Yu Qiao flies up and hugs Qin Nan, crying in Qin Nan's arms.

Qin Nan felt her head, a moment at a loss.

After so many experiences, it's finally over!

Zhao Yu is dead, George is dead, and those who were against openly are dead, and those who were against secretly are beaten by Qin Nan.

It seems that all this is really over!

Qin Nan breathed a sigh of relief. Although he was sore, he seemed to have unloaded all his psychological burden.

Yu Qiao cried very sad, the whole person nestled in Qin Nan's arms, never want to get up.

"Don't cry. If you cry again, you will become a big cat!"

"You are the big cat!" Yu Qiao is still crying.

Qin Nan rubbed Yu Qiao's head and looked at Han Siyu, "go to call Mr. Wang and talk about the situation here! Now that George is dead, the northwest should be over soon! "

"Well!" Han Siyu nodded and turned to contact Mr. Wang.

Qin Nan holds Yu Qiao and looks at the building in the distance. The mutant inside has been controlled. Under the powerful firepower, these mutants, even with three heads and six arms, can't resist in the end.

"Let's go!" Qin Nan said in a soft voice, and took Yu Qiao to the door.

At this time, Wang Jin has also rushed out of the siege, the body staggered to the ground, Han Siyu has the fastest speed, let people come forward to rescue.

Today, if it wasn't for Wang Jin, the three women would not be in danger of their lives, but they would also suffer certain harm. This game seems to be perfect, but there are loopholes in it.

Half an hour later, in the meeting hall of Mordor Han's company, Qin Nan had changed her clothes, and she looked fresh and fresh.

Under the stage, there are dozens of news media.

Qin Nan stood on the stage, glanced, nodded slightly and said: "the current situation of the Qin family, we should all know that all business will not stagnate, all cooperation will start in succession, you can pay attention to the follow-up news, I will not repeat here!"

The crowd clapped with excitement on their faces.

Standing here, Qin Nan doesn't need to say anything more. He just needs to tell the world that the Qin family didn't fall and he didn't fall.

These reporters under the stage also started to push news out with the fastest speed.

When the news that Qin Nan was still alive spread all over the world, some people were in a high mood, while others were in a complex mood.

The most complex mood naturally belongs to Li chengshuang. When she runs away in the waiting room, she knows that she will encounter many people's verbal attacks. However, what she didn't expect is that the verbal attacks didn't come. Instead, the news that Qin Nan was alive came out.

If let Li chengshuang choose, Li chengshuang is even willing to choose, he suffered verbal criticism. However, it's just wishful thinking. She knows that Qin Nan is alive, so the Qin family can't decide for themselves.

At this moment, Li chengshuang even thinks of the Yu family, a second rate family in the imperial capital. Maybe that place is where she lives.

At the same time, Chen Xi in Zurich looks at Qin Nan in the video, tears almost dry!

A group of Chen family members were very sorry, but they didn't know what to say. They all know clearly that Chen Xi may not be with anyone except Qin Nan in her life. Even if Qin Nan has Yu Qiao, even if yu Qiao has become the right wife of the Qin family, Chen Xi will still embrace Qin Nan.

Among the emperors, Yang Honglin finally walked out of his office in a good mood.

All this is just for acting. George mistakenly thinks that Qin Nan has a problem, so he can have the courage to go to Yu Qiao.

In Yang Honglin's villa, Yang Danni holds Ji Ling, Ji Ling holds Qin Dongfang, and the three of them cry together.

Yang Danni and Ji Ling are happy, Qin Nan finally came back, and it seems that there is no problem. Qin Dongfang was a little bit confused, probably because he was infected by their emotions and kept howling.

The servant looked at the scene from a distance and wanted to ask, but he didn't know what to ask. He could only look at it from a distance, for fear that there was something wrong with the three people.

That night, the northwest incident was resolved.

Old Wang sighed and shook his head. "Young, brave!"

"Indeed! If you don't have the courage, you can't do it! It takes a lot of courage just to use his wife as bait, but Qin Nan's strength is there. Maybe this is the best way to solve it! " Huang Ting said on one side.

"Huang Ting, what do you think will happen to the Qin family in the future?" Wang asked with a frown.

"The Qin family should maintain domestic investment, but not increase the influence of the Qin family in China, as envisaged before the founding of the people's Republic of China..." Huang Ting answered softly.

Mr. Wang nodded and didn't speak. Some of the rules of the game are clear to Mr. Wang and the Qin family. Once beyond certain limits, I am afraid there will be problems.Three days later, a piece of news about the Qin family burst out again.

Qin Jianguo, Zhu Ning and Zhuang Li, the three giants of the Qin family, have all been transferred to Qindao for treatment. I believe it will not be long before they can return to the public view.

This news is strong enough for many people. You know, at the beginning, it came out that Qin Jianguo and his wife didn't know their life and death.

This is the news released by the Qin family. The news Qin Nan didn't release is that dongfangsheng and dongfangyan have arrived at the imperial capital for treatment. And Dongfang Sheng's injury is more serious, Qin Nan is not very clear about what can be recovered. Fortunately, Dongfang Yan's condition is good. In addition, there are people from Dongfang family who want to make Dongfang Sheng better. It seems that there is no big problem.

Jiangcheng, a week later.

Wang Yao knocks her keyboard hard, trying to let herself forget something. However, the more she works hard, the more confused she seems to be in her mind.

After being struck by lightning last time, Wang Yao's body was already crumbling, but she saved her life because of Qin Nan's Tianshan snow lotus. After the recovery of her body, she still needed to be cultivated, but Wang Yao insisted on coming to the company.

Lingling, Lingling

At this time, the phone rings.

Wang Yao connected, inside the accident came Zhuang Li some weak voice, "Jiangcheng university opposite, there is a problem, you go to solve it!"

"Good!" Wang Yao put down the phone and looked at herself in the mirror. Her skin was slightly black. If someone calls, Wang Yao may refuse, and Zhuang Li calls, she can't refuse.

Pull on the coat, downstairs, all the way to Jiangcheng University.

The red Ferrari stops outside Jiangcheng University. Wang Yao is confused for a moment. When I first met that person, it seemed that it was in this place!

How time flies!

Wang Yao put away her thoughts, turned to the opposite, but saw a familiar snack bar. At this moment, Wang Yao didn't know what to think, so she went in.

"I guess you should be here..."

Qin Nan is sitting in the snack bar, looking at Wang Yao with a smile on her face, while Yu Qiao's smiling cheek is on one side.

Wang Yao couldn't hold back any longer, so she rushed up and hugged Qin Nan and burst into tears. At this time, Wang Yao knew that she had not only fallen into that memory, but also the person in her heart.

"It's served!"

Lin Cheng came out from the back kitchen. When he saw Wang Yao, he was stunned. "Serve the food!"

The whole book is over!

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