Chapter 415 - Crazy Snake Eater</h1><p>

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Lin Qiao swallowed the snake gall, then turned back and accidentally noticed the look of the two zombies which were behind her. She paused briefly, then asked, “Eh? What’s with that look on your face? Didn’t you ever eat snakes? Why are you standing so far away? Get over here. They can’t hurt zombies. You won’t get poisoned even if they bite you.”

Xie Dong and Shen Yujen both shook their heads.

Xie Dong might not react like this if there were only one snake, but this area was actually covered by snakes… He somehow felt that he had trypophobia.

Xie Dong didn’t react strongly to those snakes. He was a man after all; he wasn’t frightened. At least, his fine hair didn’t stand up. Unlike him, Shen Yujen took a serious fright. She quickly hid herself behind Xie Dong and refused to come out.

Neither of them expected that Lin Qiao would bring them to a forest which was filled with snakes! There were snakes everywhere!

Also, Lin Qiao caught a snake and ate it alive right in front of them…

Lin Qiao looked at them and said, “You won’t feel this way if you see these snakes as food.” While speaking, she suddenly threw two woven bags at Xie Dong and Shen Yujen.

“Being afraid won’t help you. Get over here and catch some snakes. We’ll bring them back for those humans to make soup.”

Xie Don took over the bags and looked at Lin Qiao, then at Shen Yujen who was behind him. The look on his face was weird.

After throwing out the two bags, Lin Qiao began peeling the dead snake in her hand. Then, she tore off a piece of snake meat, put it in her mouth, and started chewing.

The raw meat tasted tender. After turning into a zombie, Lin Qiao found that cooked meat tasted less fresh and tender than raw meat.

Because Lin Qiao caught a large snake and ate it, the other snakes were all startled. They darted about to run away, in case they ended up like the snake in Lin Qiao’s hands. Meanwhile, the stunned Xie Dong and Shen Yujen watched Lin Qiao quickly eat up the arm-thick snake and turn it into bones.

Lin Qiao threw away the bones, then sucked her fingers, turning to look for the next snake.

As a result, she found that no snake existed in meters round anymore.

With no other choice, she continued following the strong snake scent.

Xie Dong sighed, then handed one of the bags to Shen Yujen, who took over the bag without knowing what to do.

Did she really need to catch snakes? ‘God! Let me die! I don’t want to catch snakes!’

Lin Qiao sensed her emotions. Abruptly, she turned back to look at her and said, “Go and find a forked stick, make two parts of the fork as long as each other, and then you’ll be able to catch snakes with that. When you want to put a snake into the bag, you should grip its neck to pick it up.”

Xie Dong glanced at Shen Yujen, then at Lin Qiao. Shen Yujen closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“See this as a test for you. You need to get through it no matter how.” After saying that, she turned around and kept looking for snakes.

Xie Dong glanced at Shen Yujen with pity. Clearly, Lin Qiao didn’t want him to help her. He was planning to let Shen Yujen hold the bag while he caught the snakes and put them into it.

But now, she was on her own.

Lin Qiao followed the scent and moved forward by leaping and hopping. Suddenly, she grasped the tail of an arm-thick python and violently swung it off a tree.


The meter-long large python which weighed over ten kilograms was thrown to the ground. The python was knocked out as a result, softly falling off her hands.

Lin Qiao drank its blood, then cut it open and ate its internal organs. After that, she began eating its meat.

Maybe because she hadn’t had any meat for quite a long time, she just couldn’t stop eating once she started. Watching her eat, the other two zombies felt creepy.

While moving deeper into the forest, Lin Qiao had been catching and eating snakes the whole time. Xie Dong and Shen Yujen followed behind her and caught some snakes from time to time.

At first, only Xie Dong was catching snakes while Shen Yujen didn’t dare to touch them.

However, it was already an improvement, as she actually had the courage to walk among snakes. Lin Qiao didn’t rush her, but was secretly paying attention to her.

Xie Dong picked the large snakes without being reminded by Lin Qiao. He didn’t use a forked stick, but his own hands. Also, his movements were quick and neat. After all, he had done some field training when he was in the army. Back then, it was normal for him and his army brothers to eat snakes and rats and all sorts of animals.

Earlier on, he reacted slowly because he was a little shocked upon seeing so many snakes.

Shen Yujen spent quite a while following behind Xie Dong, then finally adjusted herself to all those snakes and forced herself to adapt.

After all, Lin Qiao wanted her to work for her. If she couldn’t even catch a snake, what could she possibly do for Lin Qiao?

And just now, Lin Qiao said that this was a test for her, and that she must complete it by herself.

Lin Qiao caught seven to eight arm-thick snakes in a row and ate them all. After that, she turned back to find that Xie Dong had already filled a small half of his bag with snakes, while Shen Yujen only had two.

‘Good, good, she’s making some progress. It’s already not bad for her to catch even one snake!’ thought Lin Qiao.

Lin Qiao ate so many snakes in a row before she finally stopped. Both Xie Dong and Shen Yujen eyed her with a strange look.

‘You finally finished. You crazy snake eater! You’ve eaten all the large ones, and only left the small ones for us to catch. These aren’t enough for making soup.’

An hour later, almost all the snakes in the forest were driven away by Lin Qiao.

She sniffed around, then nimbly climbed onto a tree nearby to carefully sense the surrounding area while sniffing the air. After about seven seconds, she jumped off and said, “There’s a large one over there. You stay away from that area. I’ll deal with it myself.”

Finishing talking, she flashed across the air and disappeared, leaving Xie Dong and Shen Yujen glancing at each other.

The invisible Lin Qiao quickly moved toward a tree. She accurately stepped on stones or trees, leaping toward the mountaintop.

The trees that she stepped on only swayed slightly or barely moved. Soon, she quickly arrived at the mountaintop and found a giant pit.

Standing by the seven-meter deep pit which had the diameter of about twenty meters, Lin Qiao saw about ten small holes on its edge, each having the diameter of around a meter.

A strong, bloody, and sweet scent was coming from those holes.

In the pit were countless snakes, coiling on each other.

That was a snake nest!

Lin Qiao turned her head to look around, then walked to a large stone which weighed about thirty kilograms, then raised a foot and kicked it forward.

The stone slowly rolled to the edge of the pit, then fell straight in.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The stone fell to the bottom of the pit and killed countless snakes. The surviving snakes down there were stirred up, trying to wriggle out of the pit. However, Lin Qiao soon discovered that none of those snakes crawled into those holes. In fact, they all avoided those holes and tried to crawl out.

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