Lin Mengmeng’s gloomy mood was instantly swept away. She smiled and glared at the father and son. “You two really have nothing better to do. ”

Only then did Baili Chuan Stop His movements. He looked at Lin Mengmeng with a face full of sweat and said, “yes, we father and son are really too lonely. Honey, do you want to join us? ”

Lin Mengmeng hurriedly shook her head. If she did a roll, her waist would definitely be broken.

The difficulty of the movements was too high for her.

Meanwhile, Lin Ze had already clapped his hands and said, “okay, okay. Daddy, I agree to let Mommy Go. ”

When Baili Chuan heard this, he raised his eyebrows and said in a low voice, “let Mommy go? ”

Lin Mengmeng was still a little stunned. When she suddenly heard Baili Chuan say this, she knew what Baili Chuan was thinking in his heart. Her face instantly turned red. She smiled and glared at Baili Chuan and said, “Baili Chuan, what are you thinking about? ”

This man, could he be so bad.

“I’m not thinking about anything. I’m just thinking about what kind of position to let my wife Go. ” Baili Chuan said as he already carried Lin Mengmeng.

Lin Mengmeng screamed as she was carried by Baili Chuan, “Baili Chuan, let go of me… ” Lin ze was still here. Did this man have to be so careless.

Baili Chuan’s magnetic voice rang out, but he said in a very low voice, “wife, I’m just putting her in. What are you thinking about? ”

Lin Mengmeng’s face immediately turned red. Baili Chuan was clearly thinking about nonsense and was still talking about her. Lin Mengmeng was about to glare at Baili Chuan when she let out a scream. Baili Chuan had already caught her off guard He flipped her over.

Lin Ze was no longer doing somersaults. He clapped his hands excitedly and said, “daddy is great, MOMMY IS GREAT! ”

Lin Mengmeng was so scared that she almost choked. She was about to glare at Baili Chuan when she suddenly saw Lin Ze’s excited look. Lin Mengmeng’s eyes suddenly flashed with brilliance.

It seemed that ever since she got back together with Baili Chuan, Lin Ze’s personality had become much more cheerful. In the past, Lin ze did not smile when he saw people. Now, he liked to smile more and more.

Seeing Lin mengmeng staring at Lin ze in a daze, Baili Chuan had already reacted. His slender arms wrapped around Lin Mengmeng’s waist from behind and placed his head on Lin Mengmeng’s neck A scorching hot breath sprayed into Lin Mengmeng’s ears, and he said with infinite satisfaction, “wife, don’t you feel that our son is getting cuter and cuter? ”

Lin Mengmeng smiled and nodded.

That person maintained that position and hugged her, while Lin ze played for a while before picking up his toy and starting to play.

Seeing Lin ze happily playing with his toy, Lin Mengmeng’s face was full of satisfaction.

Baili Chuan had already buried his head in Lin Mengmeng’s neck, and his voice suddenly had a trace of fluctuation as he said, “wife, our wedding ceremony hasn’t been completed yet. ”

Upon hearing this, Lin Mengmeng immediately turned her head in shock. She looked at Baili Chuan and nodded, “Yes. ” The previous matter, because of her brother-in-law’s matter, their wedding ceremony was all messed up. The final ceremony hadn’t been completed yet.

“honey, anyway, the ceremony is just like that. I’m also afraid that you’ll be tired. Why don’t we start the vacation mode? ” Baili Chuan asked Lin Mengmeng for her opinion.

Upon hearing that it was a vacation, Lin Mengmeng’s eyes immediately lit up as she said, “okay, let’s bring our precious son on a vacation together. ”

When he saw the girl’s sparkling eyes, Baili Chuan was immediately attracted. Moreover, the unique fragrance on the girl’s body made it even harder for Baili Chuan to control himself. “honey, why don’t the two of US start the dog abuse mode now? ”

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