403 Opening the Secret Realm

"Geez, what's taking them so long? I'm itching to enter this secret realm!"

"I know right!? This timing couldn't be any more perfect, I'm just lacking a bit more push for my next breakthrough. I'm confident that this secret realm could give me that opportunity."

"This clan sure is unlucky. To think that one wrong move caused them to be the biggest joke in the entire Blue Marble Planet."

"Hmph! Serves them right! To think that they wanted to monopolize this secret realm by themselves? I'm afraid that they don't have that ability."

"Well, If we were on their position, we would've done the same don't you think? The entrance to the secret realm was passed down to their future generations of their clan, which means that in some ways, they do own it."

"That's where you're wrong. Everything in the Blue Marble Planet is owned by our Martial Emperor Sect. This secret realm is ours as well so they shouldn't have any ideas about it. Not punishing them with this offence is already giving them enough face."

As Raven went ahead and began the necessary preparations to open up the secret realm, the whispers of the crowd continued to drift on his ears. In fact it wasn't even considered as whispers anymore, these people couldn't care less whether they were heard by the Highlander Clan or not.

What's there to be afraid of? Isn't their all powerful Sect Master with them? So what if this pitiful clan heard their disdainful and mocking words? What are they going to do about it?

This caused Raven to smile wryly inwardly. He couldn't help but think that Albert's clan really got the short end of the stick here. This humiliation was just too much. Thankfully, he was spared from all of this since no one here pays attention to someone with weaker cultivation than they have.

'I would like to sabotage this but I'm afraid that the old monster is paying close attention to us. Well, it seems that I could only leave everything to fate then.' Raven muttered inwardly.

In the middle of the vast field, the bookshelf was placed on the center of the formation. Raven then inscribed thirteen ritual circles around it with lines connecting each circle to the bookshelf. After that, he arranged the books in a unique arrangement before pausing and checking if he did everything correctly.

After setting up the formation needed to open up the secret realm. He then took a deep breath, he then looked at the elders of the Highlander Clan and nodded to them.

"We can begin." He said, "Please go to your positions."

The Elders of the Highlander Clan then stood inside the ritual circles and waited for Raven's next instructions. Raven then went towards Albert and asked for the keepsake from him. After receiving it, he then asked Albert to place a drop of his blood on it. He also asked the rest of the elders to do the same.

He then summoned his energy and concentrated on activating the array. Raven then said: "Everyone, please begin supplying the formation with your energies."

At his signal, the Elders began summoning their energies to feed it through the formation. As everyone watched in anticipation. They saw a miraculous scene where each book in the shelf started flying away by them selves. They then formed a strange formation that harmonized with the formation that Raven built.

After that, the shelf suddenly floated up in the air. At its center, a swirling portal was slowly getting larger and larger until it became huge enough for people to enter it.

All of a sudden, another change occurred.

As the portal to the secret realm widened, numerous inscriptions suddenly came out of it, melodic and dreamy tunes containing profound insights drifted everyone's ears.

Under the influence if this tune, everyone could feel their hearts shook. These hymns alone caused their Law insights to raise exponentially. Everyone was gobsmacked, a flurry of reactions then surfaced from the crowd.

"What…is this?"

"How miraculous. I think I'm just about ready to begin studying the next concept of my Laws."

"I knew it! This secret realm is going to be awesome!"

"Hurry it up! I want to enter already!"

"Gods, bless me with great lucky chance! Secret realm, here I come!"

Everyone was fervently staring at the entrance of the secret realm, impatiently waiting until the entrance stabilizes in order to finally enter it.

Even the Sect Master of the Martial Emperor Sect was momentarily dazed by the hymns. His eyes stared greedily at the entrance to this secret realm, wanting so bad to enter it and unravel its mysteries.

Raven was oblivious to all of this, even if he was aware, he couldn't care less. He decided that he would just leave everything to fate and allow karma to do its job. This is the Divine Realm after all.

Out of nowhere, the bookshelf suddenly transformed into a wide and tall arching gate with golden words inscribed on it. It reads:

"Ancient Tower of Fates." Many murmured as they read the inscription.

The portal then finally stabilized and appeared like a clear film of water that leads to the other side. Everyone could even faintly see an image of a tall and majestic looking tower at a distance.

Raven then wiped the sweat off of his face and turned towards the City Lord. He then said: "It's done. You guys can begin entering it now."

Raul then patted Raven's shoulders and said: "Thank you little friend. Do you want to explore this place with us?"

Raven appeared to be hesitating for quite a bit before finally nodding his head. He then sat down in meditation and acted like he wanted to restore his strength for a bit.

As soon as he sat down, the Sect Master of the Martial Emperor Sect flew down while roaring in laughter.

"Thank you for your assistance Raul! You've rendered a great service to the sect. After this trip, I'll surely reward you heavily for this. For now though, I shall go ahead and pave the way for our disciples. See you inside."

The Sect Master flew inside of the portal like a blazing meteor, in fact when he said those words earlier, he wasn't even looking at Raul at all. His gaze were firmly plastered on the gate like it was going to disappear anytime soon.

This might not mean much but in fact, this is a great disrespect for the Highlander Clan. How was this any different from treating them like air?

Rendered a great service? Reward? Pave the way for the disciples? Who believes any of that crap? He just wanted to take everything away inside of the secret realm, leaving nothing but scraps for the Highlander Clan.

Looking at the disappearing visage of the sect master, Raul's expression was incredibly ugly, that goes the same for the rest of the members of the Highlander Clan. Alas, they couldn't do anything but to swallow this grievances and watch as the rest of the disciples of the sect enter before them.

As the majority of the people who came entered the portal, the only ones in the vast field were Raven, the Highlander Clan and one more person.

The servant who betrayed them.

"Hahaha! Raul, Raul, Raul…" the old servant laughed mockingly at the City Lord. "What's with that face? What's with that nasty expression? Shouldn't you be glad? You've rendered a meritorious service for the sect! Who knows? Maybe the Sect Master will be so thankful that he'll promote you as the new Vice Sect Master! You should be jumping in joy!"

Raul and Albert's knuckles were creaking with how much hate they are feeling as this servant ruthlessly stomped on their face. If it weren't for the fact that they made an oath to not hurt this guy, he would've been dead by now.

The servant's face then turned towards the meditating Raven, he then sneered and said: "Haha, this is so funny! To think that you have to rely to an outsider to help you search for 'Your' secret inheritance and also open it for you. What a great Highlander Clan this is!"

"Hey bald guy, you're too noisy."


A large crater appeared out of nowhere, shocking everyone in the Highlander Clan. They didn't even know how it happened, there were no signs nor any fluctuations at all. It was as if an invisible meteor struck the old servant.

The pitiful guy shakily stood back up with a horrified face. He then incredulously looked at the young man who's walking towards him with hands behind his back in horror.


The servant flew up like a cannonball without any warnings. Another banging sound occurred and he was ruthlessly smashed to ground like broken rag doll.

His figure then mysteriously floated up, revealing his pitiful appearance. His whole body was in pain and drenched in blood, his consciousness was barely there, he couldn't even move a muscle. Only one of his eyes were open, enough to see the dumbfounded faces of the Highlander Clan and pure indifference on Raven's face.

"The Highlander Clan might've sworn an oath to not hurt you but I didn't. It just so happens that no one else is around aside from us which only means one thing."

"Its time that you get reminded of your status."


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