Chapter 1055

Lu Hanting wants to take xiaoyiyi away from the villa, so she won't see xiaoyiyi again.

Xia Xiwan shook his head quickly, "don't..."

But Lu Hanting turns around and goes straight out to the room of little Lu Chenyi.

Xia Xiwan's hands and feet are cold, and Yiyi is her first child. Because Yiyi didn't grow up with her since she was a child, she feels especially guilty and cherishes Yiyi. She cherishes every minute she is with Yiyi now, and she doesn't want to separate from Yiyi at all.

Where is he going to take Yiyi?

Xia Xiwan climbed out of bed and ran out of the room.

At this time, Lu Hanting has already taken out little Lu Chenyi, who is sleepy and awake. Now he is kneading his bleary eyes with his little fist, and he can't figure out what happened.

Holding Lu Chenyi in his arms, Lu walked downstairs, then opened the door of the villa and went to the Rolls Royce mirage luxury car.

"Yiyi!" Xia Xiwan catches up quickly.

But Lu Hanting's pace is strong and steady, which makes Xia Xiwan unable to catch up.

Small Lu Chen Yi slowly made clear the situation, he stretched out a small hand to push Lu Hanting, that means daddy, put me down quickly.

Lu Hanting didn't let go, little Lu Chen Yi anxiously stretched out a small hand to Xia Xiwan, he opened his mouth, issued a strange and stiff voice, "ah Ah, ah

"Ah" is the first word of his voice.

Xia Xiwan's slender Yujie trembles, and his eyes overflow with ecstasy. Unexpectedly, Yiyi is in a hurry to make a sound. That's great!

At this time, Lu Hanting opened the rear door and pushed little Lu Chenyi in. He returned to the driver's seat and started the car.

Xia Xiwan ran past. She reached out and knocked on the window, but Lu Hanting left her a cold and heartless back.

Xia Xiwan is afraid that she is scared by Yi Yi, and she is not willing to rob the child with Lu Hanting in front of Yi Yi. Yi Yi's heart is very sensitive and insecure. She doesn't want to let this scene become Yi Yi's childhood shadow, and then cure it with her whole life.

She leaned over the window and tried to show her normal smile. "Yiyi, you should leave with daddy first. You should listen to daddy and eat and sleep, OK?"

In the Rolls Royce mirage luxury car, Lu Chenyi is sitting in the back seat. He wants to open the door, but Lu Hanting has already left the lock. He can't open it.

Xiaolu Chenyi has been sensitive to the subtle atmosphere between his father and fairy teacher. He feels that his father is going to take him away. He will never see fairy teacher again.

Small Lu Chen Yi is anxious to pull Lu Han Ting's sleeve.

Lu Hanting's face was as cold as ice. "Lu Chenyi, I'll just say it once. Sit back for me!"

Small Lu Chen Yi saw his father lost his temper, is that kind of terrible temper, his big eyes of black grape quickly a red, can only lie on the window there looking at Xia Xiwan.

Xia Xiwan sees xiaoyiyi's red eyes looking at her, as if she will cry the next second. Her heart aches deeply.

"Yiyi, don't be afraid," Xia Xiwan looked at him firmly and placidly, "teacher Xia will come to you soon, you wait for teacher Xia."

At this time, Lu Hanting stepped on the accelerator and the Rolls Royce phantom car sped away.

"Yiyi!" Xia Xiwan ran all the way after the luxury car.

Small Lu Chen Yi lies on the back of the car window and looks at Xia Xiwan. His big eyes are full of tears. He reaches out his little finger and caresses Xia Xiwan's eyebrows on the shining glass window.

Lu Hanting looks through the rear-view mirror. Xia Xiwan's figure has gradually faded away. He slowly slides down the driving window to let in fresh air. The bright neon lights of the city at night paint his cold and handsome face with a layer of magnificent color.

At this time, a tender voice came from my ear, "Daddy..."

Lu Hanting's tall body, his deep narrow eyes quickly fell on the face of little Lu Chenyi through the rear-view mirror, and little Lu Chenyi spoke!

Just now little Lu Chen Yi called him "Daddy".

Lu Hanting knows that Xia Xiwan has been treating little Lu Chenyi. He just didn't expect that little Lu Chenyi would speak so suddenly.

Little Lu Chenyi's voice is still very young and beautiful.

"Lu Chen Yi, when will you speak?" Asked Lu Hanting.

Xia Xiwan's figure has disappeared. Little Lu Chenyi sits back in the seat without crying or making any noise. He becomes the 3-year-old Gao Leng CEO with high intelligence. He confronts with Lu Hanting's two presidents, one is big and the other is small. "Speaking is very simple for me. It's all about whether I want to say it or not. I didn't want to say it before, not because I can't say it."

Lu Hanting's eyes flashed a touch of light, "little son of a bitch, you can talk, and you've been hiding it from me. You're tired of living, aren't you?"

Because little Lu Chenyi can't speak, the whole Lu family is nervous. His grandmother and his grandfather are all asking psychological experts to treat him.

Now I want to come to the Lu family. These old foxes who have lived for half their lives have been cheated by this three-year-old boy. He can talk all the time, but Don't want to say!Small Lu Chen Yi small face cool, "that is because I know if I can speak, Mommy will leave me."


Hearing these two words, Lu Hanting looked at his son. He looked at his son for the first time. He found that he had neglected his son's strength. "Lu Chenyi, what else do you know?"

Small Lu Chen Yi hand suddenly more than a document, he pushed the document forward, "Daddy, Xia Xiwan is my mom, she appeared in the kindergarten that day, I let people do a DNA paternity test."

Looking at the DNA paternity certificate handed over by little Lu Chenyi, Lu Hanting's eyebrows jump straight. Well, this little milk bag knows everything.

"Lu Chenyi, you are playing pig and eating tiger. If your mother knows you have been cheating her, she will be angry."

Little Lu Chen Yi doesn't think so. Is it easy to be a pig and eat a tiger? It's not easy at all!

Every day, he goes to the kindergarten to play with the children who are still wearing crotch pants. He patiently listens to the teacher talking about some very childish knowledge, which is very boring. If there was no Mommy, he would not go there for a long time.

He is afraid that his appearance will frighten Mommy. If mommy likes childish and simple piglets, he can become a piglet as long as mommy likes it.

Referring to Xia Xiwan, little Lu Chenyi's cold and delicate little face showed some softness, "no, mummy loves me very much."

He knows. Mommy loves him.

This sentence Lu Hanting did not refute, it is undeniable that Xia Xiwan loves Lu Chenyi very much.

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