“What do you mean by dog abuse mode? ” Lin Mengmeng was still a little confused.

“You don’t understand? ” Baili Chuan suddenly picked up Lin Mengmeng and said, “their dog abuse mode is outside. Let’s go and do something new. Let’s go to the bedroom. ”

As he said that, he picked up Lin Mengmeng and walked upstairs.

Lin Mengmeng instantly reacted. She knew what Baili Chuan meant. Just as she was about to resist, Baili Chuan reminded her in a low voice, “honey, if you keep moving around, I can’t guarantee that the gun won’t go off here. ”

When Lin Mengmeng heard this, she suddenly felt that a certain someone had swelled up tremendously. Her face immediately became hot and she didn’t dare to move around recklessly.

When they reached the bedroom, Baili Chuan placed Lin Mengmeng on the bed and impatiently pressed her down. Lin Mengmeng also knew that Baili Chuan had been extremely repressed during this period of time. Moreover, Baili Chuan was also a normal man, it was impossible for him to not have needs.

The original resistance was gone. Lin Mengmeng reached out her hand and took the initiative to wrap her arms around Baili Chuan’s neck. Then, she put her lips up. Baili Chuan was just about to kiss Lin Mengmeng when he stopped. Following that, when he saw Lin Mengmeng taking the initiative.. He couldn’t wait to kiss her.

Just when the two of them were passionately kissing, suddenly, Lin Mengmeng’s phone on the bedside table rang. Lin Mengmeng’s emotions were interrupted. Baili Chuan was about to continue kissing when Lin Mengmeng reached out her hand to stop him Lin Mengmeng said mischievously, “Hubby, I’m going to take a call. We’ll continue later. ”

Could this kind of thing continue later Baili Chuan looked at Lin Mengmeng with a bitter expression. Lin Mengmeng had already picked up the call. The call was from Jian Xiaomo.

“Mengmeng, what are you doing? Can you come out for a while? ” Jian Xiaomo’s voice was filled with anxiety.

Lin Mengmeng heard Jian Xiaomo’s anxious voice and knew that something must have happened over there. However, when she thought of Baili Chuan, Lin Mengmeng felt a little awkward. She could not help but look at Baili Chuan. Baili Chuan immediately waved at her, indicating that she should not go out.

Lin Mengmeng was in a dilemma.

“Mengmeng, do you have something to do? ” Jian Xiaomo asked again.

Lin Mengmeng knew that unless Jian Xiaomo had something to do, she would not let her go out with him.

She looked at Baili Chuan with some difficulty, then gritted her teeth and said, “Xiaomo, where shall we meet in twenty minutes? ”

Jian Xiaomo’s face immediately revealed a pleasant surprise when she heard that and reported a place.

Lin Mengmeng turned off the phone, then looked at Baili Chuan with an apologetic face. Baili Chuan was already lying on the bed with his back to her, looking very unhappy.

Lin Mengmeng walked up to him in a fawning manner and said, “Hubby, are you angry? ”

Baili Chuan ignored her, and Lin Mengmeng climbed to Baili Chuan’s side again and said with a smile, “Hubby, I’m just going out for a while. When I come back, I’ll buy you beautiful clothes, okay? ”

Baili Chuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at Lin Mengmeng. He wasn’t a three-year-old child, did this woman need to coax him like this?

“You guys agreed to meet in twenty minutes, why aren’t you leaving yet? ” Baili Chuan said.

Hearing this, Lin Mengmeng finally reacted. Baili Chuan agreed and immediately said excitedly, “okay, I’ll leave now. I’ll be back soon. ”

“Wait. ” Baili Chuan’s voice sounded from behind.

Lin Mengmeng’s footsteps stopped. Did BAILI Chuan change his mind again.

“Let the driver send you. ” Baili Chuan said. Was this woman still waiting for her legs to walk over?

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