It was Sunday, and finally, the entire family had to return to Lu Mansion in the evening. The plan was to leave after dinner at night and enjoy the entire day in the farmhouse.

In the morning, Lu Lijun didn't wish to go for breakfast as he wanted to be alone and asked the servant to get it in his room. No one objected and did what he wanted. 

When he finally came out of the room and wished to be alone outside, he heard someone talking. 

"Where is Yuyan?"

"She went to the rooftop garden."

"Is she still working?"


It reminded Lu Lijun that they are yet to finish the work, and he preferred to go to the rooftop where Jiang Yuyan was working sitting in the shade, the sisters were talking, and Weiwei was playing.

Discarding all those unpleasant thoughts that he didn't like, Lu Lijun sat in the chair opposite her as work was always the priority. 

Not saying a word, Jiang Yuyan opened one file, marked something on the page, and passed it to Lu Lijun as she resumed her work.

Lu Lijun understood what he needed to do and continued. The sisters sitting at a distance from them looked at the two who looked in harmony.

"These two don't even talk, and I wonder how they work without talking," Lu Bao commented.

"That I don't know too," Lu Lian commented. 

"I didn't see them talking but saw them picking up the files and keeping some on the table. Do they talk in any sign language that we don't know," Wang Shu asked.

"I guess it's just that they both know what to do," Lu Lian replied.

Soon Jiang Yuyan finished what she was doing and put the file in her hand on the table while arranged the rest in a pile.

"Is there any problem," she asked, looking at Lu Lijun, who was staring at the file as if he was thinking something. 

"Hmm," he nodded, being busy.

"Show me."

Lu Lijun held the file down so that Jiang Yuyan could see it and replied, "This figure we can change and lower the cost."

Jiang Yuyan looked at those figures carefully, "We can do that."

Lu Lijun picked the pen from the table and wrote something in the file as Jiang Yuyan looked at what he was doing. 

"It's set, now," Lu Lijun informed, and Jiang Yuyan agreed. 

Jiang Yuyan and Lu Lijun finished everything related to the project until noon to finally relax and spend time with family.

"Aunt Yuyu, have you finished your work?" Weiwei came to her.

She nodded, looking at him, "Hmm!"

Weiwei went closer to her and pecked on her cheek. It was easy for him as she was sitting in the chair.

"When my mother finishes her work, My father does this, and my mother feels good," Weiwei commented, and everyone smiled except for one cold guy. 

Wang Shu smiled teasingly and said in a low voice, "It's fine, sister-in-law. I know how much my brother loves you. I doubt if it's just a peck on cheek or...."

"Cough..." He Kun interrupted her, and the sisters laughed, seeing the embarrassed He Kun.

Weiwei was not affected by his mother's warning and looked back at Yuyan, "Is aunt Yuyu feeling better now?" he asked. 

Jiang Yuyan didn't know how to react. Not getting an answer to his question, the little guy leaned forward and pecked on Jiang Yuyan's other cheek, "Now? Are you feeling good?"

Looking at his eyes that stared at her with the hope to hear yes, Jiang Yuyan finally nodded, "Yes!"

Weiwei smiled and heard his aunt Lu Bao, "Uncle Lijun is tired too. You should do the same for your uncle, Weiwei."

Weiwei looked at Lu Lijun, who was cold as ice and didn't dare to go to him.

"Uncle is not tired," saying Lu Lijun got up and went downstairs.

Jiang Yuyan, too went downstairs, and Weiwei's mother took him with her.

"This cold guy. What should we do with him?" Lu Bao commented once Lu Lijun left.

"His type of people have only one medicine for that coldness," Lu Lian spoke.

"And what's that?" Lu Bai asked.

"Love. The day when he will fall for someone, he will change, and we will see the new Lu Lijun," Lu Lian replied. 

"Looking at the way he is, I doubt any woman would ever try to get closer to him. They would be scared of him and run away," Wang Shu laughed.

"Don't worry; he will get one strong woman who would make him kneel in front of her and run behind her," Lu Bao countered. 

"And that would be the site to see," said Lu Lian as the three smiled. 


An Tian's home…

Noah returned home late in the morning after spending the night out. Jake and An Tian were discussing something after having breakfast. 

"Good morning," Noah wished the moment he entered the home. 

"Morning," An Tian replied, but Jake didn't even bother to look at him. 

Not minding, Noah stepped towards his room and heard the two brothers talking. 

"Why are you going back? I thought you would spend some more time here," An Tian said to Jake.

"This much time is enough, I guess," Jake replied.

Noah turned around, "Are you going back, Jake?"

Jake didn't reply while An Tian nodded to his question on behalf of Jake.

"Why?" Noah asked. 

"You don't need to know," Jake answered but didn't look at Noah. 

"I thought we could be together for some more time. Lu Lijun is here, and we can have some fun," Noah said.

"Do you even have time from spending your nights out to have fun with your friends?" Jake countered.

"Well, I can spend my days with you," Noah said teasingly. 

Jake glared at him, "Fuck off."

Noah stopped teasing, seeing how serious Jake was, and came to him. 

Just as Noah was about to sit beside him, Jake stopped him, "Keep your disgusting body away from me."

An Tian put his hand on Jake's shoulder to calm him down and not say anything further, but the worst thing had already happened. 

Noah stopped and stepped back as he clenched his fists, "You should go back to England to avoid this disgusting sight, your highness."