As soon as the words came out, everyone immediately looked at Zhu Hao.

After the last miss, there is always a piece of mustard in their heart!

As geniuses in the upper world, they are not as good as their disciples in terms of quantity and quality. They take an item from their place, but it ends in failure. How can they bear it?

This time, in addition to the Kunpeng method, they will try their best to get rid of Li Tongtian!

And now, as soon as they arrive here, they will hear the name appear. How can they not be shocked?

Ye Xiao said with a grim smile:

"it really doesn't take any effort. It's really this boy. It's good. I didn't expect that he has also reached this level. I'll go to kill him now. It's a shame before snow!"


Before Gong YNE and others dissuade him, the former rushes out. The speed is so fast that he doesn't give them a chance at all.

In a flash, people below only felt that there was a meteorite falling down from the top, which was very spectacular.

Zhu Hao was recognized by a thump in his heart. Although he knew that it would be a fierce battle, he was not afraid. Instead, he patted Yang Chenyue's hand:

"I'll go back and wait for me here for a while, OK?"

Yang Chenyue nods gently.

Treble and others do not understand, what is the situation?

If they remember correctly, this should be the first time that Tianjiao of Shangjie saw Zhu Hao. How could he have such a heavy intention to kill him?

Not only him, such as Meng canglan and Xia Jinglan, who have been with Zhu Hao for a long time, don't know why.

Ye Xiao's whole body was full of light, and he clapped it with one hand, whistling:

"Li Tongtian, in the past, you humiliated us before the ancestral altar and took away the Kunpeng method. Today I want you to spit it out!"


All the people present were shocked by this sentence and couldn't think about it.

Is this saying that Zhu Hao once fought with these people, defeated them, and even took away Kunpeng fa?

Could it be that they mistook someone?

That's a lot of people's first thought.

Zhu Hao jumps up and rushes straight to the top. At the same time, his aura soars up, just like an ancient fierce beast, which shows his head.

[Ding! The ultimate meaning of a strong man is that he has the faith and strength to defeat any strong enemy!

System mission: fight the pride from the upper world.

Task reward: blank cultivation book * 1. 】

[blank cultivation book: a kind of magical cultivation book. The host can observe and think of a strong person who has already seen and does not exceed his own big realm, and immediately copy his realm. After successful copy, it can be directly superimposed on the host. 】

ZHU Hao was stunned. It's really an artifact!

Popular point, that is, directly copy the realm of others to their own body, but it depends on the face, if the face is black, it will not copy too much!

He looked at Ye Xiao, full of war!

Two people collided in mid air, the blooming shock wave swept around, making some creatures almost unable to stand on!

Zhu Hao falls steadily, looks up at the sky, his eyes are dark, and turns to use the small Nirvana forging method!

"I can hit you that day. If you can't lift your head, you can still do it now!"

His whole body is full of light, and the true meaning of his martial arts is completely diffused. With one hand, a series of sonic booms are set off.


Just the first move made Ye Xiao put down his contempt.

It seems that his fist is casual, but if it breaks out completely, it can even kill an ordinary life at the top of Dharma scene!

But Zhu Hao not only blocked, but also shared equally with him!

The two men fought hand to hand, and the golden light kept splashing, just like two giants fighting, which shocked people.

Ye Xiao is in the downwind soon, only ten moves are swept by Zhu Hao's palm, and is blown away by more than ten feet!

At that moment, the huge site was completely silent.

Whether it is Xia Zhiyuan or Gong YNE and others, are stunned.

That's Tianjiao from the upper world, but now he's hammered on the ground by Zhu hao? It's kind of magical!

Soon, ye Xiao waved his fists and summoned his own Dharma!

A vague shadow emerged, standing upright, like a tree supporting heaven and earth.

A bright golden leaf hung on the bare trunk of the tree, blocking the sky and the sun, just like the sunset in the evening.

The leaves fall from the tree, showing a bright edge, like being polished into a peerless blade.

What shocked them was that the blade was 6000 feet!

Ye Xiao waved forward and growled:

"bitch, die for me!"

Above, Gong Ying looked at the bright golden leaves and said with a trace of approval:

"Ye Xiao's strength is more and more powerful. If he grows up for a while, he may not be able to catch up with the grand meeting!"

Just now the girl who wanted to take nine lions as the mount said:"How can you be so optimistic about ye Xiao? It's a grand event that all the young generation of xuanchongtian will take part in. Those big families and the strong people in seclusion will send their clansmen or students. That's not easy. "

"In addition to taking back the Kunpeng method, the superior sent us to lower the boundary again. They also wanted to kill a Tianjiao preacher. Although their roots are not good, they are the ceiling of the young generation of huangchongtian. They can barely be the stepping stone to the final battle of the grand event." Gongyne again.

The young people were dumb, but they nodded.


In a flash, heaven and earth changed color. A red cauldron rose and fell in the air, just like a demon God who opened his mouth and fell from the sky to devour everyone!

This is Zhu Hao's Dharma!

When the six thousand five hundred foot tripod floated in the sky, whether it was xiaojianxian and others who came here later or gongyne and others who were above, they were stunned!

"Is this still human?" Luo Tian's eyes were full of shock and murmured.

This can't help but shock him. Rao is himself, and the Dharma prime minister is only 5700 feet. He is also known as a genius, but compared with Zhu Hao, he is really nothing!

Ye Xiao is obviously stunned, but the tripod has been lifted by Zhu Hao and is about to collide with his Dharma!

"Well, today I'm going to let you know that some things are not always useful!"

He pointed to his left hand and let his Dharma phase cut forward like a Heavenly Sword. Before the Dharma phase arrived, the terrible breath had cut deep marks on the ground, and even blood spilled from the skin of some weaker creatures!

Zhu Hao closed his eyes, and his hands kept moving, thinking about the rune on the surface of the tripod.


There is a bright light, which is the rune on the surface of the tripod. At the moment, it blooms together, and a layer of shield condenses on the surface of the tripod!

The little witch looked at the runes on Zhu Haofa's face and frowned deeply. She seemed to have seen them somewhere!


The tripod went straight up and collided with the leaf. Unexpectedly, the edge of the leaf, which was shining with cold light, bent quickly and finally flew away from the distance!

Zhu Hao stepped out, holding the cauldron in his hands, smashed it forward and blasted it onto Ye Xiao's body.

A black spot fell from the sky like a kite with broken line, making a big hole on the ground!

It was Ye Xiao!

At that moment, the silence reached the extreme.

Whether it is treble and others, or palace acetylene and others, are stunned, how they can not believe it is true!

Ye Xiao is famous even in xuanchongtian, but now he is defeated by Zhu Hao. How terrible is that?

But before they could recover, Zhu Hao suddenly looked up, and the tripod was swung up.

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