Almost four pages of the newspaper reported this matter, in them were photos of Jin Lingfeng and Lin Anqi's intimate relationship, causing Mo Xiaofei to frown. The reporters not only described their relationship in great detail, but also dug out their own past, most of them closely related to the rumors.

Of course, as a pure image of Lin Anqi, there weren't many rumors about her, so everyone shifted their attention to Jin Lingfeng. From his debut until now, all the stories were rendered as wonderful novels, and not only that, every female lead of the rumors had to be compared with Lin Anqi, and Mo Xiaofei was also not let off the hook.

Because her and Jin Lingfeng's fictitious scandal happened to be before Jin Lingfeng and Lin Anqi "confirmed their relationship", the report directly described Mo Xiaofei as a "lover underground", "sad spare tire" and other malicious descriptions.

In the beginning, Mo Xiaofei didn't care at all, but when she saw the description of herself, the anger in her heart had already surged out. She angrily slapped Jin Lingfeng's face, of course it was just a photo from the newspaper.

A woman patted her short-haired companion, pointed at Mo Xiaofei and snickered, "Look, that woman is definitely a fan of Jin Lingfeng like you. When she saw this news, she exploded with anger, haha …"

Mo Xiaofei helplessly gave a supercilious look at him. She's not a fan! If she could, she would definitely strangle that troublesome fellow, Jin Lingfeng, to death!

After drinking a big bowl of soy milk, Mo Xiaofei's mood finally dropped a little. With a depressed face, she glanced at the newspaper on the table, got up and threw it back to the boss.

What! Mo Xiaofei, why would a fool like you be angry? He can just go eat with whoever he likes, and spread the news whenever he likes! In short, all of Jin Lingfeng's matters have nothing to do with you!

Countless times he told himself not to think about it, not to see it! However, Mo Xiaofei discovered that as long as she was alive, as long as she wasn't blind, she could always see Jin Lingfeng's damn face anywhere!

Mo Xiaofei forgot one thing, as the king of Asia, how could Jin Lingfeng not cause the whole city to report on such an important matter, let alone small newspapers and magazines, even the building's electronic display was replaying the scene of the two having dinner together last night.

Standing at the intersection, waiting for a traffic light, Mo Xiaofei didn't even know where to put her eyes to be free from harassment. Lifting her head was that damn man, and looking down was that damn man as well. As long as her line of sight could reach any place where Jin Lingfeng and Lin Anqi existed, they would all become Mo Xiaofei's nightmares!

"So annoying!" Mo Xiaofei squatted down angrily at the corner of the street, wishing she could run back to her own nest. At least she could be at peace there.

His phone started to vibrate. When he grabbed it, Vivian asked him why he didn't come to work. At this moment, Mo Xiaofei remembered that she was already late, so she walked towards the company gloomily.

When they arrived at the company, Mo Xiaofei ran past the entrance of Jin Lingfeng's resting room as fast as she could, but she heard Vivian calling her: "Little Fei, what took you so long?"

"Shh …" Mo Xiaofei quickly said, "An Xu isn't here, right? Why are you calling me so loudly?"

"Did you forget that today is the new show's promotional day? Agent An took everyone out, leaving me to pack my stuff."

"Eh …" Only then did Mo Xiaofei realize that the lounge was empty, she relaxed and holed up in Jin Lingfeng's sofa. Thinking of that guy stuck together with Lin Anqi, she angrily muttered, "It's best if they both disappear!"

Vivian heard Mo Xiaofei talking to herself. She didn't know why she would be unhappy, but she was shy and didn't want to ask, so she just silently packed up the things in her hands.

The promotional event on the first day had continued. Due to the good show last night, it had even ignited the crazy enthusiasm of the reporters. Today's promotional event was basically a private visit by Jin Lingfeng and Lin Anqi.

"Do you two have anything to say about today's report?"

"Nope." Jin Lingfeng coldly said one sentence.

As soon as she finished her sentence, Lin Anqi received her and said in a delicate voice, "Please don't mind me. Feng is just like this. We don't have anything to say about today's report. We just hope that everyone can bless us."

"After those two become lovers, will they still be filming together? If so, may I ask if the next work is a movie or a TV series? Would the two of you play a couple in there? "

"No way!" Jin Lingfeng looked at An Xu with a face full of annoyance. Under his black sunglasses, he gave an impatient look, indicating for the other party to hurry up and end this boring advertising event.

"Of course we want to spend more time together." Lin Anqi said very "consciously", "Feng and I are both very busy, but we won't hold up our work for the sake of personal feelings. As for whether we can work together again, that will depend on whether there's a suitable opportunity."

The current Lin Anqi completely regarded herself as the spokesperson of Jin Lingfeng. No matter what the reporter asked, she would "answer" him once more. Furthermore, in her long chain of words, she would constantly emphasize the current relationship between the two of them.

"It seems like the Heavenly King has avoided talking about your relationship. What's the reason?"

In the end, the reporter did not let go of Jin Lingfeng. Lin Anqi gave a slight smile and said, "Feng …"

"Today is the TV show's announcement session, not my personal interview. Please respect the studio!" Jin Lingfeng said with a hint of anger, "If everyone continues to talk about my personal matters, then today's meeting will end here!"

No matter how many years he had been in the entertainment circle, no matter what happened, Jin Lingfeng would always face everything with such a cold attitude. No matter how many years he had been in the entertainment circle, no matter what happened, Jin Lingfeng would always face everything with such a cold attitude.

The reporters didn't give up and rushed to ask a few more sensitive questions. Jin Lingfeng remained silent, while Lin Anqi, who was at the side, also shut her mouth quietly due to the man's anger.

After ending the day's announcement, Anson brought Jin Lingfeng and Lin Anqi back to the company, looking forward to the viewership ratings for the first day of the TV series they starred in.

As expected, the TV series, spurred by Anxu's carefully arranged scandal, became the national viewership champion on the first day of the year, which excited the entire company and the studios, who decided to hold a celebratory dinner that evening.

Ever since they came back from Jin Lingfeng, Mo Xiaofei had always been hiding from the man. She didn't know why she had to hide. The one who did the wrong thing was obviously not her, but she just couldn't stand in front of the man.

Jin Lingfeng, who had been running all day, was also a bit tired. After coming back, he always rested in his room, and when he thought of Mo Xiaofei, he was pulled by An Xu to the hotel where the celebratory feast was held.

Sitting in the car, Jin Lingfeng looked around and asked: "Why is it just the two of us? Where are the others? "

Anson knew what he was thinking, but pretended to be at a loss. "Are you an Angel?" She's gone home to change. You'll see her later. "

Hearing An Xu's words, Jin Lingfeng no longer had the mood to ask about Mo Xiaofei's whereabouts. He only indifferently said, "Her matter has nothing to do with me."

Seeing Jin Lingfeng's cold attitude, Anson no longer mentioned Lin Anqi. In short, Jin Lingfeng was too busy to contact Mo Xiaofei, so he had nothing to worry about.

Anson-oppa wanted to send Mo Xiaofei away for tonight's celebratory dinner, but the boss told all the staff to attend, so he couldn't find any more reasons to chase her away. He just had to keep an eye on that woman all night long and couldn't let her appear by Jin Lingfeng's side.

Mo Xiaofei who was staying in the office also didn't want to join in the celebration dinner. As long as she went there, she would see a scene that would irritate her, so she refused to leave.

Vivian, who was at the side, didn't understand and asked, "Why isn't Little Fei leaving yet? If we don't go now, it will be too late. "

Mo Xiaofei pouted and muttered, "Only the devil would want to go …"

His voice was as soft as a mosquito's, causing Vivian to ask, "What did you say?"


Mo Xiaofei impatiently kicked Jin Lingfeng's sofa as if she was kicking that damnable man. Upon seeing this, Vivian quickly pulled away with a frightened look on her face.

"That's Jin Lingfeng's seat, it's fine if you don't have anyone to sit on you, but if you kick him, we can't afford to pay for it!"

"Humph!" "It's just a broken sofa …"

If she had the chance, she would have directly kicked that man!

With this thought in mind, Mo Xiaofei kicked again and was finally satisfied. She turned around and faced the frightened Vivian and said, "Aren't we going to that crappy celebratory feast? "Let's go."

"Ah?" "Oh …"

It was only until they walked out of the gate that Vivian, who was half a beat too slow, finally came back to her senses. She looked at Mo Xiaofei and asked, "Didn't you not want to go earlier? Why did you change your mind all of a sudden? "

Mo Xiaofei stared blankly, so this girl wasn't as silly as she looked on the surface. She pouted and found an excuse, "I suddenly remember that I don't have any dinner at home, it's not bad to mix in a meal!"

Actually, Mo Xiaofei didn't do it for that meal, she just suddenly thought of something. She couldn't hide at the beginning, but as a servant of the company, sooner or later, she would have to face Jin Lingfeng. What would happen if she hid now?

Besides, why should anyone who yelled at her and got angry at her avoid it! He was only temporarily staying because of a little debt problem. There was no need to care what that man thought! As long as she had a good meal!

Mo Xiaofei held this thought that came out of nowhere and ran all the way to the hotel, while Vivian silently watched her constantly changing expression. She wanted to laugh, but was too embarrassed to do so.

Before entering the hotel, Mo Xiaofei had decided to completely ignore Jin Lingfeng tonight. She pulled Vivian to the buffet area, and after filling the plate with food, she found a corner to sit down and taste it.

However, just as he ate two bites, a scene that made people lose their appetite appeared in front of Mo Xiaofei. The man stood tall and handsome in the middle of the arena, the enchanting woman was constantly approaching in front of him, the surrounding people's eyes were all focused on the two of them, discussing in a low voice.