He looked at many human towns and didn't care. After searching for them for a long time, he planned to inquire about them.

He came to a village, where the scenery is beautiful, picturesque, sweet landscape, flowers, fields filled with rice.

No matter where he is, ordinary people will always be the cornerstone of the world. Shangguanyun meets fewer ordinary people because of his current strength, so he hardly contacts with ordinary people.

"When Qin Mo's inheritance is over, we must take Qin Mo and Fengxuan and continue to travel around Wushen." It's one thing to improve your strength, but in life, you don't have to fight.

We should also learn to enjoy life and experience the fun in life.

Bruce Lee is also very happy. He plops into the water and plays happily in the water. The surrounding is colorful, the weeds are green, and the fragrance of flowers and plants is particularly pleasant.

Shangguanyun walks towards the smoke in the distance, where there are many simple farmers living in a continuous thatched cottage.

Although he became a strong man of Emperor Wu, he was almost able to cross the land of God Wu, but he never attacked ordinary people.

However, as soon as he arrived, he saw a few bullies, who were performing a scene of bullying the weak.

Several strong men, evil spirits, captured a light looking girl, an old farmer begged, but also coughed, but the other side still ignored.

The other party is impatient, has raised the knife, is about to cut toward the old farmer.

"Go to hell!" The ferocious man yelled, and the farmers around shivered and closed their eyes.


There was a sound of flying. The villain who had raised his sword before had fallen out of the room. He fell with his feet in the air. All of a sudden, the old farmers around him looked a little happy, as if he had a bad breath.

"Who are you?" The companion of the evil man, seeing shangguanyun, immediately raises his sword to ask him. He doesn't know where to kill a Cheng Yaojin.

"In broad daylight, I robbed people's women. You think it's my shangguanyun." Shangguan said.

"Boy, do you know who I am? How dare you offend us!" They are so weak that they don't even have a martial arts master. Where have they heard shangguanyun's name.

"Oh, tell me, who is it?" Shangguanyun looks at them.

"We are from the Fushan school. You'd better give me some insight!" Fushan sect is the largest sect in a few thousand kilometers, and they are naturally proud.

"I have never heard of any Fushan school." Shangguanyun understands that this is a bad school.

"It's a joke. Even if we don't know the people of Fushan school, we dare to stand out."

"I tell you, these people would have been eaten by evil beasts and Warcraft if they hadn't been protected by our Fushan sect. They can live such a stable life because of our existence. "

" this man can't pay the protection fee, so naturally he will take his daughter to pay the debt, boy, what's your business! "

Several people seem to be very reasonable, arrogant, very angry looking at shangguanyun.

"Quiet noise!"

Shangguanyun slapped them casually, and a strong wind pulled them out. In an instant, he slapped them in the face and directly pulled them to the ground. His cheek was swollen and blood was flowing all over the ground.

"Boy, you're dead. You dare to attack us. Don't think it's Wuzong realm. You can escape. I'll go back and report to the school and ask them to send someone to step down here."

A few people covered their cheeks, opened their mouth fiercely, and they were about to run away. But these words made the old farmers around fall into fear.

"I let you go." All of a sudden, shangguanyun appeared in front of them. He drew out a strong wind again and made the other half of their cheeks round.

"You, what do you want? We Fushan sect are powerful and have top experts. If you don't want the village to be bloody for three li, you will let us go."

Seeing shangguanyun, they finally felt afraid.

"Aren't you very arrogant? If you don't agree with each other, you will slaughter the village. It seems that you have not done less."

Shangguanyun immediately split his hand, and the wind of his hand turned into a knife light, killing them to the ground. As they said, the blood splashed three feet.

"Ah, I'm dead. The disciples of Fushan sect are dead here. They will revenge us. Little brother, run for your life. You can't fight them alone. Ah!"

As soon as the old farmers around them saw it, they were scared to cry: "the crops that were hard planted were supposed to have a good harvest this year. Who ever thought they would be killed..."

the more Shangguan Yun heard about it, the more angry he became. This rich mountain sect is not human. Even ordinary people are exploited like this. They not only have to hand over 70% of their grain, but also will be uncertain They were forced to mine the spirit stone for them.

"If I don't kill you, I think God will not let me go." Shangguanyun has the intention to kill.

As a clan, it shouldn't have oppressed ordinary people like this. However, within a few thousand kilometers, the Fushan sect has been a bully. They have really slaughtered many villages and are cruel.The warrior is powerful. It's a shame for the warrior to bully these unarmed people instead of killing powerful Warcraft.

"Don't worry, I won't implicate you. After today, there will be no rich mountain sect in the world." Shangguanyun comforted them.

"Young man, don't be impulsive. There are many strong people in Fushan sect. They can escape from the sky and have great powers. You are not the opponent's, and we are going to be bullied to death sooner or later. You are still young and you are a warrior. You'd better run for your life..."

these simple people seem to think that there is a way to die, they are just Ordinary people, in the face of those who can fly to and fro, even if they run away, they can't escape far at all. It's better not to run away. The range of thousands of kilometers is the strength range of the Fushan school, and they can't escape at all.

"I don't pay attention to a small Fushan school." Shangguan said.

"How can there be another Shangguan cloud?" An old man was very puzzled.

Shangguanyun came forward and asked, "old man, why do you say so?"

The old man quickly replied: "a few days ago, I saw a young boy in the next village who killed several people of the Fushan sect. He said he was also called shangguanyun. As a result, the next day, the village was set on fire by the people of Fushan sect. I pity my brother-in-law's family, and it's gone... "

" what's the difference between killing and setting fire to bandits? "

Shangguanyun doesn't care what fake shangguanyun is. For him, a warrior shouldn't attack ordinary people, but this man of Fushan sect is good. He bullies these people to such an extent.

"Uncle, where is the direction of the Fushan school?" Shangguan asked.

"Specifically, I'm not very clear. I just know this direction." The old man pointed to the direction, then said: "you must be careful, if you can't do it, you must run away."

However, they can no longer see Shangguan cloud. Shangguan cloud has turned into a light and rushed to the Fushan school.

System: "destroy the Fushan sect and reward 100 billion accomplishments."

Even if there is no task, shangguanyun will do the same. However, with the task, he finds that there is no need to find a target. The system has given the geographical location of the Fushan sect.

Shangguanyun stayed in a mountain forest. It is surrounded by mountains, clouds and mist. There are many ancient trees. A waterfall falls from a kilometer above. It looks like a fairyland.

"It's a place to choose, but it's not the people who live in it." Before shangguanyun came to a mountain gate, he turned into a magic power with one hand. With a loud bang, three classic typewriters of Fushan school were printed on them, which had been smashed by shangguanyun.

"Who's making trouble?"

A few people came out of the mountain gate. They were originally guardians of the mountain gate, but they gambled in hidden places. This kind of thing is very common in the clan gate.

"Who are you? You dare to come to Fushan school and be presumptuous. Don't you know that you can't provoke here?" A disciple of the Fushan sect was very fierce because he lost too many Lingshi.


Shangguanyun raised his hand and turned into an aura, which instantly took away the noisy man in front of him and directly slapped him on the stone pillar. Suddenly, his mind broke and died.

"No, the enemy is coming!" As soon as the rest of the Fushan sect disciples saw Guan Yun's posture, they knew that he didn't exist at leisure. They quickly retreated into the sect and sounded the alarm for the first time.




Three alarm bells sounded, and the whole clan immediately dressed up, took up arms and rushed outside the mountain gate. Shangguanyun didn't stop all this.

It's better to let these people come to him than to spend time looking for them.

"Who are you? How dare you come to our Fushan school to be wild?"

"Little bastard from nowhere, I don't want to live."

"There's only one person, and there are others. Come out to me, and I'll crush your brains."

"He's alone." The disciple guarding the Mountain Gate quickly came forward to answer.

"What, just one person!" Suddenly, a hot tempered deacon gave the disciple a slap in the face: "you and others are also ringing the alarm. Go to the criminal law hall for me!"


Looking at shangguanyun, a dozen young and vigorous disciples dared to challenge their clan. They immediately stepped forward and said: "boy, what kind of death do you want?"

Shangguanyun laughed and said, "what kind of death do you want? Blow your head, chop your head, split your body, or bury it alive."


A group of people control the spirit weapon and attack shangguanyun.

Shangguanyun's eyes were shining. In an instant, he burst out the sky energy, directly smashed the front of him, and the light wave rushed directly behind him. Suddenly, the person on a straight line was destroyed into nothingness.

As the light dissipated, the disciples of the Fushan sect gaped at the scene in front of them. Behind them, a ten meter deep pit was still there. The former disciples in front of the pit had disappeared without a trace, and all of them were killed.

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