

A blood-curdling scream rang out as the man in black who had been hit became even more vicious.

It was only a woman!

Gu Ruochu did not wake up the next day. Huo Nanchen knew that she had not been sleeping well. Now that she had finally completed her mission, he wanted her to sleep a little longer.

The other staff members also tactfully left.

It was almost ten o’clock when Huo Nanchen pushed open the door and entered.

There was no one on the bed. He looked around but did not see anyone.

He rushed over with a few steps and saw a letter on the table.

It was indeed Gu Ruochu’s handwriting.

There was only one sentence on it, “I’ve emigrated abroad. Don’t come looking for me again in the future. Consider this period of time as my compensation to you. ”

These cold words were very much like that woman’s style.

Huo Nanchen narrowed his eyes and suddenly felt a pain in his head.

This woman… …

He rubbed his forehead and immediately dialed special assistant Li Tezhu’s number, “I want to know Gu Ruochu’s address in thirty minutes. ”

Special Assistant Li had no idea what had happened. He had thought that Huo Nanchen would return with the young Madam soon. Who would have thought that something would happen to her.

“Alright, I’ll investigate immediately. ”

The man’s gloomy tone was almost like the prelude to a storm.

He hung up without another word and immediately called for someone to investigate Gu Ruochu’s whereabouts.

I wonder what’s wrong with this great aunt?

After hanging up the phone, Huo Nanchen felt as if his brain had exploded. It was as if he had recalled many things, but a vague memory flashed through his mind.

He remembered that their previous relationship seemed to be very bad and they would always quarrel.

He remembered that he seemed to have always had a crush on her, but for some reason, his mind was filled with images of her cold side profile.

She had abandoned him once again.

Huo Nanchen felt a little bitter in his mouth, but more than that, there was an air of madness.

She still wanted to abandon him again… …

How could this be possible?

He rubbed his head, which was about to explode, as he called young master an.

“What did you say? Gu Ruochu has disappeared again? ”

An Shaosi was listening to Huo Nanchen’s voice, which sounded very strange. He immediately replied, “where are you now? I’ll be right over. ”

“I’ll send you a location on Wechat in the place where they’re filming. ”

Huo Nanchen had never felt so uncomfortable before. It was as if every inch of his brain was being corroded by something. It was extremely uncomfortable.