Chapter 1705 - What Was So Special About This Insect?

Su Mo’s words were incomparably cold. His icy-cold eyes were like an ice cave, displaying the anger in his heart.

“Do you know who you are talking to?” Fang Fei’s face instantly darkened upon hearing that. A nameless pawn had actually dared to talk to her.

In an instant, the two of them looked at each other and a faint hostility flashed between them.

Many were staring. Fang Fei was a Super Genius of the Three Deities Sect and naturally many knew her.

However, who was this masked person? He had some guts to make Fang Fei angry.

Qing Ya’s face looked nasty. Her eyes were burning with rage. If her power was on par with Fang Fei’s, she would have flared up on the spot.

“Alright, Sister Fang, Brother Su, we’re all friends here. You do not have to do this!” Jiang Shenye took two steps forward and came in-between Su Mo and Fang Fei. He looked at Su Mo and raised his eyebrows as a faint smile appeared in his eyes.

Jiang Shenye had already recognised Su Mo’s identity and was very surprised. He did not expect this masked man to actually turn out to be Su Mo.

What was more surprising was that Su Mo was actually familiar with Qing Ya, and their relationship was unusual. This amazed and surprised Jiang Shenye.

No wonder! It was of no wonder that Su Mo had constantly been wearing a mask. Now, the entire Sorcerer Tribe was looking for Su Mo. Wearing a mask to conceal his identity was only reasonable.

However, since he recognised Su Mo, he naturally would not expose him. He could not cause conflict between Su Mo and Fang Fei, lest Su Mo get the short end of the stick.

Seeing Jiang Shenye’s expression, Su Mo suddenly understood that the former had already recognised him.

He was not surprised. Jiang Shenye was extremely extraordinary and he was very familiar with him. It was natural for him to recognise his identity.

“Hmph!” Fang Fei snorted and said no further. She strode away and caught up with Qin Yun.

“Qing Ya, Brother Su, we should quickly take a look to see if there are any treasures!” Jiang Shenye shook his head helplessly.

“OK!” Su Mo and Qing Ya nodded. They did not want to engage in conflict with Fang Fei. After all, Fang Fei was of a higher cultivation level and was a disciple of the Three Deities Sect.

Immediately after, Su Mo carefully looked at the Relic Hall and discovered that the interior was very wide but was decorated simply.

A platform that was about half a foot tall was constructed in the middle of the Hall. The platform was rectangular and very large, as if it were made of jade. It was over three hundred feet long and two hundred feet wide.

A large number of unknown relics were placed on the platform and neatly arranged in over twenty rows. Each row had hundreds of treasures.

Each treasure among the unknown treasures was a small, transparent array that protected the treasure within.

At that moment, everyone who entered the Relic Hall walked around the jade platform and observes the relics on top of it.

Together, Su Mo, Qing Ya and Jiang Shenye walked in front of the Jade platform. Like lightning, Su Mo’s eyes carefully examined these so-called residual relics.

They were indeed residual relics. These relics did not have any shine to them and many were even broken into pieces. There were all kinds of strange things.

For example, there was a huge copper ring and another item that seemed like a hairpin. There was even another that was a broken longspear, and other miscellaneous items.

What puzzled Su Mo more was that not only did these relics not have names, their prices were not indicated either.

This made him extremely helpless but he knew that this was the rule of Remnant Hall. There were some relics details that even the organising committee did not know about.

“Qing Ya, do you know which relics are precious?” Su Mo asked Qing Ya. He was completely unsure about the relics and the effect of resurrection.

Hearing this, Qing Ya understood that Su Mo was asking which relics were the ones that were able to revive one back from the dead. However, she gently shook her head.

She had only occasionally heard this news and never verified it.

Seeing this, Su Mo looked helpless. It seemed that he could only search thoroughly. Immediately after, he started looking at the relics item by item.

In the entire Relic Hall was gathered about one to two thousand people, but it was unusually quiet.

What kind of value did every type of relic have? How much a relic was worth was dependent on one’s own judgement. No one would openly discuss it.

Once the value of a certain relic had been disclosed, it would be placed in a competition situation and its value would soar.

After gathering everyone in the Hall, Old Wei closed the door once again and walked around with them. He would be responsible for the transaction if anyone were to value a relic.

“Huh?” The eyes of Su Mo, which were searching item by item, suddenly lit up. He found a strange relic.

This relic was very familiar to him. It was a flying insect and the size of a soybean. It lay quietly on the platform.

This winged insect was almost the same as those that Su Mo encountered in Ancient Demon’s Brain. Both had a hard outer shell and its mouth was very long as if it were a sharp sword.

The only difference was in its colour.

This insect was not black, silver or purple-gold. It was pure gold in colour as if it were made up of gold.

“This… isn’t this that kind of winged insect?” Su Mo was surprised. Did this count as a relic?

After looking at it carefully for a while, this golden-winged insect had already died and this was just a corpse. He did not know how long it had been dead for.

“Brother Su, are you interested in this insect?” Jiang Shenye asked curiously as he saw Su Mo staring at the dead winged insect.

“Yes!” Su Mo nodded slightly. It seemed that it was extremely extraordinary for the corpse of this insect to be considered a relic. There was a large number of such winged insects inside Demon Head Mountain and he naturally wanted to find out about these insects.

“You can call for Old Wei to directly buy this insect!” Jiang Shenye asked.


Su Mo nodded. He immediately called for Old Wei not far away. “Old Wei, I have my eye on a relic!”

Upon hearing this, Old Wei strode towards Su Mo without hesitation.

Everyone looked at Su Mo as, up till now, no one had taken action yet. Everyone was merely observing the relics.

Qin Yun and Fang Fei were not with Su Mo and the other two. They had already gone to the other side of the stone platform and looked at Su Mo.

“Brother Qin, this person has a mask on. I wonder where he is from?” Fang Fei asked Qin Yun quietly.

“He is just a small fry, why bother about him!” Qin Yun shook his head faintly and continued to check the many relics on the stone platform.

Who was this Mo Yun? What was his identity? Qin Yun did not bother at all, nor did he want to.

“True!” Fang Fei smiled. Why should she put herself down to be calculative with an unknown small fry?

Old Wei came before Su Mo and cupped his fists. He said, “Your Highness, which relic do you have your eye on?”

“That winged insect. I would like to know why it’s special? I am willing to spend Spiritual Crystals to buy it!” Su Mo pointed at the corpse of the golden-winged insect on the platform.

Hearing this, the crowd were all smiles. It turned out that this masked man only wanted to buy this winged insect, not some amazing relic.

“Sorry, although we know a lot of information about this insect, we can only tell you after you buy it!” Old Wei shook his head. He naturally would not say anything about the winged insect. This had been the rule of the Relic Hall all along.

Although this rule somewhat limited the value of these relics, Relic Hall and always relied on suspense to attract large numbers of elites.

“Alright, I’ll buy it. How much is it?” Su Mo asked without hesitation. He was wealthy and did not care about Spiritual Crystals. It did not matter even if it was useless.

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