Xing Yin pushed open the door and entered the room to see a man standing with his back facing him. His tall and slender figure didn't say a word nor make any unnecessary movements, exuding a unique aura of an emperor.

"What's the situation like?" Fu Zi Yan did not turn around either. Looking at the city outside, he asked with a hoarse voice.

Perhaps it was because he had not spoken for a long time, but his voice was rather hoarse. However, it could not cover up his sexy appearance.

Xing Yin's body trembled as he replied, "The same as before, Princess Duo Li Li wholeheartedly wanted to marry you. Of course, her father would only wish for that. Just based on your opinion alone, if you do not agree to the various projects between A Nation and Yan City, you will probably have to terminate them. "

From his words, Xing Yin could not help but feel some schadenfreude.

"Then let it end." Fu Zi Yan said directly without even thinking.

Xing Yin nodded his head: "You say there is no problem in terminating this project, the Fu Family has plenty of money to pay for it, but the people being detained here, they do not plan to let them go."

This was the most serious problem, if Fu Zi Yan did not agree, he would not let the Chinese people being held here. Xing Yin also never thought that A Nation would actually cause such a ruckus for the sake of a princess. This kind of international problem, no matter where it was, would never be allowed.

"Have you found out anything about Cros's recent movements?" Fu Zi Yan thought for a while, and could not help but say.

"It's Iceland." Xing Yin could not help but laugh.

This country is really interesting, but Krose, who is a member of the royal family, had to flee to Iceland to escape Suo Ke Luo's pursuit.

"Suo Ke Luo really dotes on girls too much. I'll meet with him tonight. Prepare the plane and leave tonight. " Fu Zi Yan turned around, and the hair that had already covered his eyes perfectly covered the arrogance in his eyes.

Hearing Fu Zi Yan's words, Xing Yin's body trembled, the boss had started threatening people again …

However, thinking about it, it made sense to force him to marry a woman he didn't like. No matter who it was, he would feel extremely unhappy, not to mention Fu Zi Yan …

How could a man like him be willing to be controlled by others?

"Oh yeah, there's news from City B's side. Madame has already returned to Police station to work." Thinking about the news she had received today, Xing Yin cautiously glanced at Fu Zi Yan and said.

Hearing Xing Yin's words, Fu Zi Yan's hand that was holding onto the glass paused for a moment, then laughed: "It's hard to say why she's been in forest garden for such a boring month."

"When Madame went to work, she discovered that there were two private investigators wandering around forest garden. They had already been caught and handed over to An Liao Chen to deal with." Once again, she carefully glanced at Fu Zi Yan, and Xing Yin spoke out.

His heart could not help but mourn for the people of forest garden. He had been guarding the forest garden and did not notice any private spies, so if Yi Bai did not go out, then he would not be able to notice anything.

As expected, when Fu Zi Yan heard Xing Yin's words, he suddenly smiled, carrying a deep malicious intent.

"It seems like your training speed isn't enough at all. You're still too careless."

Seeing Fu Zi Yan's devilish smile, Xing Yin couldn't help but say in a deep voice, "I also feel that it's time to train properly after we go back!"

"You know you should train yourself? If possible, when I can, I want to bring Yi Bai to the base to train a few times. She has never been one to listen to me obediently, and since it's like this, it's very dangerous to stay by my side. Then, you should become even more powerful. " Fu Zi Yan drank a mouthful of water, as though he had thought of something good, and his smiling face became a little gentler in the light.

Xing Yin knew that only Yi Bai could make him laugh like that.

He had personally witnessed Yi Bai's talent and abilities. If he could train Fu Zi Yan properly, Yi Bai would only be stronger than he was right now.

And he also wanted to know how far this Yi Bai could go.

After Xing Yin left, it was rare for Fu Zi Yan to take out his phone. There was no signal, but he could see the picture on the screen, where the woman's sleeping profile was very gentle. Her originally cold and indifferent lines also became soft.

If Xing Yin saw the picture on the phone, he would be extremely shocked. How could such a cold person like Fu Zi Yan have such a gentle heart?

However, the screen on the phone was indeed Yi Bai, it was just that the phone shook once more with a black screen, no one knew who the person on the screen was before.

His phone had been locked since he left the City B. Once he could still communicate, other countries would definitely lock on his communication and the various content in his phone.

Therefore, as long as he went abroad, his phone would be locked down and he would never give anyone the chance to steal any information. If the phone was known, it would only bring disaster to him and those around him.

Normally, he would use another phone after going abroad, but he couldn't contact Yi Bai … …

Remembering that he was not by his side, and that Yi Bai was at large, Fu Zi Yan could not help but smile.

He really didn't know if he would be able to catch her solving the case or investigating it when he returned.

At night, when Fu Zi Yan and Xing Yin arrived at the banquet hall that was already prepared, a lot of people had already come.

All of them looked to be European faces, but when Fu Zi Yan and Xing Yin came in, the Asian faces looked quite eye-catching.

If Yi Bai saw the current Fu Zi Yan, he would definitely throw away his usual coldness and blinked his starry eyes at Fu Zi Yan.

He was originally very tall, but now that he was wearing a military uniform, his figure became even more slender. His broad shoulders and narrow buttocks gave off a sexy aura, and with every step he took, his slender legs seemed especially powerful.

Without a doubt, this was an outstanding soldier. He had the unique temperament of a soldier, solemn and stern, calm and reserved, his long black hair was already short, and he appeared even more proud and cold. In this ball of light and shadow, his hair was shiny like a black dome, and his dagger-sharp side profile was like an unsheathed sword.

Her lips pursed slightly, revealing an undisguised indifference. Her long and narrow phoenix eyes were as black as the night. Her slight frown made people want to stretch out their hands and help him smooth it out.

Every step he took seemed to step into the depths of one's heart, making it difficult for one to not notice the arrival of this man.

Fu Zi Yan didn't wear his military uniform often. When he was still in the army, someone had once said that a man like him, once he put on his military uniform, would look more like that than anyone else.

As long as he put on the military uniform, he was no longer the Fu Zi Yan who existed for the sake of the selfishness of his children. He was the Fu Zi Yan who had to hold the gun in his hand tightly, and be the first one to go to the frontline when his homeland needed him.