Zhu Hao's voice was very cold. Many creatures even shivered when they heard this!


This large area of lingchi is completely occupied by black and white breath, which seems to form a chessboard.

His body seems to have become golden yellow, and a large number of light beams pass through the rune flow, constantly filling the chessboard, forming a piece like a mountain.

The body of the treble was suddenly banned on the chessboard.

Dong Dong!

The chess pieces moved alternately, which seemed like the collapse of mountains to him, and the momentum was terrible to the extreme.

Zhu Hao roared, raised his palm, and then slapped hard. The pieces wandered around like a big net, and they were strangled together.

The treble was also hit.

He has always bombarded others with an almost invincible attitude and even completely crushed the enemy, but now he is beaten down by Zhu Hao. Where is his face?

He took out a long sword. The blade was made of black iron. At first sight, it was nothing special.

But such as Xueyi, the pride of heaven changed at the moment when the blade was taken out.

"This is the supreme spirit weapon. Did you bring it out?" Jiang Mou surprised way, the Mou son is full of startle.

Zhu Hao was also a little surprised. He also heard about this item. It is said that it is only the ten supernatural forces or the forces who have ever been out of the peerless. At the beginning of those peerless powers, they follow them. When they become famous, they will also be endowed with spirituality and become spirits that have no rank but are stained with the supreme breath It's terrible!

"Taichu sword, this is your first battle in my hand. Use the enemy's blood to establish your supreme reputation!" In the eyes of the treble, a touch of fanaticism appeared, and it was cut off.

At the same time, the aura of his whole body was surging towards the blade.

In the center of his eyebrows, there was a bright beam of light. It seemed that there was a virtual shadow of thousands of feet in the Xingluo chess array. He stood up to heaven and stood upright, holding a long sword in his hand, and cut it down hard!

This is the power of treble's blood. He didn't show his Dharma, but he injected his whole strength into Taichu sword. The power is also terrible!

Zhu Hao pointed to the center of his brow, and his Dharma phase, which had just been converged, reappeared again. After the growth of two levels, his Dharma phase seemed to expand to 6500 feet!

Congenitally, the treasure land is trembling. It seems that it can't bear the terrible pressure. Most of the blood colored cauldron is hidden in the void, and it doesn't appear. However, just part of the breath is hard for many people to breathe.

Xueyi and others are shocked, full of incredible looking at the top of the tripod.

One of the first generation of living beings was shocked and said:

"six thousand five hundred feet, does this kind of Dharma really exist? Isn't it said that the limit of the peak of the Dharma Realm is 5000 feet? "

Jiang Mou said gently:

"the gap between people can not be generalized."

A living creature with courage asked:

"what's your Dharma appearance?"

Jiang Mou was very calm:

"five thousand eight hundred feet, once I thought this was the peak, now it seems that there is still a long way to go."

Tai Chu's sword was cut out, but Zhu Hao was not afraid. He increased the transmission of his own aura and pointed at it, and once again used a killing array!

"The seventh killing array!"

Immediately, he rushed directly into the star Luo chess array and rushed forward with FA Xiang.

The moment they collided, time seemed to freeze.

Then, a sound like the disintegration of a meteorite came out, which made everyone feel numb.

Zhu Hao's Dharma is like a mountain falling from the sky. If you suppress it down, Rao Shi Taichu's sword will not work with the fury to the extreme!

Under the pressure of the tripod and the sword spirit of the killing array, the light around the tripod quickly dissipated, and the killing array composed of several pieces also came at this time, just like a heavy hammer on his chest, and directly flew him out!

When the body of the latter fell into the water, all the people were stunned.

The best result they expected was a tie between Zhu Hao and the treble!

But now the treble is defeated? Zhu Hao's strength is too strong!

Liu Xun stands not far away. Her ruddy mouth opens slightly. When she looks at Zhu Hao, her eyes keep flashing. People don't know what she is thinking.

Zhu Hao stepped forward, kicking the treble who was getting ready to get up, and even snatched the Taichu sword!

The treble King's face turned pale. Looking at Zhu Hao's eyes, he was frightened and said: "this is the treasure of our family. If you take it away, you won't be afraid to be destroyed?"

Other early creatures nodded. He was telling the truth.

The top ten super forces are very strict in guarding this kind of supreme spirit weapon. In a sense, it's not too much to say that they are the treasure of the town!

Zhu Hao put Taichu sword into the system space and looked down at the treble"No more nonsense, death!"

The treble opened his mouth, but he didn't say anything and went to the distance in silence.

[when the task is completed, the reward has arrived. Congratulations to the host for getting the gift box * 1. 】

at this time, Meng canglan also advised:

"Zhu Hao, this Taichu sword is very important, or you'd better return it."

Zhu Hao shook his head gently:

"I know you are worried about me, but there is no need at all. Since I can afford it, I can certainly hold it."

The former tried to persuade him again, but he opened his mouth and said nothing.

Those living creatures all secretly sighed a tone, Zhu Hao this move in their eyes too crazy.

It was the Qin Dynasty. Even among the ten major forces, Zhu Hao belonged to the former. Although he had a good talent, he was still insignificant in front of those forces.

Yang Chenyue went to the front, held his hand, nodded deeply, and wrote:

"whatever you do, I will follow you!"

Zhu Hao smiles. Under his awe, people occupy this large area of water again.

He sat at the front of the crowd, sinking down to practice, constantly absorbing the rich aura.

The first battle with the treble consumed a lot of aura, and the star chess array and the seventh kill array at the end of the battle were all-out urging, which directly took out 99% of his inside information!

He needs time to recover.

Soon, Bajie and others woke up from the cultivation state, and their bodies were full of ethereal and rich breath, which was the true meaning of martial arts.

Although they are still at the top of the Dharma Realm, great changes have taken place compared with before!

Zhu Hao put down his heart and was about to open the optional gift box of chengshenfa, but the outside world was filled with a terrible atmosphere.

He felt several familiar breath!

The resources in this congenital treasure land are completely exhausted, and Zhu Hao and others also go out.

A young man in white, with a long sword on his back and a beautiful face, attracted Zhu Hao and others' attention at first sight. This is xiaojianxian.

After him, a young man in purple threw a cold look at Zhu Hao, who had been in conflict with him in the void space before!

Behind them were a young man with a Zen staff and two men in armor, just like the God of war.

These are Huangdu and xiazhiyuan, xiazhihuan!

In the rear, there are zhen he and two young people with strong breath.

According to the order of these people, Zhu Hao roughly calculated that these two people should be Luo Tian of Luo nationality and Liu xunxian of Liu nationality!

So far, the ten super forces all gathered here!

The atmosphere in the field suddenly became tense, so many strong people gathered here, and the relationship between various forces was complex. Once a war started, it would be a bloody storm!

Luo Tian saw the embarrassment of the treble and joked: "Oh, isn't this the famous treble? Looks like it's shriveled? I don't know who is so capable? "

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