"Yes, Xander we weren't abandoned. We were left behind in order for them to save Nathalie," Timothy said.

He then looked at Ashton.

Understanding this look Ashton sighed.

"They intended to take you, all three of you and use this as a chance to start anew outside of the empire. But Patrick Price wouldn't allow them to do so. Either they save her or all of you were to stay within the empire."

Timothy had this inkling upon knowing the reason why they left. That there has to be another story.

Xander once again run his fingers through his hair.

All his beliefs crumbled just like that.

The feelings he had been suppressing all these time.

The pain and sadness, after they disappeared just like that, that he covered up with his hatred, burst out just like that.

The same as when Timothy found out everything, the pretend hate have disappeared into thin air.

And just as how they felt when they first found out that they were left behind, sadness and pain came shooting through their hearts.

"They had to make a choice and they chose to leave you in order to find a way to save her. They could have returned for you once they have saved her but why did you think that they didn't?" Ashton asked once again.

"Because of the assassination attempts," Timothy was the one who answered.

Ashton nodded, "Then if they died before they could reach their destination and the promised place, how come it was still fulfilled."

This time Timothy looked at Xander, he wanted him to digest this so he has to answer this one.


Xander answered in a low voice, he was on the verge of tears.

He slowly looked up at Ashton, "She… She went and fulfilled the promise. But what happened between… between the time of the accident to when she met you?"

"What did you hear?" Ashton looked at Timothy.

"Only knew..." he cleared his throat for his voice cracked up.

"That she was the one who buried them."

Xander looked at him with devastation.

"Indeed, as they were on their way to the promised place, another assassination attempt and this time it had succeeded. Your father did his best to get the car as far as possible despite his wounds."

"Your mother covered your sister, covering her from all the gunshots. When they were far enough, your father no longer has the strength to keep going, he could only hit a tree in order for the car not to fall off the cliff."

Xander and Timothy's tears came as they listened, listened to the tragic end of their parents.

"They brought with them a clone that has the same DNA as they are. This is the reason why up to now, no one was searching for your sister. The reason why she was able to give them a proper place to rest."

"You were saying that having just come out of an accident,s he still did her best to bury our parents?" Xander asked.

He no longer finds it hateful to call them his parents.

They after all left for their beloved sister, what more could they ask for?

All of them have Nathalie as the apple of their eyes. Small wounds on her body would hurt them as much as their parents. What more if it was during her attacks back then?

"Indeed, in that stormy night, she did her best to have your parents be buried properly. All on her own, with her own hands."

He has no desire over sugar coating everything. If possible he wanted them to feel as much guilt as possible.

She had lived almost her whole life carrying this, at the very least despite them having no fault in this, he still wanted them to feel guilt.

Amber would surely get mad at him for this but she still suffered because of them, whether directly or indirectly.

"Then she walked for two days I n order to arrive to where they were supposed to be. She steeled herself and made a deal with us, not for herself but to get back at the people who caused her parents their lives."

"And… that deal… is?"

Xander blinked and started having difficulties in breathing. The idea instantly appeared in his mind when he heard that she made a deal with them.

And the person who appeared beside Ashton and his family after the promise was fulfilled.

His hands were trembling as he took uneven breaths.

~"You should just hate the reason, not them."~

Once again these words repeated in his mind.

"To hate the reason, to hate the reason," he repeated.

He looked at Timothy and seeing his look, he knew he got it right. He knew the person in his mind was the person they have been thinking about all these time.

"No… no… that's impossible… this is… this is..." he tried reasoning out but still.

"She watches over you, she loves watching over people. Of all the people in this world, considering that your parents were no longer here. Who will have the guts to storm inside a building filled with enemies in order to save you?" Ashton kept going.

Xander covered his face.

The relief her eyes showed upon seeing them.

The trust of Timothy when they were following her.

The way Timothy knew of her despite her disguise.

And most of all the way she saved them despite being strangers to her.

He should have known with that.

There is surely only one person who would do that for them, it was none other than Nathalie herself.

Their beloved sister, their one and only sister.

Xander cried even more because of this realization. Timothy who had cried already because of this in front of Alissa has his head bow down.

He was still crying but not as much.

Liana once again came in and brought them some water before leaving the room once again.

Kyle looked at the brothers with sadness in his eyes.

It already hurt him seeing how much Ashton was stepped on as he grew up, it hurt him seeing how much Ashley had been in pain for three years.

He couldn't imagine what Nathan felt when he had to leave his two children while watching his youngest crying out in pain because of her sickness.

Even to receive the hatred of his sons while trying to save the life of another and trying to runaway from the ones who wanted them dead.

Kyle knew he would never understand just how much pain Nathan had been through.

Both he and Liana would never understand the feeling of Nathan and Sarah, even though their children have faced hardships and sufferings. Somehow they couldn't use it to say that they understood them.

Xander's cry was what revolved around the four of them. Ashton could only watch, making them feel guilty was already more than enough, he also knew that this is not what Amber would have wanted.

It's just he couldn't help himself but to let them feel what she had felt all this time as she watched them from afar.

"She wanted us to hate her, that's what she meant by her words when she said that we should hate the reason, isn't it?" he asked Timothy who was sitting beside him.

"She wanted our p- pa- parents to finally rest in peace and would rather receive our hatred," he answered.

"She provoked me before I found out, telling me that it was because of Nathalie that they left. Telling me to hate her instead of our parents, yet I just got mad at her."

Timothy continued remembering the time he lashed out at her in Jake France's office.

"I should have felt it back then, she was so sure of her information as if she experienced it first hand. I should have known that it was not an as if, but instead it was because she really did experienced it firsthand."

Xander suddenly laughed, "We keep saying that we cared for her but we had been hurting her all these time. How stupid could that be?"

Timothy had nothing to say to this for the time he spent with her, he had been lashing out at her over his sister that was right there in front of him.

Kyle and Ashton remained silent as the two brothers tried their best to digest everything that had been revealed to them.

Timothy hasn't truly digested this yet because of what happened to Xander so his mind was whether they would survive or not.

And during that time all he wanted was to meet her again, to see her as Nathalie and not as Amber.


Just then all four of them heard her painful shout coming from the room where she was supposed to be resting.

Ashton instantly sprinted to the room while Xander and Timothy who was still on the process of digestion followed suit after snapping out of their thoughts because of Ashton's actions.