893 893、The Birth of Lover From Pastlife

"AHHH!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Screamed Lu Zhaoyang at the top of her lungs as she felt she was offering to a certain forbidden ritual—confined and in agony, clenching her fists and shaking her head soaked in her sweat.

The screams agitated Huo Yunting. He began pacing back and forth by the door.

Lu Zhaoyang never imagined it would be so difficult and painful to deliver a child. It was even worse than the time she had Xuxu!

"Mrs. Huo, don't give up! The baby is coming out soon!" Shouted both the doctor and the nurses holding her trembling arms as they watched her panting, grinding her teeth and about to pass out anytime.

"Press it! Mrs. Huo! Force it out! You can do it!" Those were the only verbs inside her head by then—force out everything!

"We got it!" The baby came out as the doctor announced in relief and Lu Zhaoyang smiled briefly in her tousled hair before passing out. The doctor was quickly surrounded by the nurses as they started wiping bloodstain off the baby but to their horror, the baby was quiet.

The baby's eyes were closed. As many soap stands had educated before, a silent baby would not be a good baby. If without the occasional moan and faint breathing, people might have thought the baby was dead.

The doctor took a look at the baby's crotch to determine the gender before exiting the room after wrapping the baby up carefully with a cloth.

"Doc!" The people surrounded the doctor.

"How's my wife? Is she okay?" Asked Huo Yunting.

"Is our child fine?"

"Mr. Huo, your wife passed out during the process. It's normal among mothers during delivery. She will recover in no time. Also, congratulations, you have a daughter now, Mr. Huo. She is a little weak, however. We have to keep her at an incubator for the moment."

Huo Yunting was relieved at first but the word incubator was terrifying to his ears.


"C-calm down, Mr. Huo. As long as your daughter gets properly taken care of, she will be fine, just like other children."


The terrified doctor then hurriedly brought the baby to the incubator.

It was a both-mother-and-baby-safe delivery after all. The baby might be weak but it was still manageable. People were relieved, "Well, congratulations on being a father again, Huo Yunting," said Huo Chen as he had a handshake with Huo Yunting.

"See, everything is fine, Huo Yunting," said Wen He.

"Congrats. It's a daughter too. Now you can rest your pole in peace!" Said Yan Se smiling. "Well, we have to go now. The newlyweds have plenty of work to do."

And they left.

Huo Yunting was sitting next to Lu Zhaoyang's bed, feeling the urge to tell her the good news the very second she woke up.

An hour later, she opened her eyes, Huo Yunting grabbed her hands, "The baby is okay, are you okay?"

"I'm okay." Lu Zhaoyang tried getting up but she was too weak to do so.

The man giggled, "Good. We will check out our daughter in two more days."

"Okay." She smiled too before frowning again, "Geez, your prophecy came true. Your little girlfriend did arrive."

The statement made the man raise his brows, "Well, blame you for not being my little girlfriend in past life."


I can't argue with that. Daughters are known to be the father's lovers in previous incarnation.

Three days later, Huo Yunting, Xuxu and her visited the incubator to have a look at the baby girl. She imagined her to be at least plump, only a bit pale but the reality almost shook her into tears. The baby girl was puny, clearly underdeveloped, her skin was yellowish and her cheeks were slightly sunken.

She rested her head against the glass window, "Why is she so—thin?"

That looks seriously unhealthy to me!

Huo Yunting took a closer look at the other children.

"Well, it's fine. She's just a little, tiny weeny bit thinner than other kids. She will be fine," said Huo Yunting.

Daddy will give you the best of everything! Promise!

Lu Zhaoyang felt better after hearing his words.

Well, that was all about the baby. She was newly born. Nothing much to comment on her looks.