126 A skill not from this world

Lucas had no idea how many days had gone past since Mortem had taken over his body. Although Lucas was able to leave the dream world he was currently in, each time he left it and saw his body being controlled by someone else, he hated it.

Rather than spending his time looking at someone control his body, Lucas had spent every second training. The dream world had remained the same as when he had first arrived. A dead wasteland with no life, rivers made of lava and the purple sky above.

It was hard to keep track of a place like this when it always seemed like it was night time. However, there was one thing that kept Lucas going. Each night when Mortem would go to sleep. Her real form or spirit would enter the dream world.

Lucas took this as an opportunity to challenge her nearly every single day. Although Lucas lost each and every single time, he was slowly learning. He had changed from his Katana blade that he once used and had started using the Scythe similar to Mortem.

If he wanted to beat her, he needed to learn everything about how she moved and attacked and through habit, Lucas was getting the hang of using the scythe. All he needed was a little more time and soon he felt like he would get his body back.


Inside Alex's house, the group were ready to watch the game and were getting excited, but they noticed that the atmosphere in the arena had changed as soon as Lucas had entered the room. The cheers were louder than any they had ever received and it was a bit overwhelming.

"Hey so, who exactly is this Lucas person, is he good?" Ashley asked.

"Good is an understatement," Alex replied, "Not only is he already at the professional level but he's also the son of the number one player in the world. Some say even if he was to play against the pro's now, he would be able to at least join a mid-tier team."

"Seriously he's that good." Ashley replied, "I guess Westgate have this one in the bag."

"Not exactly," Alex replied. "Although Westgate are the favourites to win the tournament this year, that wasn't always the case. The team there going up against are Eastwood, they won the county tournament last year and were the favourites to win."

"Wait they won last year!" Scarlett said, "Then what changed why is Westgate suddenly the favourites."

"That's because of the very person you guys are all looking at now. A lot of people didn't expect Lucas to enter the tournament. Lucas was already treated like a pro and playing in a match like this one would only be seen as bullying. So as soon as Lucas had joined Westgate, they had become the favourites. That's why all the news surrounding Novis spread like wildfire, it finally makes sense if Lucas wanted to take revenge why he would enter the tournament."

After finding out about Novis beating Lucas, Novis had told them all the same thing he had said to Bill. That it was a teaching game and it actually held no importance. It was easy for them to believe after all the media always seemed to blow things out of proportion.

"Now pay attention guys." Alex said, "This is the first time we will be seeing Lucas play in this tournament, So far he hadn't entered any games."

Each team was allowed a total of three substrate players. In the Finals and pro games. Matches were a best out of three. During each game, teams were allowed to substitute as many players as they wanted for strategy.

As the game was about to begin, everyone was focused. All the attention was focused on one person and that was Lucas. Even Josh and Cindy couldn't help but constantly talk about him.

Finally, the match had started and each person had selected the warrior but what they saw had completely shocked them.

"Can you believe this? It looks like Lucas has changed his choice of warrior." Josh reported.

"Yes, results have shown during all his time he has stuck to the same warrior his father played, named Mu samu. Why do you think the sudden change?" Cindy asked.

"I'm not too sure myself but maybe it has something to do with the rumoured loss. To be honest, I have always felt that Lucas was just a good imitation of his father, he didn't have his own style. I will be interested to see how Lucas will perform with this new warrior."

The match had started and Lucas immediately headed to his position in mid. He was going up against Eastwood's best player who used the Mu samu warrior. He was Eastwood's captain and was currently ranked diamond, the highest-ranked player besides Lucas in the tournament.

"Now this will be interesting to see," Josh said, "It couldn't have been too long since Lucas has changed warriors, so he shouldn't have had much time to adjust to all the quirks of his warrior. While Luke, Eastwood's captain has managed to ride up the ranks only using Mu samu."

"Yes, looks like this will be an interesting fight to see, and I wouldn't say Lucas will win this one easy," Cindy added.

As Mortem reached the centre of the map, she could see her opponent in front of her.

"It looks like this match is being broadcasted to the outside world." Mortem said, "Perhaps I should send a message to anyone out there."

Mortem then slowly walked to the centre where the two teams NPC knights were battling it out. Meanwhile, Luke was being cautious making sure to stay just out of distance behind his knights.

"To anyone out there who is a part of Snake Bite, this is my message to you all." Mortem then lifted her scythe into the air and swung it out sending a strong force of sword energy.

The people watching live on screen and at home didn't have a clue what had just happened, because, with a single swing, they had seen Lucas take out all twenty of the NPC Knights including his own.

Arthur watching the match and had one thought.

"It was a skill not from this world."


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