"How could this be?" asked Little Qian in his mind in an intensive care unit of the First People's Hospital.

At this moment, Ling Yun felt a sense of powerlessness and worry. Initially, he thought that this matter could be resolved smoothly and he could even use this opportunity to force Ri Country to return the island.

He knew very little about such matters. That's right, Ling Yun's actions had determined that the Hua Country government was indeed a people with their own heart, and not as unbearable as the rumors said. But what was the point?

He did not care about any "Hua Country Crisis Theory" because two thousand years ago, there was already a "Yellow Calamity Theory". "Hua Country Crisis Theory" was not merely a term that would change the situation, in short, it was some people's worry and fear for the rise of Hua Country.

However, the situation had developed to this point. Right now, he was worried that there would be a great battle between both sides. Like this, he had become a sinner throughout the ages.

"Brother Ling, there are some things you can lead but you cannot control it. In the end, it is still because your strength is lacking. If you are strong enough, then none of this will be a problem, and once you are weak enough, it will be a disaster. " Little Qian withdrew his usual mischievous smile and said solemnly to Ling Yun.

Hearing Little Qian's words, Ling Yun became silent. Little Qian's words were a little tactful, but how could he not understand that Little Qian had disguised himself as saying that he overestimated his own strength? But without question, what Little Qian said was the truth, if he had a Nascent Soul or even Aperture Efferent Stage cultivation, then all of these problems would not be a problem.

"Is there a good solution? This matter started because of me, so no matter what, I have to take care of it." After being silent for a long while, Ling Yun spoke up.

"You don't have to worry about this Brother Ling. Although this matter started because of you, it wasn't so easy for war to occur. Are you worried that the hidden Nascent Soul Stage punks are nothing to be afraid of? The sky is falling and there are still some taller ones to support it. " Little Qian gently smiled.

"A little fellow with Nascent Soul Stage?" Only Little Qian would call those old monsters that had lived for hundreds to thousands of years like this. But Little Qian's words made him feel more at ease, and what he said was right, raising his own strength was the way to go.

"Little Qian, create another Level 2 shield for me." After inspecting his own world that still had 264 points, Ling Yun said to Little Qian in his mind.

"Mn, okay, Brother Ling." Little Qian casually waved her hand, and the second stage of the protective shield appeared once again. She then asked: "Then, which world does Brother Ling plan to cultivate in?"

"To which world?" Ling Yun frowned and muttered to himself: "The powers of the realms of cultivation, immortals and devils, undead and body cultivation are not enough within the ten great worlds, so I cannot go there. The Apocalyptic Civilization of the mortal realms is no longer suitable for me to cultivate, and the Demonic Rat of the Magic Fantasy World has made my head hurt, so I guess my Crystal Card World is about the same.

"Little Qian, adjust your speed to three times the normal speed, and send me to the < Sky Dragon's Eight Tribes > world." Ling Yun weighed the pros and cons before making a decision.

"Alright," Little Qian replied. With a flash of white light, Ling Yun found himself in a different environment.

"This?" Looking at the unfamiliar yet familiar surroundings, he still felt the same way. Wasn't this the Sword Lake Underground Palace?

After such a long time had passed, Duan Yu had already left. Shaking his head, he found the small cave on the left side and slowly walked in.

There was another stone room inside. There was a stone bed, and in front of the bed was a small wooden cradle. There was also a lyre hanging on the wall in the room. It was unknown how long it had been there, but the string had already been broken. On the left side of the stone bed, there was a stone table with nineteen lines carved into it, forming a chessboard. On the board, there were more than two hundred pieces; those who knew a little about Go would know that this was not the end of the game.

Without a doubt, this stone room was the residence of the Free and Unrestrained Sect's Sect Leader, Wuya, and his junior sister, Li Qiushui. These two were the world-famous Heaven Level Master from the < Eight Sky Dragon Sects >. Even the current Ling Yun was not a match for any of them.

Sighing slightly, he walked out of the stone room and found the stone step that was pointed upwards. Seeing that there were some messy marks and new footprints on it, he guessed that this was what Duan Yu had left behind and stepped onto it.

When he was over a hundred levels old, he had already turned three corners, and the sound of water rumbling could be heard clearly. Ling Yun who was an Earth Realm cultivator, had ears that could not be compared to Duan Yu who was not even at the Yellow Level Realm. After walking for another 200 levels, the sound of the water was deafening, but Ling Yun did not hear anything. He only walked towards the direction of the light.

At the end of the stone stairs was a cave entrance that only allowed one person to enter and exit by himself. Looking out, even though he was already prepared for it, Ling Yun was still shocked. Just by looking at the raging and turbulent river outside, which seemed like it wanted to swallow people whole, the power of nature was not something that a mere human being could compare with.

Ling Yun carefully crawled out of the cave, seeing that he was more than thirty meters away from the river surface. Since he had not learnt any light arts, he could only follow the traces Duan Yu had left behind and leave.

The riverbank was filled with boulders, but it was unable to obstruct Ling Yun who was advancing at his full speed. Before long, he saw a small path. He then walked along a small path. Not long later, he saw the words' The Good Samaritan Passage '.

Ling Yun ignored him and headed east.

After walking for half an hour, Ling Yun gradually heard the sounds of fighting from in front. Lightly stepping, Ling Yun carefully snuck over.

When they arrived at the location of the incident, they saw a clearing in the forest. There were 20 to 30 people divided into two sides near the clearing. One side held a saber and masked face to block the way, while the other side wore a uniform to escort a dozen large boxes.

"Take the darts!" Seeing this scene, two large words directly jumped out of Ling Yun's mind. He instantly understood what was going on. This was a clash between the bandits and the escort.

And seeing that they were fighting, Ling Yun could not help but shake his head, it was too lousy, a fight of this level. He could see the situation at a glance. Even though there were more bodyguards than bandits, the quality of the bandits was much better. Other than the leaders, the rest of the escort guards were only at the Yellow Level realm. The bandits, however, were all warriors at the Profound Level realm who had experienced much fighting, so they had no advantage in numbers. Furthermore, as the escort fell one by one, the balance of victory became more and more inclined towards the bandits. If nothing unexpected happened, the escort would be slaughtered without any suspense.

However, with Ling Yun here, it was hard to say.

Both sides had never met Ling Yun, but because of the Mao family's Six Fiends, Ling Yun's impression of bandits had reached the extreme.

"You guys are out of luck." After he muttered to himself, Ling Yun walked out of the forest and spoke lazily: "Hey, everyone. How about this matter stop because of me, this one?"