“Why? Are you afraid of poison? ” The old man glanced at the two of them and picked up the tea in front of him and drank it.

He used his actions to tell Sheng Fenghua and Si Zhanbei that the tea was not poisonous.

Seeing that the old man had drunk the tea, Sheng Fenghua and Si Zhanbei still did not move. They only looked at each other indifferently. The old man drank a few mouthfuls of tea and put down the cup. Then he looked at the two of them and said, “aren’t you two quite brave? Why don’t you dare to drink a cup of tea? ”

“We are brave, but we are also afraid of death, ” Sheng Fenghua replied indifferently. The old man in front of her was unfathomable. Even if she and Si Zhanbei combined, they might not be able to win against him.

Moreover, Si Zhanbei had been poisoned previously. Even if she did not see clearly what the person who saved the leader of the Gu family looked like, she still intuitively believed that it was the old man in front of her.

“afraid of death? ” The old man laughed. He looked at Sheng Fenghua meaningfully and said, “It’s good that you are afraid. ”

“Master, a wise man doesn’t beat around the Bush. If you have something to say, just say it. We’ll listen. ” Sheng Fenghua spoke again. She did not like to wait, and she did not like to waste time.

“You’re not cute at all. Why are you in such a hurry? Are you rushing to be reincarnated? Don’t worry, you won’t die yet. ”

As soon as these words were said, Sheng Fenghua and Si Zhanbei’s expressions turned ugly at the same time, and they became secretly vigilant.

“Look at you guys. Are you anxious? ”

“Don’t be anxious, don’t be anxious. We have plenty of time. ”

The old man said a few words to himself, then his gaze fell on Sheng Fenghua and asked, “you are ye Mubai’s granddaughter, right? ”

Sheng Fenghua looked at the old man and didn’t say anything. She didn’t know who ye Mubai was at all. It was also the first time she heard this name, so her expression was a little confused.

Seeing Sheng Fenghua like this, the old man laughed and said, “you don’t know who ye Mubai is? ”

“I didn’t know before, but now I do. ” The old man had just said that she was Ye Mubai’s granddaughter. It was obvious that Ye Mubai was her cheap grandfather.

It seemed that the master in front of her knew his grandfather. As such, the intuition in Sheng Fenghua’s heart grew stronger. That was, the other party was very likely related to the extermination of the Ye family.

It seemed that the leader of the Gu family wasn’t the only one who would exterminate the Ye family. The master in front of her was definitely involved.

“HEHE! ” The master laughed and stared at Sheng Fenghua for a while before continuing, “the Ye family has a treasure that can bring back the dead. You probably don’t know about it. ”

“I’ve heard of it, ” Sheng Fenghua replied indifferently. The leader of the Gu family had mentioned it before, so she had heard of it.

“You must be very curious about what that thing is, right? ” The master looked at Sheng Fenghua as if he knew what she was thinking.

However, Sheng Fenghua sneered “I’m not curious. What is that thing? Bring back the dead? Master, you must have read too many novels. How can there be anything that can bring back the dead in this world? If there is such a thing, that person wouldn’t have to die, right? ”

“It seems that you don’t believe it. ”

“Of course I don’t believe it. ”

However, the master’s expression suddenly changed, and he said sternly, “but I believe it, because I’ve seen that thing bring a dead person back to life with my own eyes. ”

As he said that, his eyes became profound, as if he was recalling something. As he recalled, the expression on his face kept changing, which was a bit frightening.

After a long while, the master came back to his senses. He put away the expression on his face, looked at Sheng Fenghua coldly, and said, “I heard that that thing is on you? ”