Chapter 1437

Name:Happy Couple Author:Guan Wen Yue
However, they said that Ke Cheng and others withdrew from the capital in batches in the early morning of one day, and took a big boat to the paradise in wansukou. All the way to the East, the wind was smooth and the water was smooth.

Princess Lin decided to take a pair of children out of the palace on December 28.

Takasaki is known to have passed the Imperial Guard, so the three of Lin's mother and son were able to carry Xi Ruan out of the palace smoothly.

At that time, in the early morning, Gao Luan stood at the gate of the Imperial City, looked back at the place where he had lived for nearly 20 years, and murmured, "from now on, our family will be gone!"

Princess Lin - it should be said that osmanthus Lin is right.

Lin Guihua smile, said: "luan'er, you pull sister, and with me." She was alone in front, leading a pair of children to wear left and right, and finally came to Taoyuanju.

Gao Luan was stunned: "mother is hungry?"

Lin Guihua shakes her head and rings the door gently. Soon the door opens.

Zhao Qiang led them into the backyard, through the fish pond, and finally came to a small warehouse.

Gao Luan asked inexplicably, "why did my mother bring my brother and sister here?"

Zhao Qiang said, "the thirteen princes should be calm and calm."

Gao Luan was stunned: "how do you know my identity?"

Zhao Qiang respectfully said: "three girls have told me that the thirteen princes can rest assured." He moved the cabinets against the wall, twisted the mechanism, and saw a thick stone slab slowly moved away, and a fighting room appeared in front of the four people.

Gao Min excitedly said: "mother, did you bring us to explore?"

Zhao Qiang said with a smile: "this is not the end of it!" When he stepped into the room, he didn't know what mechanism he had touched. Suddenly, a big hole opened in the ground, and a long and deep staircase appeared in front of everyone.

Zhao Qiang said with a smile: "lady, please."

Lin Guihua nodded to him gratefully and told her children, "follow me quickly."

Gao Luan's brother and sister dare not follow, and follow closely.

Zhao Qiang also went down with them, closing the organ and saying: "the secret road is more than ten li long, and it will take about half an hour to walk. But please rest assured that someone will take you at the exit after you finish this part of the road."

Lin Guihua said, "I know, but orange told me."

Zhao Qiang said: "that's good. It's Ma Gan, the sworn brother of master Wan, who is responsible for taking care of Niangniang. Niangniang will follow him on the boat. She will surely catch up with the brigade in five days."

Gao Luan was full of questions, but he couldn't get in his mouth until he got out of the secret road and boarded the boat with hemp pole. Then he was able to ask: "Niang, what's the matter?"

Lin Guihua said with a smile: "when you catch up with the Zhao family, you will know."

The boat full of four families went through the mountains and across the sea, and stopped all the way. After Lin Guihua and his mother and son boarded the boat, they sailed eastward.

After a month's walk, I finally joined Jiang Yi and Li Qing in the coastal area, and finally all the people heading for the overseas fairy mountains came together.

After several months of sailing, Wan Su finally arrived at an unknown island in the East China Sea.

When it was late spring, people came out of the cabin and stood in the bow of the boat. Looking around, they saw that the island was green, red, yellow and purple, full of flowers and vitality. If you look further, you can see that there are countless fruit trees planted behind a large lawn, but the orange can vaguely recognize litchi, longan, orange, mango and so on. It seems that the tree is at least three years old, and the end of each branch and leaf is full of flowers. It seems that this year is another good harvest year.

Sweet potato and wax gourd have been waiting for each other for a long time. When they saw the ship coming ashore, they rushed downstairs and yelled loudly. All of a sudden, "three girls", "big brother", "madam", "master", "big girl", "two girls", "four girls" and "Mr. Cui" were heard all the time.

As soon as the children stepped out of the cage, they ran around like birds, and the girls and boys rushed to catch up.

They walked along the stone covered corridor to the deep part of the island. Through the fruit forest, they vaguely saw a flower wall made of various colors of flowers. Under the flower wall, there was an arch. Above the arch, there was a plaque with three characters of "Taoyuan island" flying across, just like Mr. Jiang's handwriting.

Li Qing pointed to Jiang Yi and said, "good! It turns out that you've already done your calculations! "

Jiang Yi smiles but says nothing. He takes his wife's hand and takes a brisk step through the arch.

Behind the flower wall, there are all kinds of rockery pavilions with small bridges and flowing water. In the middle, there is also a koi pond. When children see so many Koi, they rush to feed them.

After the pavilions and pavilions, there are the two enclosed buildings mentioned by Wan SUKOU. At a glance, there are countless houses, which are broad and grand.

Wan Su looked at Ke Cheng's face and asked her with a smile, "is the scenery good here? Is that what you want? Shall we live here from now on? "

Can orange nodded with satisfaction, twisted his face to praise sweet potato wax gourd: "you two are not bad! Make this place like a paradise! "

Wax gourd "hahaha" straight smile: "it's the big man's idea, we just act according to his orders! If you want to thank the third girl, thank you. "

Can orange from Xu Xiaomei's hand took "Yi Yi Ya Ya" to eat fingers of the young girl Wan Qingtian, put her up, said with a smile: "sweet, your father is so fierce! We have built an island where "this scene should only be seen in the sky, and the world can hear it several times."! From now on, this Taoyuan island will be free of our families' "the sky is high and the sea is wide, let the birds fly!"Mrs. Wan stood at the side of the pavilion to watch the children feeding the Koi. Beside her stood doctor he, who was tall and straight, and she heard doctor he pick his beard and murmur: "few people in the world can really abandon the rich and the reclusive. Those who are businessmen help the whole world, and those who are officials cherish the common life and retreat bravely in the rush. Both men and women are heroes

Gaoqi has never given up looking for the Zhao family's footprints. For many years, when he came out of the palace, intentionally or unintentionally through the Baihua granary, and saw the monument of merit and virtue that he had set up himself, he always had a lot of thoughts and sighed. After many years, he finally broke through the emotional barrier, and finally realized that he and Miss Zhao are not the same kind of people, even if they can't get together all their lives, and Wansu, who is free and uninhibited, said to leave, is her best match.

But he still felt that he and Zhao's wife lacked a real farewell. When he faced the empress of Mu Yi, the beauty of Xinna, the hot drink of snow in spring and winter, and the long song of heaven, his most familiar face would appear before his eyes.

They never really said goodbye.

So he sent his confidants around the world to inquire about the trace of the couple.

Some people said that they had been found in a small seaside town with surging waves in Japan. Others said that they had been in Hangzhou wharf. It was the beginning of spring at that time. With the sound of the sea horn and the falling of drumsticks, thousands of merchant ships and fishing boats were rushing towards the sea, and thousands of sails were racing. The scene was extremely shocking. The person holding the drumstick and giving the order to play the sea horn is the long lost three girls

It is also said that the couple of the three girls once went back to Beijing to see the Baihua farm and Taoyuanju they created.

Some people say that in Guangzhou Fu dock, the largest trading firm founded in the name of three girls, Wan Gongzi, Zhao sisters and so on, thirteen firms once met three girls and their spouses. Today, on the top floor of the watchtower of ShiSanHang, there are still portraits of their husband and wife. In the portraits, they are young. The male is of long stature, with sword eyebrows and stars, high spirited, handsome and uninhibited; the female is beautiful, looking forward to the world, which makes people forget the common customs.

In the capital, there is a legend that the couple started from scratch, spared money and donated money to reward the army; at the same time, there is also a monument of merit and virtue set up by the Emperor himself for them;

in Baihua Town, Yueshan school and jishanfang, the home of many famous students, have set up the memorial tablet of longevity for them in memory of their kindness;

Xinghua village, except The lush and well-known Baihua farm and the three girls' private school, which have been standing for many years, are quietly talking about the good deeds of the Zhao family

But in any case, the Zhao family, the Jiang family, the Wan family, the he family, and the world-famous young master Cui are like wind, dew, rain, wind and clouds. They don't know where they are in the sky and will never come back.

No matter how many people say that they have seen the three girls and their couple's fairyland and their true faces, their residence is still unknown

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