Chapter 242

Name:You For Eternity Author:Qian Tao
“Pardon??” Yan Hai was stunned, "madam, what you just said is a divorce agreement?"

Did he hear it right?


"Ma'am, you must still be asleep."

No, or, he hasn't woken up. Before this call, it was just a dream for him!

Wife wants to divorce the president??

It's not that he didn't expect that the word divorce would be heard from the president one day, but he really didn't expect that the person who mentioned it to him first was his wife!

They are good at everything. They are the dream lovers of the female employees in the whole company. In private, they have never been less than YY. Most of them want to be the wife of the president and be the rice bug for their whole life!

But she didn't?

"I'm sober, assistant Yan. You heard me right. I want to divorce him."

Thousand peach resolute voice, let Yan Hai finally believe her determination, is really want to divorce, not a woman sullen and play a small means.

Yan Hai spent some brain power to sort out the incident quickly and asked, "madam, are you because of the affair between the president and miss Xue?"

if it's this matter, it's really not his fault, but the news is released by him --

"not really," Qian Tao interrupted him, "in a word, you can help him to make an appointment, or you can give me the number I'll contact myself. "

Xue Miaomiao is a fuse at most. It's just ignited.

Divorce is inevitable. It's just a matter of time. Even if she doesn't mention it, he will, won't he?

The Xue family will not let Xue Miaomiao be wronged. As a third party, she has a bad reputation. She thinks more about him and helps him solve the contradiction between him and the Xue family in advance.

"This..." Yan Hai hesitated, "madam, I still don't suggest you go to Mr. Li today. He's really in a bad mood. He may run away at any time, such as divorce I'll tell you from a man's point of view that no one will feel comfortable reading this agreement! "

Especially, that man is their superior manager Li! How shameless is divorce for a man as proud as an emperor? How could the president happily accept this agreement?

"But assistant Yan, I don't want to go to Xiangshui bend any more."

Yan Hai didn't know what happened last night, "Madam Are you jealous? In fact, the president and miss Xue all he knows is that he told the president last night about his wife and colleagues in Victoria. Is that Later, the president went to Victoria. Did they have an argument about Miss Xue?

"No," Qiantao denied, "I don't want to say. Please ask him out for me. I'll wait for him in the coffee shop near your company."

Most of the time she didn't answer him. Knowing that her mobile phone is broken, he will pay special attention to any strange number received by her private mobile phone today.


Qiantao was waiting alone in the coffee shop. Many people looked at her and talked in a low voice.

She turned a deaf ear, drank ice, looked out the window and waited.

All of a sudden, like thinking of something, asked the waiter for a cup of constant warm water.

She poured a carton out of the small bag of the drugstore, on which was written the reference probability: take it within 24 hours after the event, the effective rate reached 98%, take it within 72 hours, the effective rate was more than 85%, the sooner the better.

It shouldn't be that bad. It's the two percent, right?

Thousand peach think of that year almost no possibility, is also helpless to smile out.

It would be bad to be pregnant with "Qian Er" again.

Oh, no, it's Qiansan, isn't it?

The little girl in the children's palace is still a mystery.

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