There were no yuan infant monks in the East army. There was no difference between the scene and the massacre. The battle ended soon.

Gu Tianning has long ordered his disciples to hold a large celebration banquet. He warmly invited Shen Langhua, Ziling, the wind thunder demon king, and a group of Yuanying friars from Beilu to celebrate in the bipolar palace.

Originally, the wind and thunder demon king had no interest in the gathering of human friars. But the old devil of the wind and the moon invited each other to express his gratitude. In addition, in the face of the waves, the wind and thunder demon king also attended the celebration banquet.

Shen Lang, of course, took part in the war politely. In fact, he didn't take the initiative to take part in the war. He mainly wanted to ask the old devil Fengyue about the news of Yinhun wood. As a result, he joined the war by mistake.

But that's good. The friars of Yuanying period in Donglin are almost dead. Shen Lang has no worries about his future, and Donglin people absolutely dare not take revenge on him.

Wang Wenshan and Zhuang laoguai are dead, and now there is only one great monk in the late Yuan Dynasty.

Just a bare commander, at most can only protect one, east of the mainland, but also want to plunder the territory of Yunjian mainland is like a fool's dream!

Because the northern army and the eastern army were far away from each other, the bipolar palace was not affected by the fighting.

In the main hall of the bipolar palace, the monks of Yuanying period gather together and sit around a long table.

The pretty maid served the best wine, fruit and delicious dishes, which made people have a good appetite.

The banquet was very grand, and the waves were unrestrained. I ate and drank with everyone.

Generally, the middle and high-level friars seldom eat. They only need to breathe to maintain their physical strength and spirit, but occasionally they have a desire to eat in a lively celebration.

This victory means that the battle between the northern land friars alliance and the eastern army has finally come to an end. The southern and northern lands of Yunjian will be completely out of the control of the eastern army soon! That's why people are so happy.

"Brother Shen Lang hasn't introduced us yet. Who are these two Taoist friends?" The old devil laughs and looks at the wind thunder demon king and the flower purple spirit.

"This is my best friend, the Lord of the thunder sea, the wind thunder demon king, and the nine steps demon cultivation." Shen Lang points to the wind thunder demon king and introduces him.

The wind thunder demon king sat on the right side of Shen Lang, holding a wine bottle in his left hand and a pair of roasted pig's hooves of red blood wild boar in his right hand. He ate the roasted pig's hooves while pouring wine.

Although the monks in the hall didn't show their faces, they were secretly surprised that Shen Lang and the nine level monster were brothers, which was really different.

Generally speaking, human friars and monsters are naturally at odds with each other, and few of them can become friends. Shen Lang broke this Convention.

However, some of the monks in Yuan Dynasty still have great prejudice against demon cultivation, but due to Shen Lang's affection, they have to keep a respectful attitude.

Gu Tianning took the lead in breaking the silence and said with a smile: "I've heard that there is a transformed Lei Jiao in Leihai, a cool place in the north. It must be you. I've heard a lot about the famous Taoist friends. I'm sorry. "

The old devil of Fengyue also said to the wind thunder demon king: "thank you for your help in the battlefield just now! On behalf of Yunjian mainland, I thank you for your kindness. "

The wind thunder demon king laughed and said, "don't thank me. If you want to thank me, thank my brother shenlang. I didn't want to help you human friars, but brother Shen's business is my business, so I stepped in. Ha ha, the food made by your human friars is really delicious

He continued to eat and drink as he laughed. The maid on one side frequently served him spirit wine and dishes.

Wind thunder demon king attitude is very obvious, don't want to get close to human friars, wind month old devil had to accompany smile face, asked flower purple spirit.

Shen Lang pointed to Hua Ziling and continued to introduce: "this is also my life and death friend."

Hua Ziling was sitting on the seat on the left side of Shen lang. seeing everyone's eyes turning to herself, she stood up with a cold face and said, "little girl Hua Ziling, I've met you Taoist friends."

"You are welcome, fairy."

Fengyue and Gu Tianning were very polite and said some words of thanks.

"I didn't expect to see you for more than ten years. Brother Shen Lang is so different from what he used to be. It's really a shame for me to wait for such old bones."

The old devil sighed, his eyes turned pale, and then said, "now that the war is over, as long as brother Shen Lang is willing to stay in Yunjian, you are the leader of the south alliance of Yunjian!"


The old devil's words made the whole hall burst, and all the friars in Yuan Dynasty were shocked.

Let Shen Lang be the leader of Yunjian south land?

Shen Lang was also stunned and said, "you are not joking, are you?"

"Ha, now that the eastern army has completely declined, it's only a matter of time before the northern army takes back Yunjian South army. With the strength and accomplishments of brother Shen Lang, it's also a place of great fame. It's meaningless for you to be in the same way, isn't it? " The old devil of Fengyue glanced at the hall with a sharp eye.


The monks in Yuan's infant period were shocked by the news, but no one dared to refuse.It's just that some self-supporting and experienced friars feel envious and uncomfortable when they see that Shen Lang is so young to be the leader of the alliance. But Shen Lang's strength is there. How dare they have any objection.

Gu Tianning was the first to set an example and said: "yes, if brother Shen is the leader of the south land, the people in the East will be scared and dare to step into the territory of Yunjian again. Moreover, the position of leader of the alliance itself is based on strength. Brother Shen's strength is obvious to all. The great friars in the late Yuanying period may not be their opponents. It's a matter of course to sit on this place. "

Gu Tianning made a start, and all the monks in the hall agreed with the proposal.

However, Shen Lang stood up, waved his hand and refused: "sorry, everyone. Shen is still the elder of Tianquan sect in Beilu in name, and Shen will travel to other continents in the future, so I can't be the leader of the alliance. Please choose another superior."

Seeing that Shen Lang refused so simply, all yuan Yingqi in the hall showed a gaping expression, which was the leader of the alliance.

Flower purple smart eyebrow a pick, she had guessed that Shen Lang would say so.

In a hurry, Fengyue said to Shen Lang: "brother Shen Lang, you can keep your identity as the elder of Tianquan clan. It doesn't conflict with you being the leader of the South army alliance. You may not know what it means to be the leader of the alliance. When you become the leader of the alliance, you can enjoy all the cultivation resources of half a continent. Why don't you worry that you can't improve your cultivation? "

"No, wrong is wrong. Shen does have many things to do. He may have to travel all over the foreign land, and he has no time to be the leader of the alliance. Don't talk about it any more. " Shen Lang shook his head. #####PS: the last chapter can't be seen by sight. Let's read it tomorrow morning. I wish you all the best. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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