Chapter 1820: reward

After Xia Ruofei saw this reminder text, he couldn't help but breathe a long sigh of relief. Only then did he realize that his back had been wet with sweat.

For this hour, his spirit has been maintained at a high level, and there was almost no relaxation.

In the beginning, he only dealt with a mirage. It was the 25th intermediate mirage he killed after entering the third floor of the trial tower. It didn't feel much to him, he was already familiar with it.

However, after killing this intermediate-level mirage, Xia Ruofei didn't have time to put away the trapped killing array - and thanks to him not putting away the trapped killing array - he had already encountered Shen Tianfang.

Next was Xia Ruofei's most tense moment. From the first full-strength escape, to later using the trapped killing formation to reverse the situation, to finally killing Shen Tianfang, and then immediately entering the Lingtu space to avoid the multicolored rays of light, the whole process can be said to be extremely tense.

Especially when waiting for the colorful light to dissipate in the Lingtu space, Xia Ruofei watched the mission and only one mirage was not killed, but the time to break the record was getting less and less, and he could only hide in the space. Can't do it, that feeling is really very tormenting.

After finally waiting for the colorful light to dissipate, less than nine minutes were left for him to break the record.

Xia Ruofei had almost given up on his record-breaking attempt, but in the end, it turned out to be bright and bright, and an intermediate mirage jumped into the trapped killing array.

In the end, Xia Ruofei used the trapped killing array to successfully kill the mirage when the record-breaking time was running out, and finally achieved the set goal without any risk.

Xia Ruofei, who suddenly relaxed, also felt as if she was losing her strength.

He directly took out a chair from the Lingtu space, slumped on the chair and slowly closed his eyes.

In fact, the physical exertion of Xia Ruofei during the whole process was not too great, but the spirit had been tight. After completely relaxing at this moment, he really felt a sense of fatigue.

After a long while, Xia Ruofei let out a long sigh, then stood up and put the chair into the Lingtu space.

He was not in a hurry to put away the trapped killing array-the experience just now made him feel a little psychological shadow. Only by keeping the trapped killing array here, he seems to be more secure.

Xia Ruofei shuttled through the formation skillfully, and the killing formation had no effect on him at all. He soon came to Shen Tian's lying corpse.

Shen Tianfang was dark, his face still kept the unwilling and hideous look before his death, and his eyes were round and glaring at the sky, but his eyes had long lost the look; his body had been partially carbonized by the burning of the flames. ? The tall and tall he was burned to a circle? The body was twisted irregularly.

Xia Ruofei looked at Shen Tianfang's corpse and sighed slightly.

He didn't want to kill Shen Tianfang? But Shen Tianfang had a murderous heart on him? Then there was no room for change.

Either Shen Tian let go or he died.

The cruelty of the cultivation world? It was once again shown in front of Xia Ruofei with a living example.

Xia Ruofei's mood is very complicated, at least not at all happy? Looking at Shen Tianfang's corpse? There is a faint sadness in his heart.

However, Xia Ruofei was not a pedantic person, and it was not the first time for him to kill. There were fluctuations in his heart? But there was no fear or discomfort.

After a moment of silence? Xia Ruofei walked directly to Shen Tianfang's corpse and reached out and fumbled for him.

Shen Tian put his face on his face and looked hideous, his body was like charcoal, and his eyes were distorted. The average person would be terrified to see such a corpse? But Xia Ruofei didn't feel anything.

He had seen a corpse far more terrifying than this one more than once.

Even to search for things without missing details? Xia Ruofei leaned down completely, his face almost touching Shen Tianfang's hideous face? There was almost no fluctuation in his heart.

Soon, Xia Ruofei found a belt on Shen Tianfang's body.

In fact, the clothes and personal belongings that Shen Tian put on him? Most of them were burned out? The only ones left intact? Only a close-fitting dress and a belt.

Xia Ruofei knew that this underwear must also be a magic weapon.

It's just that he doesn't have any interest in the clothes Shen Tianfang wears next to his body, not to mention that the grade of this magic weapon must not be much higher, because although the burning of the flames did not hurt it much, the black and sharp light could easily penetrate it before. , This magic weapon has been damaged very badly, and it has no value at all.

As for this belt, Xia Ruofei decided that it should be Shen Tian's storage magic weapon.

He was holding a belt in his hand, and his mental energy swept gently.

Sure enough, he immediately sensed that there was a lot of space inside.

Because Shen Tianfang was dead, this storage belt had become a thing of no one.

Xia Ruofei easily took this storage belt to the master.

Then, his mental strength explored the storage space, and the internal situation was completely presented in front of Xia Ruofei.

The space for this storage belt is quite large, basically the same as the storage ring space Xia Ruofei gave to Ling Qingxue and Song Wei.

Shen Tian, ​​as the No. 2 master of Tianyimen, could break through the late Jindan monks at any time, and possessing such a storage belt is also in line with his identity.

However, the items in Shen Tianfang's storage belt were somewhat unsatisfactory.

There are a total of 10,000 spirit stones in the storage belt, a hundred spirit crystals, and only 9 yuan crystals.

Such a small amount of wealth is really pitiful compared to Xia Ruofei's net worth-he launched the trapped killing array with all his strength, killing a total of 26 mirages, and also used the trapped killing array to kill Shen Tianfang, most of the time. It is to maximize the attack intensity of the trapped killing array. In the three-layer space of the trial tower, the array alone consumes dozens of spirit crystals.

If it were Shen Tianfang, his net worth would be cut in half.

Under normal circumstances, cultivators are accustomed to carrying all their wealth with them, at least the most important and precious wealth. They must be carried with them, because it is very convenient to store magic treasures, and no matter where they are hidden, there must be none. It is safe to carry it with you. Of course, if you die, just like Shen Tianfang, you will naturally become someone else's. But everyone is dead, who cares about the troubles? The cultivator must be mentally prepared to die in an unfavorable manner.

Although the spirit crystals and spirit stones are missing, they are better than nothing. Xia Ruofei is naturally happy to accept them. He directly transferred all these spirit crystals and spirit stones to the spirit map space and put them together with his own accumulated wealth.

About ten thousand spirit stones were placed in the hill of spirit stones in Xia Ruofei's space. There was almost no change in Lingshi Mountain, and it still looked that big.

From this it can also be seen how insignificant this little Lingshi is relative to Xia Ruofei's total wealth.

In Shen Tianfang’s storage belt, in addition to the Lingjing Lingshi, there are several exercises, which should be some of the more powerful exercises of Tianyimen, but Xia Ruofei has a large number of practice books in the inherited jade charms, many of which are It has been lost in the modern cultivating world, so it doesn't look good at Tianyimen's practice.

After taking it out, he looked at it at random and found that these exercises were really only average. He simply put his hands together, a flame appeared between his palms, and these exercises were directly burned clean. Up.

However, Xia Ruofei couldn't help raising his eyebrows after burning the exercises.

Because he felt there seemed to be something in his palm.

He received the flame, opened his palm and took a look, and found that several exercises had been completely turned into ashes, but there was a piece of gold leaf in his palm.

This piece of gold leaf is very, very thin and looks very fragile.

But the fire had no effect on it, and Xia Ruofei then tried to tear it a little harder, but found that it could not be torn at all.

Xia Ruofei began to increase his strength, but the gold leaf remained motionless, showing no signs of being torn.

Xia Ruofei couldn't help being very interested in it.

He took the gold leaf in front of his eyes and looked at it carefully. The thickness of this golden sheet is estimated to be only a few tenths of a millimeter thick. I don’t know what material it is made of-with the power of Xia Ruofei, if it is made of ordinary metal. , Has long been easily torn.

In addition, there were some faint lines on the gold foil. Xia Ruofei looked at it briefly and didn't understand the meaning, but it felt quite mysterious.

Xia Ruofei knew that this piece of gold leaf was probably not easy.

He even felt that even Shen Tianfang himself didn't know that one of the exercises had hidden such a treasure, otherwise Shen Tianfang would definitely take it out and study it day and night, instead of letting it be sandwiched between the pages of the exercises.

However, it is impossible for Xia Ruofei to concentrate on studying the secret of this piece of gold foil, after all, he still needs to go to the fourth floor of the trial tower as soon as possible, especially to find a way to meet Ling Qingxue as soon as possible.

Therefore, after Xia Ruofei studied briefly to no avail, he solemnly gave this piece of gold leaf to the cave stone room in the mountain and sea boundary of the Lingtu space-generally more important things, he will receive this cave stone room, here Except for the owner of his spiritual map space, even Xia Qing could not enter.

After finishing the exercises and spiritual stones, there are some debris left in Shen Tian's storage belt.

Some of them, Shen Tian put on his own clothes and daily necessities, Xia Ruofei simply checked them and burned them directly.

After cleaning these, there is not much left in the storage belt.

One of the black **** aroused Xia Ruofei's great interest.

Because when Shen Tian was trapped, he once took out such a black ball. After throwing it out, it caused a violent explosion and began to burn violently, producing a terrible high temperature of thousands of degrees, which caused the trapped killing array. Not a small damage.

At that time Shen Tianfang was trapped. This black ball should be one of his hole cards, but unfortunately, Shen Tian directly used two black **** in the formation, and only the last one was left in the storage belt.

This should be Shen Tian's last inventory.

Xia Ruofei said to herself: "This is a good thing! Unfortunately there is only one left, and I don't know what this thing is called..."

If, in a fierce battle, such a black ball is suddenly thrown out, even the mid-level Golden Core cultivator will definitely suffer a big loss if caught off guard.

After all, the damage range of the black ball after it exploded is very large.

Xia Ruofei put away the black ball, and then checked the remaining debris.

There is nothing too good left. They are all relatively common magic weapons. There are many tricks, which should be accumulated by Shen Tianfang over the years.

In fact, this kind of common magic weapon has no effect on Shen Tianfang. He should have placed it in the storage magic weapon, and sometimes he would give it to the disciples below at will.

Xia Ruofei naturally looked down on these things even more. He was here to destroy the corpses. People in the Tianyi Clan might know that they were items set by Shen Tian, ​​so naturally they couldn't stay.

Xia Rufei directly used Qushuang Feijian to chop all these things into pieces. After destroying the formation, he put it on fire and burned it clean. Only some of the materials with special materials could not be burned. Xia Ruofei also received the spirit map space. In the middle, plan to find a place where no one is there, such as deep in the ocean, and then throw it away.

In fact, he also knows that in this small space of trial, the possibility of others coming in again is very low, and if someone from Tianyimen comes in, the probability is even lower, but he has always been very cautious and does not want to stay. The slightest flaw, so it is handled with care.

Xia Ruofei then destroyed the storage belt.

He still has a deep understanding of the space formation, so he didn't take too much effort to break the connection between the storage belt and the small space. The next step is to use Qushuang Feijian to completely destroy and burn the belt.

In the end, Xia Ruofei felt that this was a bit tiring to deal with, so he directly activated the attack function of the Killing Array, and a series of black and stern lights suddenly fell from the sky, directly hitting Shen Tianfang's corpse, and soon the raging flames burned again.

Under Xia Ruofei's deliberate control, it burned very thoroughly this time.

After a while, Shen Tian put the corpse directly into ashes. Xia Ruofei waved his hand and a palm wind passed by. These ashes drifted away directly with the wind, and Shen Tian let the person go and disappeared from the world completely.

After Xia Ruofei dealt with the traces, he used his mental power to probe the surrounding situation, and then carefully put away the trapped killing arrays one by one.

In these few battles, the killing formation was damaged a lot, Xia Ruofei had to find time to replace a few array materials, otherwise the power of the formation would be reduced a lot-in the missions of the two layers of trial space, Xia Ruofei I found that the killing array is really easy to use, and it is estimated that it will probably be used in the next mission.

After processing, Xia Ruofei turned his attention to the field of vision of the perception mirror.

The entrance to the fourth floor of the trial tower was indeed opened, and an arrow was formed in the vision of the perception mirror.

At this time, new content began to appear in the task prompt section, and Xia Ruofei immediately refreshed and looked at it hopefully.

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