However, after Shangguan yunzhan opened his eyes and looked at him, he was very surprised: "this guy's constitution is not simple, and his blood is like a rainbow. Although it can't be compared with Shenwu's blood, it won't be too bad."

Shangguanyun soon understood that this man was plundering in his name because he didn't have enough cultivation resources. However, judging from what he did during this period, he still had a bottom line. He just plundered, didn't kill innocent people indiscriminately, and even had good intentions.

"What kind of physique is it? It's not easy that it can have 90% of the blood of martial arts. There are more and more favored sons in martial arts." Shangguanyun has great interest.

At this time, the war has entered a white hot, although the other side is numerous and powerful, shangguanyun is obviously fully prepared. After these people fall into the array, they become difficult and struggling.

"This guy's going to be in trouble." Shangguanyun sees several figures coming from afar, and his cultivation realm is much stronger than this fake shangguanyun.

"Look at your abilities." Shangguanyun wants to see what means this guy has. He even dares to pretend to be him.

False shangguanyun soon felt the strong, some panic, helpless, he quickly left here, into a bloody light.

"Thief, don't leave!" Several strong men accelerated the pursuit, but also marveled at each other's speed.

"No, this man is not shangguanyun." All of a sudden, a strong man found shangguanyun who had escaped. It was not true.

"Not really?" Others don't understand.

The man replied: "shangguanyun is the realm of Emperor Wu. He has not reached the realm of Emperor Wu yet. Moreover, shangguanyun never runs away. Even in the face of the powerful, he dares to speak recklessly. Even the martial seminary dares to challenge him. How can he be him?"

Obviously, this man knows shangguanyun very well, knows him very well, and has a thorough understanding of his character and temper.

"That still pursues, a false Shangguan cloud, is not worth us to use that kind of means."

They are all prepared to kill or capture shangguanyun. A fake shangguanyun is not worth their efforts.

"Chase, even if it's fake, but he dares to attack the people of our clan before, and scrape them up and down, leaving only a pair of underwear."

"This man has a strange constitution. I can't see any way for a while. Take him back and use him as a material for elder black. Maybe he can be made into an elixir."

"You people in the meteorite gate should be damned. It's a terrible crime to take a living person to make medicine and not let go of a newborn baby."

The reason why shangguanyun attacks these people is that he can't stand their despicable behavior. He can't wait to wipe out all these people. Unfortunately, his strength is not enough. He can only use shangguanyun's identity to kill people secretly. Unfortunately, he was found.

"As long as it's good for us, some babies are nothing. Since you already know, you can't keep them!"

Meteorite gate is powerful and has powerful allies in the dark. It is precisely because of their help that it can rise rapidly within a hundred years and become the top sect within tens of thousands of miles.


The strong man of xingmeteorite gate launched an attack on the false Shangguan cloud. His spirit power formed a killing light, blocking the sky and the sun. It was as dense as ten thousand arrows.

"It's not so easy to kill me." If shangguanyun dares to pretend to be shangguanyun, he naturally has extraordinary strength. He turns into a piece of golden light and condenses into a shield.

"There are two things, this kind of constitution, refined pills, must have a strong effect, don't let him run away."

"Of course, in our hands, this boy can't run away."


The sky has been dyed into a rainbow by all kinds of spiritual power. The fake Shangguan cloud has been attacked by terror. Under the protection of golden light, although he has reduced most of his damage, the gap between his realm is too big. His body has been seriously damaged.

"Boom!" The continuous outbreak of terrorist fluctuations, the false Shangguan cloud beat chat back, he is also very tenacious, strong vitality, very strong.

"It's a strong power of life. It's definitely a strong constitution. Don't kill him, or the pills will be imperfect."

They greedily look at each other as if they are looking at a peerless treasure. They use other people's lives to improve their own strength. This is what the devil will do.

"It's not so easy to kill me, Li Wen!" Fake Shangguan cloud, finally said his real name.

"It was originally called Li Wen, but it doesn't matter. Anyway, it's all about refining pills. Even if the real shangguanyun is here, I will let him never come back." The other side is very confident and arrogant.

Li Wen retreated step by step. His body was dyed red, and his whole body was like being watered with blood. But even so, he was still proud and fighting to the end. Even the other side had to admire his strong willpower.

"It's over!" The other side finally used a big move, trying to defeat Li Wen at one stroke, and the huge energy engulfed Li Wen."I've heard people speak ill of me!" At this time, shangguanyun's voice appeared from the energy group, and the spirit power of destruction was deeply borne by shangguanyun.

Li Wen thought that he was going to die, and he was going to lose both sides. But he didn't expect that there was a man who claimed to be shangguanyun.

"You are Shangguanyun The young strong man in the meteorite gate seemed very surprised and said, "it turns out that you are the one in the dark. I thought who it is."

Shangguanyun looks at each other, this person is calm and self-confident, even in the face of him, it is still so.

"Are you not afraid of me?" Shangguanyun doesn't know what means the other side has, but he is very curious.

"Other people are afraid of you, that is not to find a way to deal with you, as long as you find a way to deal with you, you shangguanyun have nothing to fear." The strong are full of confidence.

"I'd like to learn that." Shangguanyun responded.

"TanTian Tower!"

The other side said that he would do it without giving shangguanyun any chance to prepare.

A small blue tower, coming to the sky, immediately released a strong light to cover Shangguan cloud.

"It's TanTian Tower!" Li Wen was shocked because TanTian pagoda was famous in ancient times, but it disappeared later. He didn't expect it to appear in his hands.

System: "under the pressure of energy, cultivation is worth one billion."

Shangguanyun is as calm as water. In the face of such a dilemma, it is still calm. The terrorist energy emitted by TanTian tower does not cause any harm to shangguanyun. Shangguanyun is soon suppressed in the pagoda.

"Ha ha ha!"

"Shangguanyun, shangguanyun, other people say that you are so good. In my opinion, you can't escape under my tantiantian tower. If this artifact is not damaged and becomes a Taoist weapon, its power can be improved a lot. You will be suppressed by me forever!"

The strong man of xingmeteorite gate is very happy. Shangguanyun even has nothing to do with the existence of the demons. Now he has been suppressed by him. Naturally, he is very angry.

System: "under suppression attack, under oppression attack, under energy attack, under spirit attack, cultivation value increases continuously, with + 500 million per second."

However, shangguanyun laughed wildly: "ha ha ha! It's naive of you that such rags can suppress me

"Then try it!"

Hearing that shangguanyun could still speak, the other party immediately turned on the spirit power and put it in the TanTian pagoda, which opened the array in the TanTian pagoda.

, "Shangguan Yun, in my hands, then I has the final say, you are not claiming to be unmatched, let me see if you really have such defense." The man urged the array.

Shangguanyun's world instantly turns into a world of fire. A sea of fire is full of surging flames. These are the three most terrible real fires. They are very terrible flames. Only those who are strong in martial arts can cultivate them.

System: "when attacked by three real fire, the cultivation value increases continuously, with + 5 billion per second."

The cultivation value soared to 5 billion in a second. There is nothing more enjoyable than that.

"Well, shangguanyun, it's hard. Ha ha, I want you to howl in pain." The man said with a smile.

However, shangguanyun is sleeping in the world of fire at the moment. To him, the fire is like a warm electric blanket, which makes him very comfortable.

"What's going on?" The man couldn't hear the voice and asked, "have you been burned to death?"

So, he played a light, TanTian tower instantly appeared a picture, shangguanyun in the tower.

However, when seeing this picture, the man was stunned, full of disbelief.

"What's the matter? What's this guy doing?" After seeing such a situation, the people at the meteorite gate were shocked and full of disbelief.

"No way. The boy must have been burned out." The man didn't believe what he saw.

"Snore ~"

but then the man's face turned red, and shangguanyun snored in the tower. If he was not sleeping, what was he doing?

"Is it true that shangguanyun has the defense against heaven, and no one can break his defense curse?" There are too many legends about shangguanyun. The only thing they notice is that the defense is too strong and no one can break it.

It's as if no one can hurt him. It's very puzzling. They didn't expect it to be true.

Li Wen was very surprised. He finally saw the powerful scene of shangguanyun. He admired it very much. Although his talent, combat effectiveness and so on were all OK, compared with shangguanyun, there was no comparability.

"When can I be like shangguanyun, let the other party kill me, and I will sleep happily." Like a fan, Li Wen's worship of shangguanyun is continuous.

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